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 These look great, Mike and team. I'm assuming the customer got these early? Any ETA on these trainers? Thanks!
 @Dbear You talking about these?: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-skinny-fit-tapered-jeans-128444.html#69|/men/bottoms/jeans/skinny-fit/
The worst part about this thread is you fine folks rocking pieces so well..   ..that it makes me regret not copping those pieces.   For example, @Ken P with the sweater, @eluther with the Grey Fatigues, @Seafinch with the Moleskine Bedford, @agvs with the Bal coat.
SF family, I have a Bristol (slimmer Beaufort). While the fit in the shoulders/sleeves are perfect, the chest/body is a bit big (I'm guessing to accommodate layering).   Has anyone tailored a Barbour jacket before? Any recommendations? I'm considering buying the zip-in liner as well.   Thanks.
 Ah, damn, I was in search of a collared black moto.
Looking for a black collared moto (similar to the TOJ one) in a similar price point.   Any recommendations? Thanks  
Some pretty cool pics I saw on Instagram:  
Awesome thread. Here's what I have to sell/trade:   FW10 Black Wool Bedford (XS) (condition 8.5/10) - Awesomely warm Bedford from FW10, my most favorite EG season.   Accessories FW11 Floral Pocket Square (condition 10/10) - Bought this cool pocket square when it first released. It needs someone to make it even better.
Yes to the cozy pants in the last look and embroidery fabric. Similar to FW11:  
Probably already been posted, but a great write-up on EG:   http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2015/01/18/engineered-garments-club-formed-cloth/
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