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That's good news, thanks!
Is this replacing the Black one that I no longer see on your site? That would be disappointing? 
  Thanks for the thumbs and compliments. I also hear where you're coming from about the socks being a little too much. And @Murlsquirl , if I had a dollar for every time I hear that I look like Forest Whitaker although I don't see it myself but oh well.
What's up, fellas? It's been a while, just wanted to do my part.        
Ok, sounds good!
Oh ok. Thanks for the update.
Any idea how long it takes to receive shoe trees in the US? I ordered them 10 days ago and still haven't gotten them.
I'm about a week behind so I'm not sure if anyone answered this but I think Bonafe (at least the 946 last) has a slightly higher instep than Carmina Rain. Not a perfect comparison pic but you can see that the V is slightly wider in the Carmina on the right than the Bonafe. I hope that helps. They're both 7 UK btw.
Ok, thanks! Good to know.
Which one of the patina colors more resemble Oxblood?
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