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Had the Schlafly Pumpkin recently and it was great. Bottled on August 8.   Went back to get another pack, but it was all sold out. Shame.
^ I'm 5'7 and tried on the Medium Chesterfield from this season. It went past my knees.   Fabric seems a bit thinner than previous seasons too.
Can any of the fine SF gents share their experiences with Gustin shirt sizing? I wear a Medium in Uniqlo/GAP shirts.   My measurements: 22.25" chest / 18.25" shoulder / 40-41" waist / 15.5-16" collar   Thanks!
Pics from the survey email that was sent out                  
^ @Phrost   Agreed on the Uniqlo Chesterfields. They definitely increased the front/back length of the coats this season. If they kept the length to mid-thigh, I'd consider grabbing one.   Sorry to hear about the GAP bomber. What about the fabric didn't you like?
 Correct, indigo dyed, but it's incredibly heavy.
^ Better views here -- http://www.uniqlo.com/UniqloU/us/m_outerwear_and_blazers.html
Have been bulking lately and unfortunately have to let go of this awesome indigo shawl cardigan (sz Medium). Lmk if any of you are interested.    
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