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Cause they're AW2016 and sold out - already went through that phase. Hell, even had someone search for me at their sample sale in London - no luck.
Oh, you're good then. Someone copped the 32s out from under me - placed the order and everything and then they finally emailed me like a month later to notify me they weren't in stock. 
Were those sz 32s from LN-CC?
Is Humans any good? Haven't heard anything about it at all besides a couple of recent trailers for season 2 (3?).  
eg / story / w+h / nike
A very nice friend said I resembled a Miyazaki characterSnow Peak / Maharishi / Nike / Acronym  [[SPOILER]]
this dude looks horrible tbh
ugh 0/3 on SFAF1s
    fun stuff - dana lee, 350ppm, maharishi, and nikes
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