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The Lazio also has a lower buttoning point which is a lot more flattering IMO.
I've been meaning to ask this myself. Foo's blog is no longer available unfortunately. 
Nice shoes!
Earlier I went with the Green and the diagonal Rust. Now let the waiting game begin, I can't wait.
Ok thanks, I agree. I know wool ties are for Fall/Winter, I wasn't sure if it was the same for PS.
Are 70/30 (wool/silk) pocket squares better suited for Fall/Winter or only the colors matter?
The jacket is awesome. I would've gone with a more contrasting PS as it's almost invisible in the top picture.
Your fits are excellent. My only concern is your shirts sleeves are either too short or the cuffs aren't wide enough. 
This is hard on the eyes.
Does the Havana have a higher button stance similar to the Napoli?
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