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They just raised all dress shirts from $35 to $40.   Well, damn.
 Another look: 
Glimpses of FW15:      
Anyone have any opinions/reviews on the +J vest?
Digging these pieces:  
Size 3 looks perfect. Enough to at least layer underneath.
I can confirm this. Sad, really, when your whole infrastructure is interns.
@Synthese   That Sashiko coat looks great. Any full length pics?
 Impeccable styling.
I have the ISC workshirt and cannot recommend it enough. Those "seconds" shirts Karl's selling up there are a steal.   The fabric is very stiff, almost crunchy. Color is gorgeous and I'm digging the fading so far.   PS - I also have the RGT Indigo Specked workshirt and a pair of Dark Stantons.
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