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Where do people stand on (exclusive) e-readers? I had/have a Kindle 1st Gen, debating picking up one of the newer Paperwhites or maybe even the Voyage. My biggest issue with them was that I liked being able to lend my books out to friends... not that many of my friends read much, but it's nice to have that option.
Everything about this is amazing.
I wonder how much some of that has to do with how novels were always serialized back in that time.
^ understood like none of those words can't you UKers speak English?    Went to deadlift today and could barely do my second warmup so I just quit. Anyone ever have that happen? Something I should worry about?
How do you all plan meals out? It seems like something I ought to do but I always end up just picking out stuff that sounds good from the grocery store. Then when mealtime rolls around I just cook whatever.
Running a 5k on Saturday, then back to lifting... been so busy the past week though that I haven't been running. This should be interesting.   Honestly though, I hadn't ran (ever) until this summer so I'll be happy as long as I just beat my family (we're all doing it together). 
Good music! Thanks for sharing. 
Got 1Q84 for my birthday. Brought that and a 100 story collection of Bradbury stories to college. So happy about both! 
He won a $25 Amazon gift card. Thank god I found the Mongoliad for $2 a book, otherwise probably would have spent at least that much trying to win 
It's awful going back to single screens after a double monitor setup.
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