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 Zara's quality leaves much to be desired, not to mention their stuff is relatively expensive. I'd try out that Uniqlo Sweater Jacket, but I'm curious if it has side pockets in addition to the chest pocket.
 Bushacre. Crepe soles are a no go for me.
^ That Uniqlo Sweat Jacket looks nice. I have a few of the Uniqlo Dry pieces and they're great.   Will check out that jacket when it releases in the US.
Can anyone recommend sizing on Gustin shirts? It looks like Slim Medium may work.   I usually wear Small in JCrew/GAP / 21" chest, 18" shoulders, 15.5" neck. I hear Gustin shirts shrink a bit / run small.
@notwithit   That ISC Ranger Jacket this SS16 looks cool:  
^ I'd probably wait as I heard the BxB is really tough to fade.   Probably would be better going with RGT or Taylor Stitch's ISC workshirt.
@notwithit -- not exactly ISC workshirt, but looks like Gustin is running the Cone BluexBlack:   https://www.weargustin.com/store/2989   Folks said the BluexBlack sew up small in the denim.
 @notwithit and I have eerily similar taste (e.g. indigo everything / fades all day).  
^ Looks like the Desert Trooper. I had them in black; glorious soles, but a bit too snug on me.
Strongest FW since FW12, imo. Styling is perfect.
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