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anyone have experience (details/quality/fit) with the 'Pioneer Workshirt' ? It comes down to 104.99 after the 25% off coupon. 
Just bought an RRL denim shirt with the snap buttons and a chunky metal button at the top. But the top button seems to be dangling and hanging by a few pieces of thread, and it is pretty heavy..has anyone's top button ever fallen off? Is this normal with their denim shirts
What do you guys feel about the North Face Vostok Parka? I feel it has a technical vibe to it. Any reviews?
are Canada Goose generally warmer than North Face? I was in the market of copping the North Face Vostok, 700 down. 
Question to tailors, When tapering trousers from the knee down, is it possible to save the fabric in order to let them out in the future if the trends change, or i want a wider pant? I currently bought a suit, 8.5 inch leg opening, I want it to be 8 Inch, since my shoe size is small, size 8.  Also, is there any rule regarding the leg opening width & shoe size?
Question for the tailors,   does the p2p measurement of a jacket change once the waist has been suppressed? My tailor pinned the sides of my jacket, will this change the chest measurement? I forgot to ask him, It just occurred to me
  hmm isn't it supposed to flare a little? or is it flaring too much? I never noticed it too much
Here are some pictures with my peacoat in a smaller size.   This is size small. with a sweater underneath                        this is the M          
your guide is excellent man, thank you for your help and commitment! 
I mean, if I measure a p2p of 21 inches, does that mean that it will fit a 38 inch chest or a 40 inch chest.   21+21=42 (subtract 2) and you get 40 21+21=42 (subtract 4) and you get 38   i hope that is clear, I was just unsure, since different sources have told me conflicting information.
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