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Got the "Sashkio" shorts in the post over the weekend, very happy. Fabric is the same as the chore jacket, sturdy. Very nice.   Enjoy
1/3 OFF sale with HAPPYSUMMER https://www.haberdashmen.com/products/?mm=7&list=306   Edit, all sales final....
Kafka http://www.kafka.co.uk/ Code is "PARTRONPRE"   Enjoy
http://shop.milkmade.us/category/sale?page=1 CP/VisVim etc.Final Sale
Was jus tagged with "tax" from Conner/Yoox Tax=duties oui Can't remember with The Conner
Further markdowns http://shop.havenshop.ca/collections/sale-items   Enjoy
A good selection of Cabourn on sale http://www.corniche.org.uk/nigel-cabourn/   Enjoy
http://www.trunkclothiers.com/sale   Enjoy
Have always had a soft spot for Citroen, Had two a DS19 & DS21 PallasKnew a cat in NorCal who had about 20 2CV's in various configurations including yours Enjoy
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