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Those extra lines are unnecessary and also take away from the minimalistic look of a cap-toe Oxford. I'm also not a big fan of the 6 eyelets and the 360 welt. You can do better with shoes costing about half the price TBH. 
It sounds like you already know the answer. Navy!
I took 7 UK, same as Carmina Rain and EB 946. I've only worn them once so far but they're the tightest out of the other 2 brands at the same stage. They weren't easy to put on and even harder to take off but comfortable when they're on.
You weren't asking me but personally, I don't like whole cuts at all plus they crease a lot more than cap toes do. And yes, wholecuts are considered slightly more formal due to their plain design. Here's a picture of my Elton Black Cap Toe Oxford on their maiden voyage.
@Markboots Thanks!
That link doesn't work for me, Harry.
In my case, there's a slightly wider "V" gap on the Rain than the 946. But everyone's feet is different so YMMV. 
Ok, thanks! Maybe I'll try both.
Do you go with the slim or super slim? I'm thinking about trying the slim but I'm not sure on the fit.
Thanks, I changed the country to Sweden and I'm in.
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