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Thanks! Good to know, because I recently bought a couple of their pure cotton ones to try out. 
Any of you have experience with SuitSupply OTC socks? Do they stay up?
Thank you, they work really well for my EB's too but I had to size down 1. 
Anyone used the new J. Fitzpatrick shoe trees with their Carmina Rain? If so did you use the same size?
These are gorgeous!
Will the new Chesnut Classic Oxford from CS be part of the regular lineup going forward? It's my favorite one from them so far.
I'm surprised considering you fit Vass' K last just fine. That gives me confidence that the K last won't be too tight for me since the 946 fits me perfectly.
That would be yes.
Carmina actually considers EE to be normal width. The following was posted by @Leaves from Skaoktiebolaget last year: Carmina widths:D Very narrowE NarrowEE NormalEEE WideLasts available in different widths:Forest E , EE , EEEDetroit E,EE,EEERain D , EE, EEE
Does Meermin still offer MTO's for let say 6 people? Or is it just the Group MTO's from their website?
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