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^ It looks really damn tight on you. Can you even layer anything underneath besides a tee?
Everyone coming with the heat  
@molloyELburglar -- great fit.   A chambray shirt would look equally nice.
It's obvious the company doesn't like to make money. 
^ That is indeed the Work Jacket.   Looking good.
Skinny blazers for the non-lifters 
I have the darker indigo shawl collar sweater, but wonder if I should pull my sale listing (given likelihood of RRL discontinuing).    
Bombers/TF jackets indeed run small. I imagine it's because of the heavier fabrics + lining.
Why not just avoid the trouble by 1) getting to your target weight and 2) deciding from there? IME, stretching was minimal on my Gustin denim.
As a NYC financebro, the go-to fit is a suit + spread collar shirt (Brooks?) + Ferragamo tie.
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