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got banned iirc
also had a pair of the black/grey GATs. never really looked good with anything
i took mine off only to put them back a couple weeks later. looks like this 
where'd you get GATs at that price? sold both of my pairs last year and have regretted it since
kinda awkward angle so hard to judge fit honestly
short and tight.
kinda miss wearing my raw denim but don't miss 9" rises
Pretty damn good. At this point they're the only t shirts that I wear. Their sweatshirts are great too. Haven't tried anything else but I've heard nothing but good things
Grana ts are the best IMO   http://www.grana.com/r/3577 ref link just in case anyone wants to save 10% and contribute towards my next purchase
Hm, worked really well on my jacket but still good to know
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