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Ha. I love patch pockets................... Enjoy
ARC'TERYX VEILANCE F13 MIONN INSULATION HOODED VEST F/W 13   Size medium, worn a few times. Color is a muted amber/smoke gray/blue lining, Cleaning closets   PayPal & CONUS only, shipping included.        
https://shopacrimony.com/sale/mens extra 40% GBV around $60   Enjoy
Closet Purge; Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket in Olive Cotton Ripstop S/S 2015 Size L   Worn 3/4 times, 6 hrs max in total lol.....really. No rips, stains etc.   PayPal only & CONUS only.   Thanks
^Very nice, have always regretted not getting those when I had the chance....   Enjoy 
Glad I jumped the fence, raglan sleeve so no shoulder issues. The Filson x Cabourn is very similar, a bit more robust in weight.   I did not care for it though and never bought, even when the vendor offered a nice discount. Just found something off about it for me.   The Storm Parka fits a niche as far as length and weight goes.  Enjoy
Bought a half pound of starbucks espresso to dial in a Mazzer . Really bad coffee, over roasted bitter taste.    Not enjoyable.   Enjoy  
Had the same issue with scraping/wire sound with one of my cars. Turned out to be a small rock in the brake shield. Dealer removed it, service guy said it could damage rotor. GL
Have a choice of using either FedEx or Royal Mail (UK to USA) any advantage to using RM ? items are over $200.   Thanks & enjoy   Know I will be tagged with duties using FedEx..  
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