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I've got to second the opinion that Russel's Reserve 6 is good - straight with a splash of absinthe (instead of Peychaud's bitters) is most excellant.
So glad to see some Mortlach drinkers on here, I've never met anybody in person (at least in the States) who knew what it was. I picked up two bottles on my last trip to Scotland at the recommendation of a waiter at the Ubiquitous Chip, couldn't be happier. Another good Speyside distillery is Ben Romach...but I prefer the living waters of Islay myself. I did take a tour of the Highlands Park Distillery, which was fantastic, although I haven't sprung for a bottle of their...
Hi - I'm archovist, used style forum before to do some sartorial research, finally joining so I can show off my White's Boots when I get them, and thank the folks whose past experiences helped shape my choice! I'm mostly a car guy, though...  
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