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^ I already have a pair of the RW Postmans in black leather. I'm a big fan of the shape, but the color is throwing me off.   I'm questioning how I can wear these (what colors, etc.). Black top + jeans + these shoes?
^ Yes, they're the Dark Grey here -- http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=85218356
Keep or return? RW Dark Gray Suede Postmans (looks like navy in certain light)    
^ So it was indeed the illustrious @blue peter I sold the scarf to.  
 My girl has the mainline olive MA-1 and it's glorious. I don't understand why they didn't do a men's version just like that. Edit: Looks like the women's reversible U MA-1 is another winner.
Can a tailor really shorten those L1 sleeves from the cuff?   Shortening from the shoulder is gonna be at least $100.
 Uniqlo collab outerwear is fine, with the best outerwear being the +J stuff years ago. Mainline outerwear is ehh. For example, the Chesterfields this season are way too long.
- Sleeve cuffs on the field jacket are terrible. No way to tailor/shorten that except from the shoulder (expensive). - Where are the side pockets? - Why are the shoulder measurements so small? A medium has a 16.5", which is basically XS in most brands
Can someone post a pic of the polos for the SF fam?   Thanks
Pics from survey email that was sent -- I really like the waxed canvas Long Haul jackets + Corded Indigo shirt                      
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