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Damn, Epaulet is going to make me broke.   Is that same Black OD Kaihara denim going to be used for the Denim Jacket as well?
 Amen. How is this Crane's fault anyway? Isn't Wolverine the company that makes the shoes?
 I had the Visvim Brigadiers as my grails, but these look similar enough. Which colorway is this and how does one size? I read through this topic and the consensus is TTS or 0.5 size down. I wear an 8 in Clarks/RW, for reference. Thanks.
Been digging a lot of RRL stuff.   Is there a site that has product pictures of previous collections (FW12, SS13, etc.)? Anybody have personal favorite pieces you want to post pics of?   Thanks.
Anybody know which NYC stores stock N&F? I want to try on some Elephant 2/3s.   Thanks.
The Becker Cotton Jacket and the Striped Indigo Tee.
Just popped by the Broadway store and picked up a jacket and indigo tee. - Ben is a fucking boss. Great guy who was more than helpful to me as I tried on a few things. - The entire team is incredibly nice and no surprise, they all dress damn well. One associate was wearing a great RRL chore coat that was reminiscent of older EG. - The entire sale section is now 50% off already reduced pieces. - Whoever is a XS/L/XL needs to go check out the sale section. It's a...
 You talking about the new denim/chambray shirts? http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/lifewear/men-chambray-printed-slim-fit-long-sleeve-shirt/08813100002-69-003?ref=mens-clothing%2Fmens-tops%2Fmens-casual-shirts
He gets better and better.   Damn.
Denim jacket looks perfect. I take it the Noragi will not be released anytime soon?   Just need to budget (or get both, haha).
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