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Bought a few pairs. Still fits + feels the same.
The one that is on promotion today? Yes, they stretch a bit.
@teojhn -- size up. It looks like you're gonna explode through the buttons.
^ Jet, you approve of the Heattech Ultra Warm tees?   I tried them on in-store and like the fabric, but the insulation is ridiculous (basically traps all body heat).
^ Did you go with your usual Gustin jeans size?   I wear a 33 slim in the Okayamas and <16 oz denim. Wondering if I should size up on these since they're 16oz.
^ 63 BLUE looks exactly like it does online.    
^ Pics of the denim + any fit pics?   Thanks.
Agreed, the extra warm Heattech shirts are really static-y.
I'd cop a Sage Ashby if they ever make it   Seems like Navy + Olive are the only 2 Ashby colorways?
New Posts  All Forums: