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^ Yes, Uniqlo quality has been declining over the past few years. This probably coincides with their massive store expansion in the US (which hasn't been all too successful btw).     I still have pieces from 2008-2010 that are great. Heavy flannels, the MA-1 blouson above, the T-000 jeans in multiple colors, MIJ selvedge denim, etc.
I remember the spring/summer MA-1 being pretty average. The nylon got progressively thinner/more delicate.     I still have this fall/winter MA-1/blouson from 2010 (100% cotton). Unfortunately, I've outgrown it.  
Grab the measurements from your best fitting pair of jeans. Then compare to Gustin's fit guide.
^ Thanks for coming through @BlueWord   How'd you size relative to your other Gustin stuff? And would you say the jacket came in on spec to the fit guide?
The Heavyweight Indigo tee is my first t-shirt from Gustin.   The only gripe I have is the sleeves are a bit short/tight and shoulders came in under spec.   I'm probably gonna hold off on a hot wash.
^ Even a general fit pic in your own home would work.
Bleecker store is tiny. West Broadway store is great.
 I haven't seen one fit pic yet on SF, Reddit, Instagram, etc.
Got my Heavyweight Indigo tee in today. Nice fabric, great color.   Glad I sized up as the shoulders came in under spec (0.5"), but the chest came in over spec (0.6").
^ That's the Engineer Jacket, possibly from SS09 or FW09.
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