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Long time no post   Herring shoes by Loake, N/A   Loake N/A     N/A     Amazing travel jacket with a million pockets, N/A       N/A     Slim fit black on black, Mcconaughey-size   Boys XL       Minty condition with perfect print, really wish this fit me.
Reheeled, all rubber.
Anyone able to ID the maker? I'm thinking old Sargent.
IMO it's quite informal, not only due to the color but also the texture and of course the unstructured patch pocket construction. The fabric is pretty thin and it is unlined.I like it a lot and usually wear it with an ocbd and sand colored moleskins or raw denim in a business casual setting.Fabric close up (next to the Havana burgundy soft tweed, which is substantially thicker)
I have it, what do you want to know?
Not going to call this an e-thrift, but I paid quite a lot less than they seem to sell for on that site..  Tag says 100% wool but others I've seen are a blend - any reason for concern? (see here and here)   [[SPOILER]]
The outlet is still not available in Finland, right?It seems to be closed for most euro countries, only found it to be open in France, Germany and the Netherlands when I checked. Disappointing since it's been open to more countries in the past. Proxying isn't really worth it IMO.
Outlet access seems limited to a few (far from all) EU countries at the moment, not sure if they will expand or if this is it.
Miami, right? I saw them too, broke my heart to leave that glen plaid behind. (I was however lucky enough to find one unpissed 15 mil 15 suit)
Any advice on good thrifts in south Florida? Will be passing through Ft Lauderdale/Miami in a couple days.
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