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This reminds me, I really want a pair of olive jeans. Any recs?
One of my favorite shirts is an olive AA loose summer crew. It's been through a lot of washes and hasn't gotten any holes or anything. I own 3 others which haven't gone through as many washes(definitely more than 5 though) and they're still in great condition
+cool over-sized coat @Synthese bit late responding to your last post, but I agree. "Dope S.O fits thread" would be awesome, but could end in ruins
Grana tees are awesome. Picked up large and xl in a few colors awhile back and they've held up great
Those black/red guidi boots are great
@diniro that looks killer. Length is where I'd want mine to hit
Size 44 but will work for a size 40 with 10 insoles and 5 pairs of socks
I mean, I agree with that but I'm not sure if it applies here. I don't think asking, "if you could have just one?" implies that they don't know which one works better with their style. He probably thinks they'd both look good on him.To me, it seems like @gong is just trying to be cost effective
Agreed. With that said, most people would probably get more use out of a 5 zip
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