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Ha...Da same BB Japan
Has anyone tried on the "Sherpa" jacket looks like it runs a little smaller then the Mallory, am a 50 looks like the 52 is the better fit ?   Thanks & enjoy
Could use a little input on the TenC Parka M51. Will be getting the shearling liner but also wearing without. Am a solid 20" PTP and 32" waist at 5'10 165lbs   So I wear a 50 in StoneIsland/SiSp as in most EU/IT makers   Do I / Can I, size down to a 48 or stay at 50 ????   Thanks & enjoy
What I gonna do with all that money ????
^ Missed it...Thanks been looking for a "Oil Cloth" Everest Parka in a 48/50....   FWIW Have a Puffa size 48 for sale $525 shipped CONUS   Enjoy
Which Mountain Parka ? On Marrkt or Superdenim ? 
^ Outstanding, enjoy
Is REVOLVE legit ? Only stock list for something I have been looking for and its discounted and PayPal   But.........Site looks "hinky"   Thanks
More addition's at   Enjoy
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