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 I just want to see him pull it off. All that build-up should = good fit, no?
 Yep, see 0:49 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tAxcnhhxzw
Anybody catch the EG Grey Wool Bedford that Taran Killam was wearing on last night's SNL?   Check it here at 1:21 -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYYTuTJMwWc
 Pics of these? Don't think they're on the US site. The Farley Work Jacket on the RRL UK site also looks good.
Waiting patiently for gettoasty's first fit pic with the shawl (great piece, btw).
Damn, Epaulet is going to make me broke.   Is that same Black OD Kaihara denim going to be used for the Denim Jacket as well?
 Amen. How is this Crane's fault anyway? Isn't Wolverine the company that makes the shoes?
 I had the Visvim Brigadiers as my grails, but these look similar enough. Which colorway is this and how does one size? I read through this topic and the consensus is TTS or 0.5 size down. I wear an 8 in Clarks/RW, for reference. Thanks.
Been digging a lot of RRL stuff.   Is there a site that has product pictures of previous collections (FW12, SS13, etc.)? Anybody have personal favorite pieces you want to post pics of?   Thanks.
Anybody know which NYC stores stock N&F? I want to try on some Elephant 2/3s.   Thanks.
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