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@masshi Charlie is probably the best person to answer that.
I'm a buttero fan but the shape of SLP is infinitely better, IMO
Agreed, thought some of the looks were pretty cool.
The petite new standards are awesome, but their inseam is shorter than the other APCs. I've got pretty long legs and mine don't stack at all after a few washes. The inseam is around 31 inches now. (FWIW, I'm 6'2")
this is really cool. @Francks A+
Move back to the US. In most places, all you can see for miles are UGGs and North Face
Definitely looking forward to seeing the Luxire leathers
I'm all for big pants but those don't have a very nice drape
Sized down 1 for mine
I love slouchy bombers, but that looks way too big on you
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