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Courtesy of the new survey --                    
@oynag is the RRL Chosen One, here to bless us plebes with RRL jawnz.
^ Navy looks versatile too --        
@ChetB -- your IG fits would look great with those Vibergs.
I took a look at the shoulder measurements and knew ASAP it wasn't gonna work for me or anyone who actually has normal-sized shoulders.   Combined with the thicker leather fabric, it'll be damn near impossible to put on.
^ Double cuff if you have the extra fabric?
 Absolutely! The merino wool feels like butter and is crafted from the most popular Japanese mills... Oh wait.
Folks,   I'm not ashamed to admit that in light of gainz >> fashunz, I've essentially given up on raw denim. In fact, what surprised me the most was the incredible, spot-on fits offered by GAP's stretch denim lines. In fact, I like the fits and colors so much, I stocked up on multiple pairs during their Black Friday sales.   So Mike, with that being said, I would definitely be down for stretch denim in classic colors. Perhaps selvedge stretch denim if you can swing it?...
Wool overcoat? They teased one or am I missing something?
The oxford fabric is thinner, but the new fit works for me   :shrugs
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