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Yeah thanks, that's what I'm thinking too. 
 I think I'm gonna try 41 and go from there. Thanks!
  Thanks a lot, guys! Very helpful.
Thanks! I'm also a 7 UK in Meermin Olfe and Ben lasts.
Fellas, I'm a 7 UK in Carmina Rain, what size should I take in Vass U and K? I'm thinking 41 but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance!
If videos count, this is my entry to the contest. Cheers!    
In all due respect, I think that's 2 different arguments although I do see your point. For example, someone can lack athletic and or physical ability to play a certain sport but it doesn't mean that they can't learn the game and become a great head coach or GM. But with dressing up, to me it's different. Anyone can put some nice clothes on and show us how it's really done. Don't lecture me about what's right or wrong sartorially and I've never seen you in a suit. My 2...
It's funny how some come on here just to critique other people's fits but never post any of their own. Just my 2 cents, of course. Cheers!
This is fire!
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