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Sound advice. Have had issues with shoulder fit on Japanese Good's  RMC,Freewheelers,Colimbo etc. Tried on the BBJ coat at UM which was "snug" in a size 3. Ordered the size 4/XL  from StyleBop and the fit is spot on (am a true 40 chest/32 waist) it's a little long in the sleeve maybe a 1/4" but will most likely just leave as is.   The fabric/weight/cut is outstanding (pants in this fabric would be very nice in a Gi style)   Good luck   FYI there is a "Chore" coat in...
Leave or cut, they will eventually fall off. I generally leave unless they are too long for my taste. Have never had that issue with RRL
What is wrong with there 'Cold brew" it is awful ??
Just posted as you posted, Oops
On a related note, $48 invoice from FedEx/End Oh well........   Enjoy
Your package is being processed for submission to the FDA or Department of Agriculture. LOL
Ha. Got the BBJ jacket also. May be wrong, but thought I saw a N. American contact # Good luck
Worked for me, used PayPal what that has to do with it I do not know
Good job & Good news ! Thanks
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