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Anyone have any idea if they'll ever offer cord shirts again?
Guess I'll give the store a call, then. Closest store is still 40 minutes away, though. Surprised they don't have a location in Manhattan or anywhere on Long Island.
Yeah I was kinda surprised, I was expecting clothes cut for little Asian men. They probably changed their sizing for the US, though.
I bought a couple lambswool sweaters online and they were alright - small was a little big (don't mind too much in a sweater), fabric was a little itchy (to be expected with wool). Went into the store on 5th to try on some flannel shirts and get a couple pairs of chinos, felt a lambswool sweater in the store and it felt a hell of a lot softer than the one I got online. Is there any difference, or is the grass just greener?   Pretty happy with the flannel, though the...
Where can I actually purchase these? The L.L. Bean online store does not have them in stock (for any size within a size and a half of my own) until March, and according to the online locator no stores have them in-stock anywhere in the state.
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