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These are nice!
Nice collection, I'm especially fond of the 9 cm offering. One question, Ancient Madder is considered more of a winter fabric, would you say that's also the case with the twill schappe?
They look fine. +1
These are fresh! Nice pick-up.
That's nice! Too bad I missed out on my size.
Apologies. Done!
   Thank you for all the replies, I definitely think that it's a defect on their end. He was told to bring them to the store so that they can inspect them in person. I'll post an update when he does.
A friend of mine who's not on SF bought a suit from Suitsupply in Soho about 6 months ago and another one 3 months ago. He wears them about 3-4 times a month max and ran into the same issue with both trousers in the crotch area (see pictures). He contacted Suitsupply and was told that this is this happens with good quality wool and it's not uncommon. Has any of you experienced anything similar with your SS trousers in such a short amount of time?   [[SPOILER]]    ...
Ok, thanks for responding.
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