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 Are you looking for the shawl that guy's wearing in his fit? He just wrapped that around his waist, btw. That's most definitely the FW13 Windowpane button shawl. I can confirm as I have 3: navy wool, red/gray stripe, and navy windowpane.
^ Looks like the EG Shooting Vest in Olive Ripstop.
 All look great. Curious if there'll be the EUW jacket for Men's.
 Tried them on in-store. Fit was okay, worst material so far.
Anyone check out the Farley Work Jacket?   Thoughts?
Got let go recently from my first FT job out of college. Been doing part-time intern work for a small PE fund in the meantime. Reached out to temp agencies/recruiters, but no solid leads so far.   No idea where to go from here (goal is Consumer/Retail IBD). I have previous internship experience, but not enough to go back for a top 20 MBA.   Any advice/tips? Thanks.   Edit: Living at home, no major expenses, getting on calls/coffee meetings everyday, etc.
Anyone check out the Farley Work Jacket? Thoughts?  
 I believe it's both Jenna Lyons and Frank Muytjens. They're doing a great job.
 Looks like it may be this fabric (via the Nepenthes Hakata JP site): 
Great pics, Lorcan.   Source: http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/fashion/201402/tommy-ton-new-york-street-style
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