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I've tried Tyrwhitt, but their non-iron shirts feel flimsier than BB. Can you recommend any other brands?
^ Here are pics of the fraying.   I wear a suit to work everyday (NYC) and sweat a bit. Note that I also don't use collar stays.      
^ You're probably right. I only rotate 4 shirts for the 5-day work week.   At most, I wear one shirt twice a week.
SF family -- wondering if I can get your advice. I wear BB Non-Iron dress shirts for work everyday.   I usually throw them in the washer + dryer after every wear. I've noticed that after 2 months, the tops of the collar start to fray. Is this because I wash/dry too often?   Note: I don't dry clean my shirts.      
ULD jacket (not vest) + topcoat has been pretty clutch for me in this NYC weather.   Actually makes me sweat a bit.
It's decent. Fabric is light and the fit is actually spot-on for me (Medium). The blue colorway is a bit lighter in person.
FW2017 sneak peeks:        
Agreed, navy and olive are the most cop-able, imo.
^ It looks really damn tight on you. Can you even layer anything underneath besides a tee?
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