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^ Fit pics of the leather jacket?
RRL's days are indeed numbered.   Time to stock up.
^ That's good news. I personally liked Lemaire's Uniqlo FW15 collection rather than the recent SS16 one.
I'm 5'7.   Inseam on my shorts are perfect at 8".
Fit on the MA-1 is perfect.   I personally prefer a looser fit (for layering purposes), but that's another story.
Don't worry, the Okayamas are probably the most popular denim Gustin puts out. If it's above 95% funded, it almost always goes through. Some pairs show up in the Stock store from time to time as well.
 Calm down, it'll get funded.
^ Got the same pair. Incredible indeed.
 Ah, that's understandable. I honestly don't mind paying a bit extra for shortening sleeves (which I always have to do anyhow). As long as the shoulder/chest fit well, everything else is tailor-able.
 Same here, but only when it's shortening sleeves from the shoulder. It costs $15 for me if I'm shortening sleeves from the cuff.
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