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Where is this on the site ?
I have noticed that.
If I didn't get the employee discount I probably would of moved on to mister freedom
To me they do.
It'll be at least a week till I get home and take flicks . so far I got the Galveston,brown bucklebacks, olive officer chinos, two tone knit and soon Sacramento wash and limited robuck jean. Waiting on next sale for the jackets and shirts sense I live in hot ass San Antonio and it makes no since for me to get those now. I also posted pics of the catalog I got a few months ago so I know what's coming out and they go in further detail than what's posted on the site under the...
Yep what u interested in ?
That's a mighty trench
These are the bags And I hope these are the bowery boots since the new engineer boots are thrash
Yes everything on sale in the store is cheaper than online. For instance everything in the sale section online is already reduced by 25 % in the store . I'll give it to next week to see if online puts the extra 25 on everything as well
Can't really call it on that I would just hold on till Tuesday morn . Unless you work with the same sa and they can hold it till Tuesday .
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