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Can confirm. Felt the material at Nepenthes and it's crazy nice. It'll most likely wear in very well over time too.
^ So damn good.   Can't wait for the F/W fits in here -- layers on layers.
The finance guy in me thinks there's probably been some growth equity injection + internal re-shuffling.   The reasons/excuses for the removal of the sizing charts are also frustrating too.
^ Just the 2 hand-warmer pockets + 2 interior pockets
^ TF Jacket
 Apparently, it's a Velveteen fabric.
EG just continuing to crush it this season. I'm guessing the TF Jacket is their new bomber style every F/W.                  
They most likely will. Seems like TBB gets the biggest EG buy every season. I really liked the custom Portview Jacket from last FW: 
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