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If I wear an 8 in the Barrie last, should I go 8.5 for the tennis trainers?
^ Gainz >> fashunz
Also have these 3 cotton pocket squares: - Light navy body + white polka dot - Black body + white polka dot - Black body + white paisley + white polka dot      
I have these 2 awesome scarves. One is a red/blue/black mix (100% cotton) and the other is a black/grey striped (75% cotton/25% polyester).   Both are fall/winter scarves, so much thicker cotton. Hit me up if you're interested!          
 I'm also a size 8 in the Barrie last. 8.5 fits me perfectly in these derbies. They feel so damn sturdy. The soles are awesome in wet weather.
 Gotta get those margins somehow.
^ Send them back and save yourself the trouble.
Thanks, did your pair stretch? I assume they also shrink in the wash/dry? I tried on a Medium and it felt a bit snug in the waist. Large was better, but was baggy throughout.
^ Those sweats are also Uniqlo?
@skitlets -- perfect fit. Looks like you can add an extra tee/layer underneath too.
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