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 It doesn't really say much except "100% Reine Schurwolle", and I could sort of figure that out myself  Thanks for the offer though! PS I really liked your fit a couple pages back, awesome lapels!
[[SPOILER]]  Thanks! You don't look so bad yourself   Wish I knew more about the pants! Thrifted, unknown maker but the content tag is in German.. Well made, excellent fit, just had them tapered a bit.
I was planning to wear a pink shirt, but since there's already a bunch of excellent pink shirt fits posted I figured I'd do something else.. dug deep in to the closet and found this lovely shirt!     
Hi fellas!      
 Thanks! The pants are brown but with a plum-ish tone, they shift quite a bit depending on the light conditions. My girlfriend was actually teasing me for wearing purple pants when she first saw them..Thanks CP! It's the Great wave ps, one of my favorites.
What I wore yesterday, finally able to wear some fall items without overheating... sorry about the crotch shot     
Was planning to wear a large scale paisley similar to @EFVs but today's weather called for something brighter. Still pretty loud though.         The jacket is browner and has a more pronounced pattern IRL, ie it works better as a sc than the pictures might show.
Nice challenge! Will try to put something together later this week, but here's a waiting for gf to get ready-selfie from last weekend just to keep the thread going.. Very non sf - pants are navy and jacket is mid blue. Bring the hate!  
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