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Awesome thread. Here's what I have to sell/trade:   FW10 Black Wool Bedford (XS) (condition 8.5/10) - Awesomely warm Bedford from FW10, my most favorite EG season.   FW12 Indigo Denim Workshirt (XS) (condition 9.5/10) - My second favorite EG season. Awesome red bar tacks and red twill tape placket. Signature EG red bottom button.   Accessories FW11 Floral Pocket Square (condition 10/10) - Bought this cool pocket square when it first released. It needs someone to...
Yes to the cozy pants in the last look and embroidery fabric. Similar to FW11:  
Probably already been posted, but a great write-up on EG:   http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2015/01/18/engineered-garments-club-formed-cloth/
 They just released them. Hold out for a few months.
 M-41 jacket from FW14.
Needles SS15 - Smoking Coat    
^ Perfect, imo. Metallic poplin Chesterfield?
The forum link is https://www.weargustin.com/community/forum, correct? I don't see it anywhere when I log in.
Did they kill off the Community/Gustin forum on the site?
That's your best fit so far, agvs. Simple and clean.
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