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Aeglus, wasn't that whiskey DR a sample too? fits/looks great
yup. I do the same thing
Happy you're posting again Brad. Welcome back
oh shit
+1 f.lux
That Lautner jacket looked cool until I saw the knit back
Free Motions look cool New KDs are terrible
I've always wanted a pair of the Air Max 1 Atmos. Would definitely try to grab a pair of they were to retro them The camo 90s in 1st are terrible...
I have one thats pretty similar, likewise my tag doesn't have a model or anything. If it's any help, most of the barena jackets with polyamid seem to be a bit more structured. (based off what I've handled) Hope that's some help  
Bought my girlfriend a jacket from Lucky Brand and it's pretty kickass. It was a little over $200 and great for the price  
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