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Met up with some cool people today and walked around Chicago. [[SPOILER]]
Couldn't find the shorts...
Finally finished reading Collected Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges. This book contained every fiction published in a book by Borges, from A Universal History of Iniquity to Shakespeare's Memory. I have to say, I loved it. While some of the stories were a bit mediocre, most were good, and there were several that blew me away. If I had to choose favorites, I'd choose "Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote", "The Library of Babel", "The Garden of Forking Paths", "Death and the...
Couple of recent grabs:   EG popover - M (really hope this fits) EG x Vans in 9.5
So my work just started a reading competition where whoever reads the most (self-proclaimed) pages this month wins an Amazon gift card. I don't think they realize the monster they've unleashed...
I don't think it's bad to not drink but just say "I don't drink." and leave it at that, don't go on a 5 minute rant about ruining da gains or something. Or drink anyways, assuming you've got the self control not to keep drinking.
White Sox? 
Looking for some good food ideas (besides a lot of these), I don't have a slow cooker (is it worth resolving the issue for ~2ish months w/o one?), and I'm aiming to make enough for at least 2-3 lunch/dinners.
This was for my first day of work a bit ago  Couple of older pics: [[SPOILER]]
There's a thing in my city where you can rent a bike out as long as you bring it back to another station (they're all over though) within 30 minutes. And my work sells the annual pass for like $30. Worth it for 3 months? I'm thinking it is.   So any bike tips?
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