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I do know what I'm talking about."[I]gnorant people have accepted, with no justification or evidence that it is the gold standard" - agree totally.But we're academics here, aren't we, on this "academic" thread? We're not here to attack the "ignorant people", but to examine and discuss the relative merits of various shoe and boot construction methods in an as objective way as possible. And there are a lot of methods out there. Your problem is that you haven't understood...
Patronizing. Look it up.
Why do you think that? You know nothing about me. I walk. A lot. I appreciate well made boots and shoes and solid wood furniture, and craftmanship in all areas. Your talking vindictive crap, unfortunately.
Do you realize who you are talking to? Such patronization!
Well, we do seem to be getting somewhere finally! But what's that at the end ... "for longer than most people want them to be". Not sure I understand that.Glad to see that you have got round to admitting that the GY process has its place. But then again, "can be serviceable" is your not too subtle jibe (UK usage) added to irritate. Why? Oh dear! I was getting enthusiastic too soon. Trolling again!
 No. It is you who trolls. Your enormous contribution to this thread is undermined sadly by your exagerated, unreasonable, ridiculous attacks on the GYW method and the firms and employees that make them. You belittle yourself by it. There is no reason to trash these products in this way, because they deliver in terms of comfort, style, protection, durability and affordability. They deliver in a way cemented (like the ones you make for your wife occasionally), Blake and all...
Thank you. Thank you. At last (no pun intended) your seeing reason.
Thanks a lot for bringing this article to our attention. Really nice comparison. Two very well worn GYWs and one HW taken apart completely and compared. It shows the superior strengths of the HW but also the robustness of the GYW in a very objective way. All three pairs have worn well and provided years of use.
C & J make damn good shoes at affordable prices. Beautifully made, solid and long lasting. A firm making a profit and employing people seems to be anathema to some contributors to this thread.
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