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 Did anyone jump on this? I was confused by the sizing (supposedly UK, but recommends sizing up one), and was unable to make the purchase in GBP as the currency changed after entering my shipping address.
   Thanks guys! Wasn't sure if Alden did any further coloring on cordovan, hence the question. PS Prepster that is a beautiful shoe! Will post some better pics of mine after brushing out the shell bloom.
Hi guys, first time posting in this thread. I just picked up my first pair of shell Aldens and wanted to ask your opinion on their condition. Both shoes are pretty uneven in color and they both have what looks like dye stains on the lining and sole. Is that normal? Never seen anything like it. They are also way more purple than my other color 8 shoes that are more red/black-ish. Got them for a good price on eBay so I don't mind the stains, just wondering if I managed to...
 Haha, that's within walking distance from my gf's parents house! Would've gone if I was in town. If anyone's there, pick up some good jamaican food while you're in the area!
 Sweet, thanks!
Re: thrifting shell - the only times I've ever found shell has been in New York. Out of 3 NYC trips this year, I've found shell twice. Last week:  Other recent stuff:   Never heard of the brand before. Were new when I found them, wore them for a day just to realize they didn't really fit.. oh well.  J Press     Made in USA PRL     Anyone know the maker?  [[SPOILER]]
Hi new thread!   Too lazy for pics, but I just thrifted this jacket in my size.  
 This is awesome! Better pics?
  RAF by Raf Simons, Incotex by Incotex.
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