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Around your belly button is considered your natural waist if I'm not mistaken. I do aim for all my pants to fit me like that but I can see why someone wouldn't feel comfortable in them. It took some getting used to for sure but I wear suspenders and they would look stupid with low rised trousers.
I don't disagree with your premise but you're still not answering the OP's question but oh well. Carry on!
That wasn't the OP's question. But just to be clear, you're saying that buying a suit at full price then selling it at a 50% return is a better idea than waiting to reach your ideal weight before purchasing the right size is a better idea? 
Congrats on the weight loss,30 to 40 lbs is a lot of weight and can change your body significantly. If I were you, I would wait once I lose all the weight or maybe once I'm within 5-10 lbs of my goal before doing any clothes shopping, especially suits. That sounds like it could be a big waste of money and a recipe for disaster. 
Much appreciated!
Sure. It's actually my least expensive suit at a whopping $399, it's a Napoli from Suitsupply. And if anyone is wondering, the shirt is from Kamakura, black grenadine tie from Chipp Neckwear and the shoes are Meermin MTO.
I'm humbled by all the thumbs, thank you!  Thank you! No promises but I'll try to smile more next time 
Thank you! 
I've been lurking for a hot minute but this is my first fit post. Cheers!        
The suit looks nice, I will definitely try out their MTM service. But I'm not sure if I agree that the button placement should be higher on a SC compared to a suit jacket. I think a lower button stance is almost always a better look.
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