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looks great imo
It is, but also a really damn good jacket in it's own respect
6 weeks here. should be worth the wait
Awesome, Regis Schott/Granax2/MMM
not mad about it
wear em with shorts
I've wanted a pair of Atmos AM1s forever.. fingers crossed
thinking about getting one of those, just wish it didn't have epaulets
Have this one and I love it
My 626vn is a large and is pretty tight, but I sized down to a medium in the 519 after initially ordering a large. The chest measurement seemed unusually big and my shoulders didn't fit the jacket quite right.. very happy with it. Honestly the 519 is the only jacket I reach for now because it just works so well for me, it's one of those pieces of clothing where you just know it will be in your wardrobe for years
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