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 Haha, that's within walking distance from my gf's parents house! Would've gone if I was in town. If anyone's there, pick up some good jamaican food while you're in the area!
 Sweet, thanks!
Re: thrifting shell - the only times I've ever found shell has been in New York. Out of 3 NYC trips this year, I've found shell twice. Last week:  Other recent stuff:   Never heard of the brand before. Were new when I found them, wore them for a day just to realize they didn't really fit.. oh well.  J Press     Made in USA PRL     Anyone know the maker?  [[SPOILER]]
Hi new thread!   Too lazy for pics, but I just thrifted this jacket in my size.  
 This is awesome! Better pics?
  RAF by Raf Simons, Incotex by Incotex.
 Because of formality/incoherence? Looking at the photos again I guess I can see that. Everything is pretty textured irl (oxford shirt, cotton jacket) but that doesn't really show in the pics.
 That's pretty smart, thanks for the tip! I just wish I were like two inches shorter though.. my wardrobe would've been a 1000 times nicer.
Found the coolest waxed jacket ever today, love the pattern! It breaks my heart that the sleeves are slightly too short for me, but it should be ok if I wear it with gloves..   [[SPOILER]]
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