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    Yeah, but it's not my site. I only used it as an example of the layout and the background change that I wanted. If I get something made I wouldn't tell the guy "make sure to copy the crappy load times". 
    What's terrible about it? 
    I'm guessing it isn't that simple either.    I emailed Squarespace on whether it's possible to change the background by hovering over a link (using their templates) and they said it'll require some custom HTML coding if it is.    I know no HTML so I'm still looking for a solution. 
It's a 60's Omega. Not super rare or anything.
I don't have a watch guy, but I'm in NYC I'm sure there are millions.
I have an old watch that was running just fine until it got a little wet, then started running ridiculously fast. If I set it in the morning it would be 4-6 hours fast by night time.    Clearly it needs to be taken to a watch repair shop. However, I want to know what could be wrong and around how much it would cost before I actually go.     Any clues?   P.S What's a good place in NYC?
I'm doing a little project and need some surreal/weird/funny/etc video footage, maybe a montage, that goes from a dark theme to some sort of celebration or moment of happiness.    It could be a starving tribe that discovers a hog and starts dancing.    It could be whatever. Weirder the better. The importance is the transition.      Off the top of your heads, do you guys know of any online clips that fit that description?     GREATLY appreciated. 
Zack,    what attracts me is how cleanly the collections are organized and how hovering over the links changes the background and the mood of the site.    Most website builders are filled with extra side bars and details that I don't need.              Thanks for those suggestions guys, anything more is greatly appreciated. 
OP, you have to determine who you want to sell to and what their expectations are. I'm pretty new to this board but I've been lurking for years, so I know it pretty well. If you want to sell to the type of people here, you should definitely look at the affiliates and the threads on belts. 
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