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 Correct, but considering TS' reasons for removing the size charts, that's the only other explanation. As an aside, I've dealt with buyers who have no idea about their measurements beyond "I wear size Medium in GAP/Uniqlo/JCrew."
Flannels all look incredible this season + the Double Cloth:    
The casual customers are probably clueless when looking at a detailed size chart.
^ @Beedub -- thoughts on the Sk8-His? Did they come with 2 sets of laces (olive + black)?
The write-up says there are feet on the briefcases, but the pics only show patches on the bottom?
Can anyone share their experiences with Gustin shirt sizing? I wear a Medium in Uniqlo/GAP shirts, but the Gustin measurements I've seen in SF/eBay listings are different from Gustin's fit guide (e.g. Slim Large = 21.5" chest / 18" shoulder vs. fit guide's 19" shoulder).   My measurements: 22" chest / 18.5" shoulder / 40-41" waist / 15.5-16" collar   Thanks.
^ Yeah, they'll most likely fund.
^ Agreed with @Phrost   I checked out the jacket today and it's pretty decent for $50. The fit is indeed a bit puffy and the cropped length is pretty spot-on.   I'd recommend sizing up.
My favorite FW season next to FW'12 and FW'10.
 Size Large in the Blue Bomber
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