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Thanks to both of you. Yes I bought them from some store called Hudson Bay. Very difficult to find sperries online in Canada consistently from my experience. Maybe I should try Sebago instead even though they aren't the "authentic" shoe.
Bumping my question since I didn't get an answer. Also adding the fact that I do own another pair of sperries (and have had those for 2 years) in 8.5 but they feel slightly too long. Ideally I'm an 8.25 which is why I'm struggling here i.e. can I expect the 8's I'm struggling with to indeed break in further to the point of being an 8.2,5 length?
Hi, I am just wondering if after a week of trying to break in sperries around the house, if they still don't fit length-wise, should I be thinking of selling them instead of wishfully thinking they will eventually fit? I can't return them to the store I bought them in since I bought them out in another city. Plus I didn't keep the receipt because I'm an idiot. Thanks.
You're right forM. I think I will try it. I should have given an update because honestly I don't know what people are talking about. I decided to go with my gut and ask them to change the collar to a 15 (if its too large when it arrives I guess I'll be kicking myself) and they responded in less than 6 hours. I emailed both the support team and Leah and both responded in that time. Sorry to the rest of you but so far my experience with MT's customer service has been...
*deleted double post*
When measuring the collar of a dress shirt, I'm a little confused.  My best fitting shirt is labeled as a 15" neck/collar on the tag but when measuring a shirt for Modern Tailor they say measure the neck/collar of your best fitting shirt from the middle of the button to the middle of the button hole like this: The problem I'm having is when I do this I get 14", not 15. So I submitted 14" but it just feels absurd to me that there is such a discrepancy from the tag and...
I just ordered the new customer $20 dollar shirt from MT yesterday night and then found this thread when I woke up today. Getting worried by the responses given here lately regard CS. Is it recommended I cancel my order because it seems the company from the sounds of it here is no longer good? Also, for the neck measurement., although my best fitting shirt is written as a 15" collar on the tag but when I measured it the Modern Tailor way (from middle of top button to...
Oh okay thanks. I'll look for a hat like that with a 4" crown and 2" brim since it doesn't look overly large. I don't know why but to me most panama hats just seem so over-sized...as if it is part of a costume or something. They also remind me of safari hats which I dislike immensely. However, thoughts like these are the reason I know I have so much more to learn about classic style.
I meant university student, not high school. As of right now I wear mostly polos and dress shirts now so the baseball cap might clash with the style but maybe you're right in that there might not be an alternative here that won't estrange me.   Hypothetically though if I was...in my 30's and a graduate/non-student...what hat would you be recommending? I may or may not apply your answer a decade in advance
 Well I am a student on a budget but down-market is a pretty negative descriptor haha so that said, what kind of material in these hat styles are better to be looking at for summer wear? I can spend a bit more if I have to...just nothing over 50USD (or 60ish CAD) since I don't really like wearing hats a whole lot, but as of right now in summer it is getting a bit ridiculous going around without one. Thanks. I also take it from your post that either or hat is fine for...
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