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I am excited about my soon to arrive boxes.................
^ No.......................
And what would "Auto Custom" be ?
"Can't Fight the G Son"  Ha gonna try, $104.00 on a $630 item !!!!!   Upside still love the piece and still less then US pricing but none the less Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Yes, been wanting one of the lighter weight jackets either another Mallory or a camo......But like every one else was having issues with site. Will try again later, have the roll neck in cream a good cold weather piece. Enjoy
Your choice of the 8 should work, although the toe box may be snug..You know the last,  kind of looks like a "Munson" which may not be as much room as you need... Put me second in line if they don't work...LOL Great find, Enjoy
Marrkt Cabourn SS/Sale http://marrkt.com/sales/nigel-cabourn-spring-summer-dead-stock-sale.html
Yep...Wanted a pair with "Commando" solo and was busy today....Last pair I hope ? Have 2 other Viberg as well.. Good get on the "Cabourn" collaboration have the chukka with arrow yours much nicer pair of boots, congrats.
 They gone now !!
Nope Am 9 US have Viberg 8 in service & chukka both 110 last = Perfekt
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