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Being as I live in San Antonio nowadays had to
 thats why i don't want t pull the trigger on the shearling that just dropped. 2800 is a lot for a jacket especially in the summer time and in south texas . i would be so disappointed if when it came to me it would be different from the catalog and online pics
Runs slim , but in satisfied with it
This is getting picked up for certain
So the red piston reversible satin is up on .com really tempted to get it but may wait till it hit sale price . Also the new graphic tees for this collection are pretty nice
Hate to say it but you have to try them on , I have six pair of Bowery and they all fit diffrent . 4 pair from 2012 and 2 pair from last year
Red is on the UK site , navy is us site go under jackets should be there , I placed my order already thru mobile
And a red one smh
Also got the Griggs in , kinda meh in person online pics made it look better . Here it is next to the Mendoza from last year ,
Whelp had too
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