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^Very limited stock/size.
UM cant even check out !! Let alone long load time etc. Not worth my time. GL to those who stick it out cause it ain't fun !!!!
^ FWIW they ship fast :)
Where did you see it ??
LOL, Nice........ Thanks
Ordered last week and yet to recive tracking or confirmation. WTF
FYIW there is one at http://quepasashop.com/products/indigo-racer-cap for $30
Have one of the Stevenson Indigo hats and no it doesn't bleed even when wet LOL
Ha,,Nice catch on the pic... Still looking for a black twist 48 for the 4/5 times I would wear it per yr. Looks as though I missed the boat...No worries always next season.Enjoy
Only if you get my OCD buy's I give away
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