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Props on the binary actually being "Watson"
Wish I had started lifting way sooner than I did. 
Dude probably owns Apple products too.
No offense man but do you really need to reply to everyone disagreeing with you? This is about books so if you want to discuss books that's fine but come on.
If I'm losing strength on a cut it's probably because I'm not getting the right nutrients? Or is it because I'm trying to do the same volume as when I was bulking?
Le Guin is my jam. So far just read The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed, but both were fantastic in their own right. Can't believe I waited this long to start reading her books. Her short stories are pretty incredible too.
http://ruthkazez.com/swimming/ZeroTo1mile.html or do you mean how to swim?
Worse, or cooler?  Glass is cooler but also way nerdier and more likely to cause social issues. Moto 360 (assuming that's the one you're talking about) is pretty unassuming with the obvious exception of the digital screen. 
Guy at the rack I was waiting for squatted 5 plates. Jelly as fuck.
New Posts  All Forums: