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I mean, if I measure a p2p of 21 inches, does that mean that it will fit a 38 inch chest or a 40 inch chest.   21+21=42 (subtract 2) and you get 40 21+21=42 (subtract 4) and you get 38   i hope that is clear, I was just unsure, since different sources have told me conflicting information.
when measuring p2p of a jacket, some sources say to subtract 4 inches, however, this thread suggests i subtract 2 inches..which one is correct?
yea, I will get the sleeves shortened, I actually purchased the size S and the size M. I still havent decided which one to keep or return, however,  I know the coat pictured  is a tad big, but I want to gain some size in the next few months.   The Small fits me better right now, however, If i wear a thick hoodie underneath the back feels very snug, and sometimes the vents "pull" when all the buttons are fastened over the layers. The PRL peacoat fits surprisingly trim,...
I saw some Rugby blazers at my local Marshalls, but they were for around $180 , and not my size.    anyone think there will be a drop in price on the Rugby site before they close?
How is the fit on this peacoat?
generally, when buying pea coats, regardless of the brand, do I buy a coat with the same chest measurement as my suit jackets, or do I size up? for example, if i wear my chest measures to 38, and i wear 38 jacket across the board, do I size up to a 40 when I buy a pea coat? considering I will wear a thick sweater or light jacket underneath?
If i buy the Tartan toggle i will wear a suit underneath
please post fit pics if u can!!!
^ thank you for the information !   I am probably going to get a M since I am an S in all PRL things. I am just unsure of how bright the yellow is on the tartan print lol. I just hope it is not "too loud" to wear over a suit, or will conflict with my everyday staple items. 100% lambswool coat at that price is hard to resist and should be extremely warm , however, I am hoping it will look appropriate in business settings.
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