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How do in-store alterations hold up in terms of price and quality?
What's the deal with this "new" slim-fit long-sleeved OCBD?
What's the word on shrinkage for the new slim OCBDs? Mine are pushing on being too small as it is, really am not looking for it to shrink at all
Can anyone testify for how these new slims compare to the flannel shirts? My Uniqlo flannel fits pretty well, but with extra fabric in the back and sleeves that are just at tiny bit too short.
Looking for some cheap OCBDS; how do Asos oxfords fit? I'm usually a perfect small, but in Uniqlo's flannels for example XS fit much better. Shipping from London takes forever, so I'd like to get it right the first time.
I bought a pair of chinos a while ago, and I can't remember if they're the slim-fit ones or not. Is there any way I could tell from the tags or anything?   EDIT: It seems to be the only style without the fifth pocket. This is odd - I bought a pair in olive a little while back in-store, fits great. Just bought a couple pairs in the same size online, and they're too tight in the thighs.
Where can I get some slim-fitting corduroy shirts below $50?
Considering he's asking in "The Uniqlo Thread" I think he narrowed it down a little past that. There are only so many varieties of dress shirts Uniqlo offers. No need to be an asshole.
How does the fit on their flannels compare to the fit of their oxfords (slim and non-slim) and other casual shirts (like those broadcloth ones they just put up)?   EDIT: Oh, the linen shirts too. I'd like some nice linen shirts for the summer that don't fit incredibly big and make me look like a Greek diner owner.
Can anyone recommend some slim flannel-lined chinos (or cords)? I nee some warmth, and I feel like they'd look cool with a cuff.
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