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Think the soles could hold up to a bit of ice/wetness, or does it slip 'n slide a lot?   EDIT: A fit pic would be nice, if you could. Also how much did you size down?
Whoops double posted, damn this iPad
Can anyone recommend some leather wallabies other than Clark's around/below the same price?
It makes my torso look tiny and my legs ridiculously long. Looks like I'm wearing clown pants, with my pants up by my bellybutton. I'll try to take a picture sometime tomorrow.
How long do you think an untucked casual (OCBD, flannel) shirt should be (in terms of distance from/across the ass)? I can't tuck shirts in because I have a short torso and it looks ridiculous.
People say to size down 1/2-1 size for Clarks DBs, does the same go for Wallabees? How far should I go down from sneakers?
They hem the pants for free. 
Christ I saw the name of this thread and thought it'd be about people discussing what books are "fashionable" read or have the most stylish covers. I'm relieved - some really interesting stuff in here.
Damn shame, would buy it in a heartbeat. Guess I'll look elsewhere.
  I've been looking for a new pair of shoes for months. Ben Sherman's wool chukkas fascinate me. I can't tell if I like or hate them.
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