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  Link: http://www.oki-ni.com/footwear/polo-ralph-lauren-men-s-newent-jodhpur-boot-prl1428blk.html
Mike, any pics of the denim jacket you mentioned? If it's cut like the Eisenhower, then . Thanks.
 Link? You talking about the Roper jacket?
 Agreed. DC/WB need to realize that Marvel is snatching up quite a few reputable actors. I think Idris Elba would be perfect as GL. Aquaman casting is still up in the air.
Pretty crazy amount of bleeding from my Supply Jacket.   Note: Don't put your hands in the pockets.
I recently got a Rogue Territory denim jacket. Perfect fit, but sleeves are a bit long.   Can a tailor shorten them? Thanks.  
Glimpses of FW14?  
May have to taper my suit pants as it flares out a bit from below the knee.   Suit is nice, though. No 3% elastane like the Tasmanian suits, so you should consider sizing up on the pants.
Is Context Clothing or Unionmade having any BF sales?   Thanks.
Anybody know what boots these are?     Thanks.
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