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It's nordstroms so I'd just order it and see if it works for you/if it's worth the $1k. Like NWI said that Schott x UO is a good alternative
one of the best lunar models there is
I play soccer and I wear a size up in my hypervenoms. They are extremely tight
Thanks man. I just need the white ultra boosts in an 11, which are impossible to find apparently
Grabbed a pair of black alphaboosts. Didn't love the print but it's grown on me.   Really comfortable, and I love the way they look   Anyone know where I can get a pair of ultra boosts for <$180?
I just sold my 5 Zip and TOJ MDR... now I only have a CWU45. Feels good
Any pics of the Falcon CWU besides the ones on the site?
I really wish it fit better because it's an incredible jacket. The leather is amazing
Speaking of 5 zips, I'm selling mine
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