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They are nice at 100, the killer are the zippered pockets. Am a pocket kinda guy and the zippers bother me little hands...So more pairs for y'all...
Would like to know that also, would have kopped but have way to many jackets as it is........l
Thats ok, lol Have wanted something like this 2/3 yrs. Didn't want to deal with ordering from Japan because of sizing/return issues. Know Viberg, sizing and lasts big fan of the 110 + the make up looks spot on. Only potential issue would be the choice of the half sole but really don't see a problem there since it would be really hard to muck up. Thanks
What is the apx time between order/pre order and delivery ????   Thanks
The prewashed will not shrink + there is stretch........
yO... Is the order page in US sizing ???   Thanks
Which Vribam sole will be on these, 700 ??Also are these US sized or Viberg ?Thanks
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