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I'm loving Uniqlo's new 60-day return policy.   Copped a few items for $50 each last month, noticed it's $10 now, returned and re-bought them.
^ Fabric feels cheaper than last year's iteration. I'd avoid unless you can get it for deep discount.
^ Pics of that FW10 Chesterfield?   One of FW10's Chesterfields is on my grail list.
Can anyone help me nail down sizing for the TS Utility Shirt?   Size 40 = 22" chest and 18" shoulder? And can the sleeves be shortened from the cuff?   Thanks.
Co-signed. I have 5 of the black long sleeve tees. Really nice fabric and doesn't shrink too much in the wash.
New Ultra Heat Tech comes in these cool boxes -- the fabric feels like a thick cotton thermal    
@Doogan -- looks much better.   Try not to button all 3 buttons on the Bedford. I personally like buttoning just the top button a la @blue peter.
^ If he goes a size down in that Bedford, he won't be able to layer or button the jacket.
Courtesy of the new survey --                    
@oynag is the RRL Chosen One, here to bless us plebes with RRL jawnz.
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