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Not to impressed but it'll stay
Got the new globe one coming in this week
The button up is more of a jacket but I'm pleased in these pic ups
Bro I don't see why people didn't do the next day shipping , you saved so much money just pay the 32 dollars lol . I think I spent 6k after all the discounts and best believe the next day / over night shipping was used to make sure I got my order
I don't work for Ralph but I have a friend that does . May the code will get released again for the public like 2 years ago 👀. Also usually when they have and employee sale a customer sale is right behind it
Got a little bored at work and a sale popped up
Hmm wondering if I should use my connect to get this for 35% off or wait till march to see how low it goes like the limited jackets did last year
Welp kinda meh to me in person might hold out and cop the peacoat
to me no , it was pretty loose when i got mine way back in jan 
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