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Length looks fine to me, but the slim sleeves look like it'll be hard to layer underneath (hoodie, etc.).
 Everything. My go-to fit these days: black chinos + gray tee + Vans
So the lesson in all this is basically: listen to Charly.
^ Perfect fit.   My Fatigues are actually baggier, which I prefer. EG styling has dominated my wardrobe -- no more super slim fits.
^ I remember there was a FW2010 olive shawl peacoat with the wrist zipper.
^ Looks like an older piece. Great nonetheless.
BBJ sale? Is this sale still going on?
^ Looks fantastic.
All sold out. They were indeed awesome. They've also pulled the jackets from stores (only available online).
 Looks like the post was deleted. Anyone have more info on this guy's new venture?
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