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 Uniqlo collab outerwear is fine, with the best outerwear being the +J stuff years ago. Mainline outerwear is ehh. For example, the Chesterfields this season are way too long.
- Sleeve cuffs on the field jacket are terrible. No way to tailor/shorten that except from the shoulder (expensive). - Where are the side pockets? - Why are the shoulder measurements so small? A medium has a 16.5", which is basically XS in most brands
Can someone post a pic of the polos for the SF fam?   Thanks
Pics from survey email that was sent -- I really like the waxed canvas Long Haul jackets + Corded Indigo shirt                      
As long as it has side entry pockets
How about an NYC meet-up?
Looks like Uniqlo (JP site) is getting into the silk tie + blanket/shawl game:      
Fingers crossed, yes.
^ Looks so damn good.   That cardigan + olive chinos + Birks =  RRL meets EG
I'm anxiously waiting for it to hit the US. I've noticed a few items that sold in UK/China and didn't ever hit the US site.
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