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I wonder how much some of that has to do with how novels were always serialized back in that time.
^ understood like none of those words can't you UKers speak English?    Went to deadlift today and could barely do my second warmup so I just quit. Anyone ever have that happen? Something I should worry about?
How do you all plan meals out? It seems like something I ought to do but I always end up just picking out stuff that sounds good from the grocery store. Then when mealtime rolls around I just cook whatever.
Running a 5k on Saturday, then back to lifting... been so busy the past week though that I haven't been running. This should be interesting.   Honestly though, I hadn't ran (ever) until this summer so I'll be happy as long as I just beat my family (we're all doing it together). 
Good music! Thanks for sharing. 
Got 1Q84 for my birthday. Brought that and a 100 story collection of Bradbury stories to college. So happy about both! 
He won a $25 Amazon gift card. Thank god I found the Mongoliad for $2 a book, otherwise probably would have spent at least that much trying to win 
It's awful going back to single screens after a double monitor setup.
Been busy last week with Lolla and then moving this past weekend (spending a week out in the Chicago suburbs with family and commuting in for my internship, which means no gym). Planning on running daily this week just so I've got something to do.    On the bright side I've almost cut down to 180 lbs, debating if I should try for 175 or just start bulking again once classes start up in two weeks.
Awful? Sorry to hear you disliked it, it's one of my favorites (picked it up at a book sale on a whim, and it ended up being really freaking good).   Currently kinda between books at the moment, marathoned The Mongoliad (the first 3 anyways) for a book reading competition at work that I still ended up losing (dude read 11 full length novels in July, wtf). It was okay, not fantastic or anything, but I enjoyed it far more for the setting and fight scenes more than the...
New Posts  All Forums: