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Very strange how different our customer services experiences were. Honestly in an ideal world the best thing to do would be to get one shirt from them, take it to a tailor to correct any of things they did not get right, and then ship that shirt to Modern Tailor when ordering shirts in bulk so that they can replicate that perfect fitting shirt to a tee (hence why ordering in bulk would make more sense if you do this so you can get many perfect fitting shirts). If you ask,...
I agree with this statement regarding zip sweaters but since when is a cardigan not businesslike? Don't cardigans reflect business even more than v-neck sweaters do?
Surprising you say that because they always responded to me (back and forth over maybe 20 e-mails), within an hour to two hours tops.
Do you have the Mora, Neumora, and/or Mora 2.0 monkstraps in any color that looks like a cognac or alternatively burgundy?   Also do you have the Mctavish in Natural Wax?   My size I believe is either a 9.5D or a 10D (not exactly sure since my 9.5C sanford is a somewhat tight width wise and thus makes the toe box feel a little compromised as well). I think 10D is more likely.
Sorry mate. Took me way too long to get back to you. First shirt was bad. It was too tight that I could not button it. However the arms fit nicely / length for sleeves was perfect (this is ironic as you'll see). So they did a free remake and fit for the body was spot on. Very very awesome body fit, but the sleeve arms were way too long and the cuff was way too loose. Anyway what I did since the body fit so well was I took it to my local tailor and for 20 bucks got the...
Constantly forget I made this topic and then see the alerts in my inbox. Anyway I seriously think this in bold might be it. The contact dermatitis mab mentioned is possible as well. Of course I'll never know because I have since stopped wearing jeans after the creation of this topic. Unfortunately, to this day the back of both of my legs have a seemingly permanent scar tissue over them in the affected area; it does not even feel like skin anymore if you touch those regions...
I think for jackets your skin complexion may add some more valuable insight for people to give you recommendations on. Typically Navy and Grey jackets start things off though. For trousers, fairly sure you can't go wrong with grey flannel.
Well that was emphatically stated. I appreciate that. In my defense, I got the idea from realmenrealstyle where Antonio suggested it is the 3rd type of shoe every man should own. Then I searched here and saw a lot of people seem to have them on this forum which I use as the barometer of what is classic and what is not. However, like you mentioned, I rarely see anybody wearing them except in pictures people put online.
 I don't understand? Are you saying Monk straps are not an essential part of the wardrobe or not something I should be looking to wear as a go-to shoe? I didn't get the joke about working inside the internet...?
I was afraid that is the answer I would get. I'll likely get a monkstrap in one of the colors and a penny loafer in the other. Thanks.
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