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Ha,,Nice catch on the pic... Still looking for a black twist 48 for the 4/5 times I would wear it per yr. Looks as though I missed the boat...No worries always next season.Enjoy
Only if you get my OCD buy's I give away
Got the "Black Overdyed" but I agree, if I can get in the States I now get it here. Some things like FreeWheelers etc. I just have to deal with it.   Was never getting hit with duties till 2014, was great. USD is still beating JPY, EURO, CAD etc.
Bought last year, all my previous orders Rakutan, Speedway etc were duty free, just lucky ??? Dont know. Just factor it in now. JPY vs USD + duties.
My RMC M65 was over 100 EMS/USPS
That would be ME.......
http://needsupply.com/mens/sale Extra40
Clarification, Ordered Fri, received shipping notice on Sat. Done&Done. Thanks
RRL Hudson wool cargo pants, these things are bomb proof and snow/cold.....
Same here....,,,,
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