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I'm looking at the Fatigue Pants on Indigo & Cotton now.   I may have to snag a pair. Damn.
If these jackets are any indication of the quality of the upcoming denim jacket and noragi, I'm beyond hyped.
 Agreed, but it's one of the nicest pieces this season, so no surprise there. Some more detail shots here: http://www.loftman.co.jp/bd/5561
- BNWT - Retail = $490. Bought for = $350. Take it for = $240 shipped. - USPS shipping to Con-US + delivery confirmation - PayPal only   - Measurements: 20" (pit-to-pit) // 17" (shoulder-to-shoulder) // 24" (shoulder-to-cuff) // 22.5" (length)   - Awesome details include: -- Pockets galore (2 interior, 1 zip on chest, 4 front pockets) -- Pull tabs on the side -- Glorious brown/salt and pepper color   More pics here: http://imgur.com/a/mOPcW   More details...
Turns out the size Small Becker Cotton Jacket I got from FW13 is a bit too big on me.   Letting it go for much less than what it's going for on the site ($350). It's BNWT. PM for more info.  
 Agreed, but I want to give Affleck/Eisenberg a chance. It's clear that WB/DC is desperately trying to play catch up with Marvel. The only problem is that, unlike Marvel, WB/DC wants to create essentially a huge blockbuster (which they will get with this film, no doubt), but also to establish all of the characters in one film rather than Marvel's carefully planned standalone films (e.g. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, etc.). The most jarring thing really is the combo of...
I take it the Noragi and Overdyed Denim Jacket will be released much later?   Thanks, Mike.
^ Was looking for that same piece in a size Small.   To my knowledge, the P2P on the Small was 19.5-20".
 I just want to see him pull it off. All that build-up should = good fit, no?
 Yep, see 0:49 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tAxcnhhxzw
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