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Haven't worn any of mine, so I might sell. With that said, I recently tried selling a pair of the OG orange/blue ones at retail and didn't get a single bite
@Cotton Dockers, whatever that "Vintage" jacket is, I want one
Agree with this. I love the way it looks with a shawl under it
Nah. That chunky zipper is what's up
Awesome stuff from everyone. @spacepope @Parker I'm on a trip right now and you guys are really making me wish I brought a leather
They will. Mine did quite a bit
"For breakfast we'll do something cool like have a cigarette and like a bar of chocolate" Spotted Ox Hostel
You can also right click and disable it for an hour, until sunrise, etc. The developers have taken care of these things.   With that said, f.lux is great and I'd definitely recommend it
Not sure what type that is exactly, but yeah you should be able to use one or two magnets to pull it apart
New Posts  All Forums: