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Hi Charlie and cold war painter, Thanks for the suggetions, very helpful. @Charlie, pm'd you about the samples.
Hi everybody,   Would Burgundy or Australian Nut  go with both of these shoes? Or should I just get two belts?       I can't decide if the burgundy would be to red for the monks or the Australian nut to brown for the loafers.   Opinions?
Hi everybody,   I owe you guys an update on my double monks.   Since my last post I have been in contact with Pepe and he informed me that he had personally inspected my shoes. The shoes were not returned because they were used, as Sandro said, but because he thinks there is nothing wrong with them. My shoes arrived yesterday. I found that the toe caps are not cut in a straight line on both shoes and are probably not supposed to be cut completely straight. The...
The shoes should arrive this coming monday. I'll try to take a few shots with better lighting.
Thanks, I guess I will.   I don't know, I suppose they are very brave People   That's a little extreme. I'm not going to burn down their houses. Maybe their cars, but not their houses
Hi everybody,   My name is Sergej. I'm new to the forum, though I have been reading a lot  of the very informative posts.   I ordered a pair of Meermin longwings last summer. The arrived quickly and I was very pleased with the quality of the shoes. A few weeks later I ordered a pair of double monks. The arrived after a few weeks. Happy to have finally recieved my monks I put them on and  went out to some friends.   During the day I realized that for some...
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