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awesome thank you much appreciated!!
could anyone help me ID these? found at a thrift store.  
looking for a plain toe suede workboot, as close as i can get to visvim virgils but w/o the $600+ pricetag, preferably around 300. Any ideas? Checked redwing and chippewa but the closest models don't have suede options. 
Paid, $30 for the exact style of hat that i've been searching for on every website for the past month and a half seems like a very fair deal.
Regarding the kind-u talk, should I expect duties if buying something? or do they declare below the actual sale price. been through probably a thousand pages of that store and there's so much cool stuff for relatively cheap, just don't want to end up spending way more than what I expect. 
i realize i am but a lowly lurker but Elisix, those glasses do so much for your overall look, the sunglasses always kinda ruined your fits for me, everything looks more natural with those frames.   anyone bought this/can comment on sizing? someone a few pages back said a full size up? I'm a 41 in chest / medium in most brands. 
didn't even notice the lack of feedback, bottom sizing template looked like one of those 'stores' so I assumed, definitely too good to be true, I feel stupid :(
I'm an idiot
Nah they get obnoxiously wrinkled if not ironed, I hardly wear any of the poplin shirts anymore out of sheer laziness.
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