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^ That's a great fit in general, Willy.   Info on sweater?
 You mean this one? -- It was okay. Just felt like a regular Uniqlo light cotton sweater with a cool pattern. Note that the NYC 5th Ave store only had the white colorway in stock.  I wear a Medium in the Uniqlo U stuff and took a Medium in the Milano sweater. A bit oversized in the shoulders, but nothing too crazy.
Quote:They're the short-sleeve version of the long-sleeve sweaters. So material is thick and warm.
 The Milano crewnecks I'm referring to are these -- They're really thick and sturdy. I tried it on and wondered why this was a Spring/Summer piece as it felt more like a Fall/Winter piece. Either way, it feels very smooth on the interior, but rugged and warm outside. To give you a better gauge, they're thicker than the F/W...
Just checked out the stuff at the NYC store   Standouts - Denim shirts -- relatively thick fabric with hidden button down collars - Milano ribbed crewneck sweaters -- nice and thick -- the khaki colorway is awesome - Broadcloth printed short-sleeve shirt -- sturdy cotton and cool print
^ Indeed they are gorgeous --      
^ So many textures. So many variations of gray.   I love it.
The $5.90 dry tees are my go-to. No static, in my experience. They shrink a bit after wash/dry, but all good.
Can anyone post personal measurements of their Gustin Slim Large shirts? Shoulders/chest/body length?   Every eBay/SF listing shows measurements that run smaller than Gustin's fit guide.   I'm 18" shoulder-to-shoulder + 22" pit-to-pit. Thanks.
^ @Churchill W is consistently one of the best posters in this thread.   The measurements are much appreciated.
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