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I'll chime in as I had the RGT ISC Workshirt. The shirt was really deep navy / almost black. The 12.5oz weight on the shirt was really sturdy / almost crunchy and the Instagram photos of the fades look great.    The major differences between the RGT and Gustin are: - RGT is heavier weight at 12.5oz and fabric is from Italy. Gustin is at 10.75oz and from Cone Mills.- RGT workshirt / officer trousers are much more expensive at $225 / $235. Gustin is at $95 for the chinos and...
Can anyone share their experiences with Gustin chino sizing? I wear a Slim 32 in the denim, but heard chinos don't stretch much.
Just received my first ever pair of Gustin denim and these Okayama Standards are pretty great. Glad I saw them in the Stock store.   I can button the top button, but it's a bit tight. Can anyone here share their experiences with this denim and if it stretched?
Thanks! Excited for the Okayama Standards. That's a shame because there was a lot of great stuff on there in lots of sizes.Has Gustin addressed this? Or do I have to make another account on the site to access the Stock store again?
Placed my first Gustin order from the Stock store.   After I placed the order, I can't even access the Stock store anymore.  
 I'm actually surprised the black denim jacket is 60% funded already. Here's to hoping for an indigo version.
I'm sure they'd love to and I hope they do. I learned about TS only just a few months ago and I'm impressed with everything: customer service, fit, and quality.Hope they continue to prosper.
The trucker jacket looks great. Wish it came in indigo denim or even waxed canvass mentioned above.
Same fabric as EG?     http://jomers.com/products/nassau-japanese-floral-linen-shorts
 Agreed. I recently went through this same exact situation. There really is no debate here: get the refund.
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