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^ I don't believe so. Looks like a regular cotton.   Check out the Nepenthes Osaka IG for more releases -- https://www.instagram.com/nepenthes_osaka/    
 If you filter to Jeans, it should show up -- 
EG x Vans fits 1 size bigger than normal Vans, ime. I wear a 9 in Vans slip-ons, had to size down to 8 for EG x Vans.
@Phrost -- yeah, that's exactly how it looked on me.   Had to pass on it. Won't cop the men's MA-1 either.
Selling: EG Aviator Jacket (S/S 2015) (Olive) (S) (NWOT) (10/10) for $220   More pics here   Measurements: Chest: 21" Shoulder: 17.5" Front length: 24" Sleeve length (shoulder to cuff): 23.5"  
Here's the OG sizing chart for the Rover Jacket, as TS has probably converted to the useless size chart they have now --    
I tried on the women's MA-1 in size XL.   The arms/sleeves fit fine, but the main issues are: 1) how high it sits up (therefore, the handwarmer pockets are too high up), 2) bigger in the chest, 3) short back length   It's unfortunate because the positives are: 1) really nice fabric, especially at the $50 price, 2) better colors, 3) better interior lining
Okayamas fade pretty nicely. I love the green hue to the denim, but have been bulking so my pair hasn't gotten any wear.     Here's a sample fade pic from Selvedgestyle (on the right):  
^ 2nd looks much better.   I have 18" shoulders and 22" chest, so none of the women's sizes would work for me. Shame, I would've copped all 3 colors.
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