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Audi told me that in settings you could disable it if you chose to..... FWIW.....Winter Tires/Wheels is not sexy $$......Yet !!!!!
Am a 50 in the Mallory & the vested Cameraman also the Aircraft which runs full on me. Am 40 chest and 31/32 waist and 5'10". Almost bought the 48 Everest which fit well with room to layer, a 46 IMO may have also worked for me. Its a lot of "Coat" but a great piece...... Enjoy
Tried them already (got them in the blue, am over that lol) and they are not as wide or as thick as Viberg's. Look's as though I will end up getting Wolverine's 1K .   Thanks.
Very nice, thanks
What does this attach to ??? Thanks....
And another........   TBS FW14-20-9CQG6
Who is the supplier for Viberg's Flat Waxed laces or failing that a good alternative ?   http://www.auburnleather.com/Product_LeatherLaces_Ordering This is for the Leather laces   Thanks
Have the 21" & 29" and was just San Fran for 10 days and used the 21" plus a Backpack. The 29" have used on month long trips and is huge. Also no problems yet with either as far as damage do to handling etc.Bought the Salasa to replace Halliburton Poly's which were 10yrs old, did like the "expanding" zipper on the Zero's
You have a Polo/RRL store near you a SA may send it to you, could also try giving them a call...
They run big, almost bought the Jacket. Am a 39/40 chest & a 31/32 waist. The "Small" fit me well with room, sweater,down vest, etc. Enjoy, there a nice product. Virtually bomb proof.
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