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You'll probably get credit if it's <30 days.
 JC is already hugely gentrified and isn't stopping.
Sale was pretty decent. Aldens went fast and everything was picked over after 2 hours.
Length looks fine to me, but the slim sleeves look like it'll be hard to layer underneath (hoodie, etc.).
 Everything. My go-to fit these days: black chinos + gray tee + Vans
So the lesson in all this is basically: listen to Charly.
^ Perfect fit.   My Fatigues are actually baggier, which I prefer. EG styling has dominated my wardrobe -- no more super slim fits.
^ I remember there was a FW2010 olive shawl peacoat with the wrist zipper.
^ Looks like an older piece. Great nonetheless.
BBJ sale? Is this sale still going on?
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