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I didn't know I wanted this until I saw it.
FW2016 flannels were mostly classic, inoffensive, and slightly uninteresting colorways. Those awesome frankenstein patchwork flannels were from FW2015.
Wait, they're releasing flannels already for FW2017? The FW2016 flannels fit the same for me as FW2015/4, etc.
^ Looks like Adam Levine on The Voice.
Yes, which is why I threw away my Uniqlo black chinos. It collected dust/lint like crazy the first time I wore them. The navy and other colors are better -- the dust showed up very clearly on the black chinos.
Looks too tight, imo.   No layering possibilities unless you drop weight.
TF jacket definitely runs small, considering the thick lining.   Size up +1.
^ I was already on that wave in 5th grade gym class.
^ That's a great fit in general, Willy.   Info on sweater?
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