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@Churchill W -- info on the jacket?
Care to share any pics, @Ritchee?
Missed out on the Cone ISC Chinos. If anyone's selling theirs in size 32 Slim, I'm interested.
 It was, imo. The insides of my elbows were scratched / bleeding after wearing it for a day. I sold it because it was a bit tight (really more of a shacket); still actually looking for it in size M. And here's how the original shirt fades: 
 Awesome. I have the OG one from a few years ago and the fades are awesome. This one isn't as heavy as the 12.5oz one released last year.
Uniqlo x Lemaire SS2016 preview:   http://www.fashion-press.net/news/gallery/20396/351322   I'm gonna assume most of the really cool outerwear are the women's pieces.          
 Many different ways to wear it, perfect for adding a cool fabric or color to your fit. I have the red / grey vertical stripe shawl from FW12 and it's incredibly warm as a scarf. 3 years going strong.
^ I have the opposite problem; I need shorter sleeves (23-24" from shoulder to cuff).   New jackets look great. Curious if they have interior pockets as well.
 Agreed, I put my Airism briefs on the back burner and stocked up on Micro Tencel briefs. I've heard they're a mostly spring/summer item. The Micro Tencel is much more flexible and breathable; they do ride up a bit (but not as much as the Airism).
 Fit pics / pics of the fabric for your fellow SF brethren?
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