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 I own both (4 MMM boots, 1 Buttero) and the one pair of butteros I have are better quality. Shape is pretty similar, but as far as materials go-the buttero are much more impressive(better leather, soles aren't glued on). The only MMMs I have that come close to the quality are an older pair of sand/tan sidezips
I understand your side, but I think deleting it would be pretty rough for the people who haven't gotten them yet
This is awesome, I wish you guys the best
@Ragechester   This has come up before, I believe that's his sister
Great post, KOY
Def fug
"******* has offered you *70% of asking price* for-"
"Stitchy after the fit-pic"
I really like that
That's awesome, man. Mine does the same, I think she wears my Barena shawl more than I do
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