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My Sinatras (TG73) on their maiden voyage. Still have not mastered the art of the Spoo pic; such is life I suppose. Thanks to Nick at Bespoke England for his wonderful service.
Anybody have recommendations for polish color/brand to use on vintage cherry?
My current Hober lineup: 4-fold grenadine grossas in navy, coral, and purple (last two hand rolled, untipped) 7-fold unlined satin in dark brown 6-fold satin in forest green 4 squares (Thai printed, Sangdao Plaid, Macclesfield Printed, and White Belgian Linen) Will soon be adding a grenadine in black, the gold on burgundy pin dots, and a couple of squares. David's craftsmanship is excellent; his recommended lengths have been spot on, the construction is amazing, and for...
Long time reader, first time poster.  And what better place to start than by thanking David for his wonderful ties.  I'm in the process of rolling over my proletarian tie collection into a much better one, and I started that process with a Hober grenadine grossa in coral with hand rolled edges and no tipping.  David walked me through the sizing appropriate to my knot type and then delivered a beautiful tie within the lead time he mentions on his website, which I suppose...
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