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^ Rob coming through with these awesome shirts, but they're not even for sale on his shop??
^ Agreed that adding the shoulder measurement would be perfect.
^ I'd love to cop the exact same one. Should've jumped on it when EP still had it.
You have a pic of it, @tricky?
^ Well, TBB usually buys almost everything in each EG season, so yeah, it's definitely a great buy.  
What? So you wore/laundered the chambray and it basically shrunk on you?
Anybody jumping in on the Labor Day promos?
Had the Schlafly Pumpkin recently and it was great. Bottled on August 8.   Went back to get another pack, but it was all sold out. Shame.
^ I'm 5'7 and tried on the Medium Chesterfield from this season. It went past my knees.   Fabric seems a bit thinner than previous seasons too.
New Posts  All Forums: