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Hi new thread!   Too lazy for pics, but I just thrifted this jacket in my size.  
 This is awesome! Better pics?
  RAF by Raf Simons, Incotex by Incotex.
 Because of formality/incoherence? Looking at the photos again I guess I can see that. Everything is pretty textured irl (oxford shirt, cotton jacket) but that doesn't really show in the pics.
 That's pretty smart, thanks for the tip! I just wish I were like two inches shorter though.. my wardrobe would've been a 1000 times nicer.
Found the coolest waxed jacket ever today, love the pattern! It breaks my heart that the sleeves are slightly too short for me, but it should be ok if I wear it with gloves..   [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Nice finds man! Glad you found some shoes and that LP looks fantastic 
Quick stop on my way home today, found this thing that I absolutely love and will force my girlfriend to wear:  [[SPOILER]]
Was in NYC last week, this is the result from about two hours of thrift shopping. I need to move.     Random cashmere, Borrelli, VV margarita print     RL Marlows, Florsheim pebble grains.     HF suede jacket. Still had the buttons wrapped up in paper when I found it.     Hackett moleskins, unhemmed.     Uniqlo NWT linen.     Everything at thrift prices, Marlows were the most expensive item at $18.99. Probably keeping everything except the...
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