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 Impeccable styling.
I have the ISC workshirt and cannot recommend it enough. Those "seconds" shirts Karl's selling up there are a steal.   The fabric is very stiff, almost crunchy. Color is gorgeous and I'm digging the fading so far.   PS - I also have the RGT Indigo Specked workshirt and a pair of Dark Stantons.
Got a chance to see FW15 and I must say it's a great return to form.   Be on the lookout for a gorgeous M-65 (of course, with EG pockets galore).
Stumbled on a Tumblr featuring this lady rocking EG quite well:    
Also on the hunt for a zipped padfolio, ideally >8.5x11".
Sad to hear about the disappointment with TOJ.   I'm looking for a collared moto and figured I'd give TOJ a try, but no bueno.
^ Looks great. Just cuff the sweater sleeves once.
 I've been asked a few times where I got my grey/red stripe button shawl from. I wear it over my wool chesterfield coat and think it looks great.
Wish there were more NYC stockists of RGT. Hoping to try on the workshirts.
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