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https://www.notre-shop.com/collections/sale   Enjoy
Did they melt when wet......Still on the fence, kop no kop......kind of wish they would jus go away and I could admire from afar. Enjoy  
If the whole deal goes south (POLO) they could be sold off ala LEVIS/ LVC before big E bought it back. May not be such a bad thing, odds on this happening are slim but brick/mortar retailing is taking a hit now to say the least.  Unrelated, but FREEWHEELERS Great Lakes should be in the mix of options to RRL Enjoy
http://corniche.org.uk/sale-shop-men/   Enjoy.........Some Cabourn
Opumo Ships fast & free +1   CP's $200, believe there is a code (30%) further back in the thread. Ordered mid wk received today   
Agree, 42 CP's and 41 Buttero's  there nice
⬆️ There is none.......take the 25 or wait
Agree on there measurement's being good, under sizing help they break down the individual item waist etc. RRL denim does stretch & also does not shrink. Would be nice if POLO did the same, oh well Enjoy
True, but be sure your size...."There" measurement's seem to run very large in the waist..... Enjoy  
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