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I really like that, NN. Those guidis are awesome
From what I can see, that ~Fabio Quaranta~ looks nice
L.B.M. 1911 Navy Basketweave  [[SPOILER]] Hoping to get a double breasted Barena coat in the near future as this is really the only long coat I have. Love it though, nothing beats walking around in a long coat
There could definitely be more options, no doubt. With that said, selection is great if you're boring like myself and only wear white/grey/blue
My go to for OCBDs is solely Uniqlo  Granted, I've had the same oxfords for years and they've kept me content. Quality is superb for the price
Thanks Parker, I appreciate it. That HL coat is beautiful That's Mccooks point park in CT
x-post from challenge thread       L.B.M. 1911 SNS APC MMM
    [[SPOILER]]    L.B.M. 1911SNSAPCMMM
Stitches, I love that coat
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