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Thank you both for your opinions about this possibility.
Can anyone give an opinion on whether it would be "reasonable", when returning a pair of RTW GYW shoes for resoling, to ask the maker (in the case that they are able to offer such a service, ie that they have a bespoke service offering hand welting)  to rebuild the sole entirely with hand welting using the original last? What would be the factors that would make this difficult, if any? Would it be possible to ask them to last them on a half-size smaller last (in the case...
Worth a read actually:http://www.keikari.com/english/?s=shoe+gemming
A Gaziano & Girling shoe according to the website.
Cork filling in that condition, and gemming failed, and less than a year old ! Staggering!
Sounds as though you're trying for a free pair of shoes
That's good. And it's also part of the learning curve to understand that, as there's no peer review on such threads, no real way of checking on people's objectivity, no verified hard stats, it's necessary to doubt and question everything you read, from what ever source. It's a big problem with the Internet. Hendrix provides an excellent example of it just above, and you can find lots more in this thread alone.
I'm not sure that I understand this grouping of SF shoe followers. You are saying that the people in the second group tend to buy more pairs and spend more money on each of them - is that right, and people in group one tend to own fewer pairs and pay a lower, medium-range price for them?If that's true, that SF shoe followers tend to fall into these two groups, what do you think that signifies about them ?Also, how do you know this (I don't know who you are or what...
Yes, I assumed we were talking about Blake rapid.
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