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^ According to the size chart, they seem to fit 1 size bigger than the regular flannels.
Heavy and substantial?
^ You mean the regular joggers?   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-jogger-pants-184206.html#65~/men/pants-and-chinos/joggers/joggers/~
^ How'd you size, brother?
 Thanks, the pics fail to show that: 1) the pants are almost falling off my waist when I walk or move2) it's very baggy from the crotch down (as in I can pinch more than 1" of fabric)
^ Thanks guys. I took some pics -- would love any further feedback on what I should get done (obviously a hem):          
Hey everyone, what's the consensus in regards to tailoring suit pants?   I tried some on, but the waist is about 1-1.5" too big and the leg could use some slimming (~1" from the crotch downwards). Is this too much tailoring that'll throw off the fit of the pants?   The suit jacket is spot-on, however.
Looking to cop any 33 slim denim or Classic Large shirts. If anyone's letting them go, please let me know.   Thanks!
^ http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-middle-gauge-waffle-crewneck-sweater-173233.html#03~/men/sweaters/design/middle-gauge/~
 Awesome, let us know how it fits. Also interested in the Long Haul, but have no idea on sizing.
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