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She loves my TOJ MDR, so something close to that. She doesn't like belts/lapels on DRs.As for price point, right now I'm just trying to see all of my options, so give me whatever you've got
Speaking of CP: The soles of my officer boots are falling apart. Any recs for send in repair?
Really like that Bene (sick lapels, bruh)
KoY, I know you want to dye that coat black, but it looks really great now
I own those as well, and I've only gotten comments like that from friends. "Velcro? Are we in kindergarten?" I think that's a direct quote. In any case, they're nice and get more complements than anything
I've always been a fan of Raf velcros, especially the all black cw
Margielas for my lady Linen Barena blazer for myself
Basically everything @thatoneguy has ever posted in WDYWT
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