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Happy halloween dudes   (calf MDR)
I really just want a ToJ shearling and ToJ denim. That's not much to ask for, right?
Sizing up one works for most people. I'm normally a large, and my newer SNS herning pieces are XLs which fit comfortably slim
Why do that when you can tuck them both into your breasts
Sorry-what? I don't tuck them, they just kinda hang there. Honestly, I rarely use the pockets anyway and I think the zip pulls look great.
Probably still ball+staff. That's what my MDR has, anyway.
Do yourselves a favor and zoom in on the pants, texture is incredible. Boots look great aswell
I really like that, agvs
Happens to me almost every time I visit the site on my phone. I do use the mobile version, though.
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