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@Leaves, what's the difference between Guimaraes and Coimbra? I own a pair in Coimbra and they both look very similar on my screen.
I'm actually selling mines. The Green and the Rust with the small scale motif. PM if interested.
 Great input, thanks a lot, guys. 
 Thanks, guys! I've used Navy wax on Black shoes before but never even seen Purple polish/wax. Interesting.
I got my first pair of Vass in Oxblood incoming. What color polish do you guys use?
Thank you!
What color Saphir Polish and Wax would you recommend for Coimbra? Thanks in advance!
Thanks! Yes, Drake definitely does but I can't do 8 cm and I don't want to go bespoke. I may stop by their store in NYC to check them out in person.
That's close, thanks for checking. I'll keep looking for now since it's not an emergency but I'll probably settle for that one if I keep coming up empty.
Yeah, I've been stalking the Cappelli site for updates and I checked Sam Hober out yesterday and no luck.
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