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I think you're thinking of RFX, man
that forest mix is great on the Stark
KG best damn boot-tuck in the game   *Snowman too
That sounds awesome.
@Synthese--Dude you have to buy the pants now too. Wear with beat MMM boots and take over the CO plains
Haven't worn any of mine, so I might sell. With that said, I recently tried selling a pair of the OG orange/blue ones at retail and didn't get a single bite
@Cotton Dockers, whatever that "Vintage" jacket is, I want one
Agree with this. I love the way it looks with a shawl under it
Nah. That chunky zipper is what's up
Awesome stuff from everyone. @spacepope @Parker I'm on a trip right now and you guys are really making me wish I brought a leather
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