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Damn ! Caught napping again ! Been drinking too much whisky this weekend! Mind you, it's only William Lawson's. All I can afford these days.
Love those shoes. What leather would that be?
Parhaps that should have been entered: "......."don't let best be the enemy of the good"."
Yes, I would also like to understand that. But, referring to the preceding discussions, my question about a "one last" was coming from someone who (that's to say, me) is happpy with a certain shoe shape in general at the toe, doesn't use markedly chisel or pointed shaped shoes or boots, probably an almond style, but would like to have a last made that could be used for oxfords/derbies, but maybe also ankle boots and chukkas. Bengal-stripe questioned the boot issue in terms...
Thanks to those who have made the last 3 replies.
A question to anyone who can help to improve my understanding. Is it possible to have a one-pair-for-all pair of lasts made - lasts that will serve to make oxfords/derbies, chucca boots, possibly higher country boots ? Or is it really each style requires a different last ? Thanks for any replies on this.
Thanks Bengal-Stripe for your explanation.
Could someone tell me what is being done in this photo, which was copied from the SATRA website introducing a fact sheet on Goodyear welting. I can't access it further because I am not a member.  
Very very nice. But where have they been the last 70 years ? Not being worn apparently.
The shoes are handsome. They do seem to be slightly deeper, or higher, than most models, but I think it gives them a very special profile, and they look very solid and supportive for the foot. They'd suit a wide choice of trouser, including jeans and probably a kilt.
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