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Quote: Better than Airism / Micro Tencel briefs?
Agreed. The heavyweight flannels are pretty awesome; wish they came in more colorways. Will cop when sales hit.
 Awesome, new code worked. Did you also size up +1 for this Maritime shirt, @cnew?
^ Awesome, thanks.   I never used my first 20% account sign-up discount and the code doesn't look work when I try to order the Maritime shirt.   Do discount codes not apply to Workshop items?
Really digging both the Moss and Donegal shirts, but I'm unsure about sizing.   Is it possible to do an exchange after it funds / gets produced?
 @notwithit --- the cotton pants are zip fly I got my order in today: 1.) Cotton Hooded Coat (size XS): Really awesome details including the fishtail back, hidden left breast zipped pocket, removable lining / hood, and front snap pockets. The only downside was the elastic snap cuffs. Not sure if I'm gonna keep it.2.) Wool Cashmere Black Jacket (size S): Again, great interior details like the zipped / snap pockets. The wool cashmere is pretty decent too and there are no...
Anyone have personal pics of the Cotton Coat with Hood?
People were actually shutting down "naysayers" in this topic?   If I use my hard earned money to buy something and don't get what I paid for, I have to take a loss and just get over it?   Does that make any sense at all?   Edit: Check out the "Charity" section of their new site.
@Epaulet   Mike, would you happen to have pics of the interior pockets on the Essex denim jacket? Thanks!
Is everyone just sizing up in the chinos +1 from their denim size?
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