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[[SPOILER]] I think the craftmenship of the bags and stuff out of all is making me astonished most! That stuff looks pretty magnificent. 
I guess the whole thing is about avoiding idle capacities. So if you can walk there tomorrow morning and hand over a shirt - i suppose it should work ;) 
Thanks for the offer! I think that's a nice deal for both sides. If I got it correct, the Paypal payment, will be "edited", right? 
Looks pretty well made to me. Do you have any idea if that is the Italian/Indian leather range or the English/American one? Luxire, are leather swatches possible in general as well? 
I can't check out?  Anyone has the same issue?  Works now, never mind.
demand and supply...
*push*Do you think it is possible to alter old pants regarding the crotch issue? 
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