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I got a chance to see FW17 a few months ago.   I'll just say that I'll be draping myself in gorgeous dark gray wools, courtesy of Don Daiki and the EG team.
FW2016 was the first season they released the soft touch long sleeve tees. I stocked up on a bunch. Love them, just wish they didn't attract lint so much.
+$300 for Docs? 
I've tried Tyrwhitt, but their non-iron shirts feel flimsier than BB. Can you recommend any other brands?
^ Here are pics of the fraying.   I wear a suit to work everyday (NYC) and sweat a bit. Note that I also don't use collar stays.      
^ You're probably right. I only rotate 4 shirts for the 5-day work week.   At most, I wear one shirt twice a week.
SF family -- wondering if I can get your advice. I wear BB Non-Iron dress shirts for work everyday.   I usually throw them in the washer + dryer after every wear. I've noticed that after 2 months, the tops of the collar start to fray. Is this because I wash/dry too often?   Note: I don't dry clean my shirts.      
ULD jacket (not vest) + topcoat has been pretty clutch for me in this NYC weather.   Actually makes me sweat a bit.
It's decent. Fabric is light and the fit is actually spot-on for me (Medium). The blue colorway is a bit lighter in person.
FW2017 sneak peeks:        
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