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 Size Large in the Blue Bomber
Got the bomber in today. Shoulders fit spot on, but the arms are a bit tight (gainz) and the jacket a bit long.   Don't know if I should re-sell this and buy the next size up.
^ That's a good fit to me. Keep it.
Dropped as in no longer running a campaign? This fabric is much better as a chino rather than the current denim run. I recall @JR Magat had a pair of the Gustin ISC chinos.
Uniqlo x Lemaire semi-preview up for FW16 --   http://www.uniqlo.com/UniqloU/en/#about
 This pic convinced me to finally jump in on EFF.
  That's interesting. I just sold that exact same scarf to someone a few weeks ago.
^ To add to @jet above, they've changed their sizing across the board to more "American" sizing.   Oxfords fit much wider now, almost none of the denim is 100% cotton, etc.
^ Yes, Uniqlo quality has been declining over the past few years. This probably coincides with their massive store expansion in the US (which hasn't been all too successful btw).     I still have pieces from 2008-2010 that are great. Heavy flannels, the MA-1 blouson above, the T-000 jeans in multiple colors, MIJ selvedge denim, etc.
I remember the spring/summer MA-1 being pretty average. The nylon got progressively thinner/more delicate.     I still have this fall/winter MA-1/blouson from 2010 (100% cotton). Unfortunately, I've outgrown it.  
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