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Thanks! It looks great. 
Regarding the shirt you wear with the olive trousers: is it from Luxire as well and in case could you provide details of the cloth? Thanks!
Thanks a lot, this is quite helpful!
looks really nice Do you already have details about pricing regarding shipping and production and would you mind to share it? Thanks!
+1  would be highly interestedadditionally: does anybody know how much "items" cloth counts? I'd wanna send some in to get trousers made of
I haven't checked the code, but intuitively it looks like you change prices through a script. This is quite uncommon and not resource-friendly.  I would highly suggest to save a cookie that saves location/currency as a variable and then already load the page with the correct price/currency combination.  just checked it: the roundCurrency() function and following is no good piece of code ;)So you are working with cookies - ok - but you are switching through each single...
thanks!  the collar was made according to one of my favourite shirts, where I can't find any trace of the company which actually made it. It should have had a bit wider spread, meaning that the angle of the collar should have been wider, while keeping the length of the ankle, so something like that:   Though, I like the collar as it turned out now as well. I'm wearing it on a blue pinpoint oxford basis today, along a Brisbane Moss Heavy Moleskin which turned out really...
Some pretty nice shirts and trousers arrived here as well :) Just some impressions:   [[SPOILER]]   Further will follow
[[SPOILER]] I think the craftmenship of the bags and stuff out of all is making me astonished most! That stuff looks pretty magnificent. 
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