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As a NYC financebro, the go-to fit is a suit + spread collar shirt (Brooks?) + Ferragamo tie.
The Dry Fit $5.90 tees are my go-to tees.   They should stock them in the more interesting colorways on a regular basis (e.g. olive, burgundy, etc.).
That eagle belt would fit right in with the RRL aesthetic.   Visvim x RRL x Gustin
I like the slim fit chinos with the 3% stretch. Wish they made this colorway a darker gray/charcoal --      
^ I didn't know I needed an LBM coat until @BenLeaman's fit.
Saw the SS17 flight jacket and it's the same material used on their mountain parkas.   Worth it at $20. $50? Not so much.
Bought a few pairs. Still fits + feels the same.
The one that is on promotion today? Yes, they stretch a bit.
@teojhn -- size up. It looks like you're gonna explode through the buttons.
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