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 Leave them. They look pretty cool, imo. 
^ Tough news. Maybe they were too hasty with expansion?
Anybody have the chest + shoulder measurements of the Sweet Orr workshirt above in size Medium?   Thanks.
Can anyone post pics of their Indigo Cross Jacquard shirt?   Thanks.
^ Agreed, size up +1 on the Aviator. They fit shorter and tighter across the chest.
Cavallo pant looks great. Shame it's only for women.
^ Don't wash them when you get them.   Just wear them and wash when dirty for glorious fades.
^ Nah, Uniqlo just hasn't been releasing anything noteworthy as of late.   The basics are still the bee's knees: tees, socks, etc.
 I've heard Gustin sneakers run big. I believe @JR Magat said his Horween #8 fit 0.5-1 size bigger.
Pics/fit pics?Thanks brother.
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