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Got you, thanks!
A lot of win here. What's the ETA?
This looks a lot better than the short. Also be careful about how tight the mid-section is, that's hardly ever a good thing.
It's kinda hard to tell due to a lack of lighting but it seems to be too small for you. But one thing that I can with 100% certainty is that it's definitely too short. How tall are you? Why did you go with a short size?
Nice AB, it's funny to me how Vass has at least 3 different styles of them. Here are a couple pictures of mine in Oxblood, also on the F but a slightly different make-up.  
From what I unI might be wrong but I thought there weren't any import duties fee on merchandise under $800?
Yes I love the Blue, ever since I first laid eyes on the fabric on your Instagram. The original Green that I wanted had a very similar pattern but I think that this one will grow on me eventually.
Thank you, bro! I guess I had my mind set on the other one.
Merry Christmas! Santa blessed me this year with two 3-fold wool challis and a 7-fold silk tie. The Green that I originally wanted was sold out so Patrizio recommended this one.   I'm not sure how I feel about it, so if anyone is interested, I'm willing to part ways with it.  
Yeah I have a pair on the 946 and I love it! I was hoping for more of a rounded toe like the 804 or the 74945.
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