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Indeed, the Chesterfield is on my to-cop list. It'll round out my topcoat collection (Jcrew gray herringbone + Jcrew navy glen plaid). 
^ Awesome, seems like that fabric is getting the most shine this season (Button Shawl, Over Vest, Highland Parka, TF Jacket, Chesterfield).
^ Cop the hat to match --    
Really liking a lot of stuff popping up on IG --          
The black is a bit faded, but it's basically black.
Some pics of the GAP bomber   It's definitely a fall/winter piece. I don't believe it's hit stores yet, but I ordered both colors online. I tried it on with just a tee in my air-conditioned room and I was sweating. The cotton quilted lining is very warm (not insulated). I take a Medium in this and can definitely fit a sweater underneath (may be a bit snug as the arms are also lined). Fit is pretty spot-on now, but will change as I'm currently bulking. Retail is $100, but...
@Phrost   Checked out GAP's new bomber and would recommend that over Uniqlo's. Really nice rugged feel (60 cotton, 40 nylon), quilted lining (black one has black lining, olive one has orange lining), one interior pocket, buttoned hand-warmer pockets, and classic MA-1 arm pocket.   http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=48872&vid=1&pid=321731012   A much better cop at $50 (wait for sale) compared to Uniqlo's.
 I really like the denim jacket. Fit is good and the 1% stretch is cool. Agreed that the downsides are 1) no hand-warmer pockets and 2) no interior pockets.
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