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wear em with shorts
I've wanted a pair of Atmos AM1s forever.. fingers crossed
thinking about getting one of those, just wish it didn't have epaulets
Have this one and I love it
My 626vn is a large and is pretty tight, but I sized down to a medium in the 519 after initially ordering a large. The chest measurement seemed unusually big and my shoulders didn't fit the jacket quite right.. very happy with it. Honestly the 519 is the only jacket I reach for now because it just works so well for me, it's one of those pieces of clothing where you just know it will be in your wardrobe for years
Funny, those are the two DRs I have now as well. It feels kind of silly to own both, but the 626vn is just a bit more rocker where the 519 cut suits me better for general wear
Burberry and Schott both look great. Always really liked the styling of those Burberry jackets. Had a Toj calf MDR for years that never really seemed to break in. I've been through a lot of DRs, and the only one I've ever really been content with is my Schott 519 Ended up grabbing one of the lucky brand x Schott jackets. Likely going back only because I can't see myself wearing it over my 519. If anyone's interested, its a large
Awesome, looking forward to receiving it!
very cool. Schott?
FWIW I wear a 43 in both buttero and CP. You should be fine with the 42
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