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January 8th I believe
Portlandia- "Fashion"
@sinnedk That enfinleve MA-1 is pretty cool
We don't do "ties", guy
Another option is American Crew fiber, which I've used in the past. Never blow-dried or anything though
Maybe pomade? American Crew makes good stuff. I think last time we had this discussion @artishard116 said he used it
I had a grey/olive(ish) pair of Elfs that I sold, and I kind of regret it. Awesome boots
I...I am hurt. How many of these "halves" are there, Stitchy?!
This one's great. With that said, I think the long coat challenge was probably the best so far
Awesome stuff, dudes. Likely won't get anything in by the deadline but here's some old stuff from me that fits the challenge: [[SPOILER]]
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