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Am 40 chest and 31/32 waist 165Lbs  Most Japanese makers (RMC,Kapital,Freewheelers etc.) I am a large or XL....Free weights LOL and I am not "huge"   Biggest problem areas are shoulders/arms and not PTP   Its been a "journey"   Enjoy
Have had items left at door (released), then received a billing invoice for duties.....
The jackets run small through the shoulder, I went the 4 (chore coat) and the fit is fine.......Patchwork is a great get hope it works for you.   Enjoy
Tried this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blue-Blue-Japan-Unionmade-Indigo-Patchwork-Jacket-/291513801991?hash=item43df939d07&rmvSB=true on and sadly was to small, a great jacket. As to ordering from JP there are duties to be expected more often then not, have dodged them but not lately. Had to pay $100+ to USPS on a $500+ order   Enjoy & good luck
Even with the USD/CD rate couldn't find anything........Must be something wrong wit me.................
Got the "Sashkio" shorts in the post over the weekend, very happy. Fabric is the same as the chore jacket, sturdy. Very nice.   Enjoy
1/3 OFF sale with HAPPYSUMMER https://www.haberdashmen.com/products/?mm=7&list=306   Edit, all sales final....
Kafka http://www.kafka.co.uk/ Code is "PARTRONPRE"   Enjoy
http://shop.milkmade.us/category/sale?page=1 CP/VisVim etc.Final Sale
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