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Looks good! I can't wait for mine.
Nothing wrong with bracelets, I just never liked them. Plus changing your straps to match your shoes is something that I'm looking forward to. 
I'll post some pictures once I receive it next week. Hopefully, they'll push you over the edge. LOL
Hey, guys! I've been wanting a good dress watch for a while but I wanted to do some research first before indulging. The Tissot Visodate was on my wish list for the longest but I think it's a little too big. I was also leaning towards a Vintage watch like the Seiko Marvel but I feel like maybe I should start slow and start with something less risky since I'm a novice.   With that said, I just placed an order for a Seiko SARB035 and I'm very excited and can't wait. I also...
Damn, that's brutal. Hopefully, I don't suffer the same fate. I'll keep y'all posted in this thread.
I know that Winter is practically over but I got a medium Grey flannel in the BB level. It's a VBC fabric. It's my first KW suit, hopefully, the first of many.
I got one of those wide lapel/soft shoulder coming too. My appointment with Aaron was 6 weeks ago today. I'm (not) patiently waiting.
Got you, thanks!
A lot of win here. What's the ETA?
This looks a lot better than the short. Also be careful about how tight the mid-section is, that's hardly ever a good thing.
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