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http://needsupply.com/mens/? 25% sitewide  "EVERYONE25
Both were under 200 usd on sale, very nicely made...The leather is blue bridle leather, the stitching is white, the smaller is a tri-fold
North Sea Clothing, have these 2 
Hmmmm.........Got the leather case and the thing still feels slippery in my hand, going back and get the silicon today. Went from 5s to 6s, hard to get me wee hands around it. Ha !!   Enjoy
Agree that is nice, you get the XL. Picked up the non patch work in June/July and like it a lot. Enjoy
In US I just pay/grumble/remember and move on. The amount does seem high though, 2 yrs ago was tagged for $140 on a Japanese purchase by USPS, thought of contesting but after a little research did not.   I for one would not ignore, could lead to just more issues credit/FedEx etc.   Good luck
Freewheelers US Navy 1913 Overcoat  
True about the cut date..   No problems here and appreciate the work that goes into getting this done.  Have wanted a make up like this for 3/4 years if not more and had no options but to order from Japan and was reluctant to do that because of sizing, etc.   So when these popped I jumped.   Thanks and enjoy
Half-Japanese 3/25/15, there have been issues though...............................
"Therein in lies the rub" am a true 40 but for the chore coat I had to go with 4 because of my shoulder/chest width the large was to tight.The fit in the XL is right on and not to "fitted" which I like. The vest is a different matter, am leaning towards a size 3 in the vest, not sure have a 31/32" waist and don't want extra bulk with a vest through the chest and waist. Thanks for the feedback. Wonder if this will show up at UM etc.
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