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demand and supply...
*push*Do you think it is possible to alter old pants regarding the crotch issue? 
Would be great if you could share how they get altered to solve this problem I'd like to get it changed by Luxire or a local tailor
Dito, for me as well. For any reason they seemed to look different than mine on the pics, that's why I was asking. 
I am not sure through the pics, are those the standard or premium MOPs? 
The gingham looks awesome! Would you mind to share it's order # for the collar. Maybe it has been mentioned here before, but it's one of the nicest BDs seen for a long time. 
That's definitely a way. My point rather was: if 80% have this issue there are two ways this situation emerges: 1. 80% of the people measure incorrectly (which I would then define as a difficult measuring process) 2. There is a problem with the cut or how Luxire could put the measurements into no crocht issue pants    As some of my pants have it while others with same measurements don't, I guess it's more a type 2 problem.  Thus I think it should not be handled...
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