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 Yes, for the leather. Was able to order by pair, this may have changed ? For flat waxed I think they use the same as "Wolverine" they are very similar. http://auburnleather.com/leather-footwear-lace/cougar/
So does this mean I am going to get the much sought after "Dainate" sole...LOL...I am crying
So does this mean that the "Half-Japanese" 145 Oxford is to be welted construction..............Ugh !!!!!
Viberg WorkBoot has 72/102 leather lace's $12 per pair http://workboot.com/collections/boot-add-ons/products/viberg-leather-laces http://auburnleather.com/leather-footwear-lace/cougar/
Have used them 2/3 times, even did a return using USPS. All went well and VAT was deducted. Was hit with duties , apx $40 USD. The other orders ducked the import fee's.Would use again if it was something I really wanted.PS. Last order was 2015
Me either....It's sad :(
http://needsupply.com/mens/collections/spring-selects 20%
Brett posted they are testing it out. https://instagram.com/p/yDpMDOCgtz/He has also posted pics of GYW shoes without comment as well.
Used this for my Viberg's (waxed) and they are very similar to what came with the boot's if not the same. Also got lace's for my Alden's   https://www.therightlace.com/products/shoe-brand/alden/boot
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