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^ @bkotsko -- did you experience any stretch with those Japan One Seven?
Glad I copped 2 pairs of the black derbies.   The lug soles are super clutch.
Brown + olive = always good   Throw in an indigo/blue chambray and it's game over.
^ Would also be down for that. Interesting denim.
 Would it shrink 3-4"? Because the sleeves go way past my wrists.  
 Also got mine in and just sent them to the tailor to get sleeves shortened. Awesome jacket, the denim isn't too heavy either.
 Strangely enough, there are shoulder measurements for the leather jackets. Perhaps they're close/same as those?
New truckers look great.   Would be even better if they did it with interesting denim or the OG oxblood.
Perfect fit. Embrace the relaxed fit.
^ What size?
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