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Really want to get those pants but I need to see what a real picture looks like . The inconsistency throughout the years between catalog photos and actual product has been too much for me .
It depends how you want to wear it , I would say size up or try it on. Before you buy it . Quality is pretty good doesn't seem like it will stretch or anything like that . If your thinking about getting it now as opposed to waiting till on sale let me know . I got the 🔌
Yeah I had the 2012 brown version but I wanted another black Jacket so the price I paid was a littl lower than it was on the site
Cleaned up during the recent sale All this for 2400 shipped lol
Copped the jersey def is gonna be hard to wear it down here in the San Antonio summers
Not to impressed but it'll stay
Got the new globe one coming in this week
The button up is more of a jacket but I'm pleased in these pic ups
Bro I don't see why people didn't do the next day shipping , you saved so much money just pay the 32 dollars lol . I think I spent 6k after all the discounts and best believe the next day / over night shipping was used to make sure I got my order
I don't work for Ralph but I have a friend that does . May the code will get released again for the public like 2 years ago 👀. Also usually when they have and employee sale a customer sale is right behind it
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