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Just a heads up: my longsleeve U crewnecks shrank a bit in the wash/dry.
Anyone else having trouble ordering online?   I ordered and shipped-to-store NYC and got charged sales tax for a $80 purchase. The order initially had no sales tax (as NYC charges no tax <$100). I just checked my order status online and saw that they added the tax after.
That fake suede bomber is tempting.
 The fake suede fabric is decent?
Double cloth is a more interesting fabric and feels awesome. I imagine it'll wear in and look even better. Honestly have never seen or felt that fabric until EG did it.
@Phrost -- have to disagree on the Down shirt jacket. While the fit/interior details are cool, the exterior nylon fabric reminds me of the mainline men's bomber.   However, I'd have to agree on the Blocktech parka. It fits a bit big (most likely to accommodate layering), but the details/colors are nice except for the annoyingly small hand pockets. I'd be interested to see how sturdy the velcro is as well -- 2 of the velcro pads on the placket had already lost their...
 The cotton sweaters are nice and thick. We're talking about the scratchy/itchy wool sweatshirts for $50.
I continue to regret not copping the Red Suede Derby (size 8.5) when they hit sale.    
 Agreed, tried it on again and it's very oversized. Makes me look like a huge balloon. Probably gonna return it unless someone else here wants it. Size Medium / burgundy colorway.
 T-shirts are pretty decent. Not super thick, but a very good get at $15, imo.
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