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^ Everyone just needs to disregard the # (38, 40, 42) and instead measure their best-fitting shirt (pit-to-pit, sleeve length, body length, neck).   And then choose accordingly.
So why aren't any shoulder measurements posted for the shirts?   And why can't I reach anyone at TS via email or phone?
^ Which are these?
 All of the trainers are ugly. Hard pass. Cop some NBs instead.
These? http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-s-selvedge-slim-fit-jeans-163897.html#69~/men/jeans/selvedge/slim-fit/~
No joke, I'm basically replicating lawlergod's fits nowadays.  
^ No, those aren't Lemaire. That Milano Jacket has been released in previous F/W seasons. That Mock Neck Sweater is actually nice in person, but $100 for Uniqlo cashmere = no way   Also agreed on that knit sweater -- they're actually pretty coarse/thick in person, but it shed on my dress shirt when I tried it on. I'd cop only if you're wearing a dark tee/shirt underneath.   The Chesterfields are similar to last year's, but the back length is much longer this season.
^ Also wanna jump on the Crater shirt, but the new size charts don't mention shoulder measurements at all.
Tropical wool is super light and much better for spring/summer. It almost feels like linen.
^ Pathfinder Jacket
New Posts  All Forums: