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I don't know how long you're in Chicago until, but if you're able to make it out to Logan Square there's a pretty cool shop called Mevyn.
   Y'all are missing a very important option 
not mine :( ended up selling mine off since they were digging into my ankle bone
sorry the self-lacing shoes of the future don't meet your expectations
@luxire would you guys be open to doing a shirt with a zip instead of buttons?
  Party at Independence, they're doing a popup right now for Wilson and Willy's through the weekend. Colors a little wonky; pants are roughly the same shade as those Orslow fatigues a few posts up.
Haven't posted in forever, here's something from recently.
Really not a huge fan of how the Expanse went from "Oh shit alien virus" into the Expanse itself. Given the name it was likely already planned out, but I feel myself less interested with each book. Just finished Cibola Burn and really not feeling a pressing need to read the next one. Onto The Water Knife now, hope it holds up well next to The Windup Girl. On the literary side I read Go Set A Watchman... there was a whole lot of drama when it first came out due to Atticus's...
Just started lifting again this past month after ~2 months off due to a Europe vacation and moving to Chicago. New roommate works out a ton and eats like a monster, so I've got high hopes for the winter. 
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