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Could definitely use that camo vest in a xl or xxl
Can someone give me the style number of those rigid olive herringbone pants please
He is I and I is him
I didn't want to be the one that says it will be playing catch up on seasons past for the first couple of monthsAlso whose listing is this
In store December 16 , online I'm guessing this week since all they have is icon items up
I only posted the top page of Empire State those others are from icon spring 14 . I'll post more catalog pics on here or nt later on as long as no one gets in trouble . Also the Empire State line is weak IMO
Nice mad I slept on the xl one now
Anyone know if they are doing a gambler this season ( not a fur lined one like last year but a thin jacket like seasons prior ) ?
I had them since last July so I can't call it.
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