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Everybody asking for the PDF it's coming all I ask is don't publish it on the web because I would like to still receive them . No leaks please
Here's the description of the jacket
It has hair !!!!
If u missed out on the Indian head varsity 2 years ago it's coming back out this time with leather sleeves Definitely gonna try to get that motorcycle jacket Btw got a new catalog in
Where is this on the site ?
I have noticed that.
If I didn't get the employee discount I probably would of moved on to mister freedom
To me they do.
It'll be at least a week till I get home and take flicks . so far I got the Galveston,brown bucklebacks, olive officer chinos, two tone knit and soon Sacramento wash and limited robuck jean. Waiting on next sale for the jackets and shirts sense I live in hot ass San Antonio and it makes no since for me to get those now. I also posted pics of the catalog I got a few months ago so I know what's coming out and they go in further detail than what's posted on the site under the...
Yep what u interested in ?
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