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CP half/soles are on their site http://www2.american-biltrite.com/pub/library.nsf/E37C0BEDB0E7D63E852576F10045D3E0/$FILE/Footwear_Men's%20Half%20Heels.pdfAlso found them on a Canadian site, Bilrite also 
Was curious about this, thanks for the post   Enjoy
Don't know why the either vest is there, had the hunting vest and by it self it is very nice.       Enjoy
There was a Everest in stone/white in a 50 way to big for me
Well that was fast.....LOL   Enjoy
Nice. Still have my and wear occasionally  my Raso-R w/liner (not a fan of the "Dutch Rope") find it cumbersome.   Fan of CP also. Always found them too run small, typical Italian sizing.   Thanks for posting the pics   Enjoy 
http://shop.bdgastore.com/collections/sale?mc_cid=57b1769f8d&mc_eid=40337bac78   Drops on TenC, Needles etc
Very, it loops around the jean belt loop. Never had a issue. Would recommend
Not your usually Kapital  "Saggy Melton Wool" peacoat Incoming  
Original color, CabounXViberg believe its still being made. You could try "dubbing/waxing"  
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