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"******* has offered you *70% of asking price* for-"
"Stitchy after the fit-pic"
I really like that
That's awesome, man. Mine does the same, I think she wears my Barena shawl more than I do
I've been eying these, let me know what you think
Instead of Roshes, check out Adidas Boosts. I bought a pair last summer, and I think they're more comfortable as well as better looking. They also seem to hold up much better, and I believe they're cheaper
This reminds me, I really want a pair of olive jeans. Any recs?
One of my favorite shirts is an olive AA loose summer crew. It's been through a lot of washes and hasn't gotten any holes or anything. I own 3 others which haven't gone through as many washes(definitely more than 5 though) and they're still in great condition
+cool over-sized coat @Synthese bit late responding to your last post, but I agree. "Dope S.O fits thread" would be awesome, but could end in ruins
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