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Definitely agree with The Windup Girl reccs, though I'd also stray from "cyberpunk" though I definitely can see how you'd get the vibe.   Ordered The Wise Man's Fear (already read it but now I've got a copy myself), The Slow Regard of Silent Things, and The Martian. Also ordered The Supermodern Wardrobe but that's more a coffee-table-casually-flipping-through book than a reading book.
I didn't think they did, but I don't usually fail on my second warmup so I'm assuming that's the cause. Originally was just following the order GSLP had them in.
I've failed 3 deadlifts lately due to my lower back not able to stand up straight. Is it possible my rows are exhausting it to the point that it can't handle the deadlifts? Should I just swap the order, or is it probably something way more serious than that?
I'm going into software dev after graduation.
Where do people stand on (exclusive) e-readers? I had/have a Kindle 1st Gen, debating picking up one of the newer Paperwhites or maybe even the Voyage. My biggest issue with them was that I liked being able to lend my books out to friends... not that many of my friends read much, but it's nice to have that option.
Everything about this is amazing.
I wonder how much some of that has to do with how novels were always serialized back in that time.
^ understood like none of those words can't you UKers speak English?    Went to deadlift today and could barely do my second warmup so I just quit. Anyone ever have that happen? Something I should worry about?
How do you all plan meals out? It seems like something I ought to do but I always end up just picking out stuff that sounds good from the grocery store. Then when mealtime rolls around I just cook whatever.
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