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Strong want on many pieces.   Chesterfields =
^ Your shoulders fit a Medium in the Ashby, but the 18" P2P would be good for a Small.   I just recommend trying on.
6 practically new silk ties for sale. Shipping to con-US. Paypal only.   Album here   3.5" width Banana Republic (Black Stripe) -- $12 Banana Republic (Pink/Red/Gray Stripe) -- $12 BCBG Attitude (Pink Polka Dot on Navy) -- $10 Burberry (Yellow Brown Diamond) -- $30   3.75" width Good Nothings (Blue) -- $10 Michael Kors (Black Stripe) -- $10
^ The fabrics look spot-on to me (maybe the LF has only white selvedge?).   How do you like your LF chinos? Any pics of fades?
The closest thing I can think of is the Cone Selvedge Canvas, but even that's fairly lightweight at 10.75oz. https://www.weargustin.com/store/2632
Question: Do you receive a tracking # for a phone order (a sales associate ordered an item for you from another RRL store and emailed you the receipt)?
 How was the initial fit when you got them? My OS didn't stretch much; I just happened to drop a bit of weight and they fit perfectly now.
 They did less than 10 two-pocket shirts. I have absolutely no idea what happened and it's surprising given how much folks wanted the new shirt style. I do remember there being backlash against the shirt scoops. These shirts are supposedly being shipped out this month. 
 They gave up on them immediately.
Wanted to back the chinos, but was too late. This would be much better as chinos.
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