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Recipes / tips?
Supreme / Story MFG / Patagonia / Uniqlo / Uniqlo / Adidas / Acronym
Magistas look like the kind of shoe that's gonna be desired in like 10 years as throwback ugly sneaks
Holy fuck. http://hypebeast.com/2015/12/nikelab-stone-island-windrunner   More colors than what's below.  
Maybe I've been gone for too long--is Synth showing his face now? Seems like a completely re-vamped facial style. Looks ace.
I don't know how long you're in Chicago until, but if you're able to make it out to Logan Square there's a pretty cool shop called Mevyn.
   Y'all are missing a very important option 
not mine :( ended up selling mine off since they were digging into my ankle bone
sorry the self-lacing shoes of the future don't meet your expectations
@luxire would you guys be open to doing a shirt with a zip instead of buttons?
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