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^ You mean the regular joggers?   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-jogger-pants-184206.html#65~/men/pants-and-chinos/joggers/joggers/~
^ How'd you size, brother?
 Thanks, the pics fail to show that: 1) the pants are almost falling off my waist when I walk or move2) it's very baggy from the crotch down (as in I can pinch more than 1" of fabric)
^ Thanks guys. I took some pics -- would love any further feedback on what I should get done (obviously a hem):          
Hey everyone, what's the consensus in regards to tailoring suit pants?   I tried some on, but the waist is about 1-1.5" too big and the leg could use some slimming (~1" from the crotch downwards). Is this too much tailoring that'll throw off the fit of the pants?   The suit jacket is spot-on, however.
Looking to cop any 33 slim denim or Classic Large shirts. If anyone's letting them go, please let me know.   Thanks!
^ http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-middle-gauge-waffle-crewneck-sweater-173233.html#03~/men/sweaters/design/middle-gauge/~
 Awesome, let us know how it fits. Also interested in the Long Haul, but have no idea on sizing.
What'd you get, brother?
FW workshirts do indeed tend to run bigger, most likely to accommodate layering.
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