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I went to the Banana Republic outlet store and I bought some mereno wool v-neck sweaters yesterday. I've never worn v-necks before so my question is are they supposed to make you look chubby ? I'm a pretty slim guy but I look kind of fat in those sweaters. 
I can't express how grateful I am for all the helpful replies I've received so far. I found out there's an outlet mall with a brook's brother's and J.crew store in it not too far away from me so I'm gonna go check that out soon. 
thanks for all the replies guys. I decided to check out tumblr and see if I can find my desired look on there. 
Long story short I was stuck in a deep depression for the past 3 years and I dressed like shit. Now I'm feeling better and I'd like to start dressing better. I already have an idea of how I want to dress in my head but I can't find pictures to base it off of and I don't know what stores to go to.    The way I'd like to dress is like a combination of casual,dressy, chic, and preppy. I'm still in college so it can't be too formal. I want to be able to stand out by my...
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