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Is that all ?! I'll order two pairs then.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but you seem to be saying the opposite. Sander asks whether people had slimmer feet in the 1930s, and you give the example of shoe models having ultra-wide sizes available that sold well - meaning people requested wider fits, not slimmer ones. In any case, it seems that human foot shape is unlikely to have evolved over the last 80 years, except possibly due to weight average changes, obesity, or similar. Perhaps it's just a fashion thing?
I do agree entirely with rbny. I think you should contact Herring, or just send them back with a covering letter. Maybe contacting them by email first to tell the shop you will be sending a defectuous pair back and will expect postage to be refunded would help assure that it is. But whatever the path, you should send them back. You paid enough for them.
  These shoes should be sent back to where they were bought, and insist on all charges for posting to be covered. It seems that the sole stitch is loose at this point. Quite unsatisfactory.
This is a big issue requiring a lot of thought. It's about personal moral ethical approaches to your personal way of living. It's true that natural deaths are often violent. "No animal dies well in nature " ---- some undoubtedly do, but this is off the point. Does the fact that natural deaths are often violent mean humans should inflict unnecessary cruelty on the animals they use ? "Suddenly, a bolt gun destroying the brain doesn't seem so bad." This is not a bad end,...
It's not a choice between fighting human suffering and fighting the suffering humans inflict on other animals. There is a need to stop the unecessary harm and pain that we humans deal out to other animal species, and most people who care about human suffering have room in their heads to care about other animals too. There's no need to suggest that efforts on humanist issues detract from concerns about animal welfare, or the environment for that matter, and there is much...
Thank you. Nobody could have said it better.Although in a quote last year you did say (relating to a G&G GY shoe) "Just because a shoe is GY doesn't mean that it is not good quality in the overall scheme of things. G&G may be GY but they retain so many other aspects that we associate with quality that it's hard to hold the GY against them unless you're a somewhat crusty old snab who sees his beloved Trade being lost. Not with a bang but a whimper." somehow implying that...
old men discussing old units of measurement
Thanks for this advice. So Peter last is narrow ? Well, it's clear I'll have to do some more research.
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