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http://www.corniche.org.uk/sale-shop-men/ Fair amount of Cabourn etc.   Enjoy
too big, looking at the Anker hate the high gloss case...use is for travel off grid lol enjoy
Any rec's on a multi charge external battery pack for iPhone 6s & iPad pro ?????   Thanks & enjoy 
^ Am 9.5 Brannock, 9.5 Nike, 9 Cons and 42 CP's hope that helps   Enjoy
Very much appreciated   Thanks for the clarity
So I listed a item, buyer first wants to paypal off site. I decline   Give him 10% off listing price, he buys But wants me to wait on shipping it till he is back in town next week ?   Do I invoice him (collect monies) or wait till he's in town then invoice/collect monies and ship ?   Will ship only sig required etc.   Am new at this and only sold one item before and was very straight forward,   Thanks
BBJ Sashiko jacket Am a true 40 with a 32" waist...These run very small through the shoulders..Tried on both the 3 & 4 went with the 4. Which is fine, just a bit long in the sleeves that's about it. Fit is fine through Chest, shoulders and waist.... Got it last summer, washed it and faded really nice. Very nice piece IMO Fabric weight etc.   Some of the patch work ones can be a little busy for me..   Enjoy 
Went with my CON's sizing..... [[SPOILER]]
Why shall we not mention said store ???
^ Ha....   Have CP's,GG,Deimme, and Buttero and I am moving back to Con's and PF's albeit US/Japanese (VisVim/Lofgren).  Hopefully I will   end up where I started........Con's & Van's   Enjoy
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