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I'll be having an early christmas dinner tomorrow, will put on my christmas tie and try to snap some pics.
Cute kid! (suit is really nice too)
 I bet the prices are better in Luleå though? Most stores here have raised their prices a lot during the past few years, and they've also gotten more aware of which brands people are willing to pay for. The Our Legacy knit I picked up yesterday was $40  (NWOT G9 was $8 though ) DHL is great, usually really fast too! PM incoming!
 Best way to ship suits or jackets is DHL's M (65 sek) option imo. Only one fold needed and free boxes. Another Swede here, let me know if you find anything 40L ish  NN07, Danish brand, available at Mr Porter. Mine is thrifted of course...
Thrift store fit pics:     Our Legacy cotton knit     H&M NWT (first time ever thrifting H&M, but hey, I like the pattern)     Baracuta G9 NWOT super minty     Also picked up a knee length tweed coat but forgot to take pics of that beast..
E-thrift arrived.. Too dark for pics but I guess ya'll can tell what it is:  
My meager finds.. pretty stoked that I managed to find C&J twice in a week though!     C&J Grasmere. One of my favorite models, grain leather and dainite sole. Half a size to big but should be fine with some insoles.     C&J loafer. Anyone know the model? Lightly worn but has some ugly scuffs. UK 7.5       Also waiting for a really exciting e-thrift, should be here sometime next week.. 
Thanks a lot! They're from Loake, model named Hyde. I think I'v seen @EFV posting pics of a pair too.
What he said! ^   New boots, and my first WAYWRN post in a while.    
 Surprised to hear that, but thanks! I usually try to be more ambitious when shooting, these are just thrown on the couch.. Perhaps I'll make that my standard procedure   Btw - just noticed your signature, I'll pm you soon...
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