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Cavallo pant looks great. Shame it's only for women.
^ Don't wash them when you get them.   Just wear them and wash when dirty for glorious fades.
^ Nah, Uniqlo just hasn't been releasing anything noteworthy as of late.   The basics are still the bee's knees: tees, socks, etc.
 I've heard Gustin sneakers run big. I believe @JR Magat said his Horween #8 fit 0.5-1 size bigger.
Pics/fit pics?Thanks brother.
 They actually increased prices across the entire Stock store.
^ You'll like the Okayama Standards.   Haven't gotten a chance to wear my pair much, but the selvedge and fabric are awesome.
Cardiffs are the ultimate boots.  
Coat looks incredible. Would definitely wear it through the thick of winter.
 I'm a size 8 in everything else, but Mike recommended 8.5 in the Black Bull Hide boots. Only size 8 was left.  
New Posts  All Forums: