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Thanks, I did just that. Not sure they'll refund since it's "used" from the PO and back here, but didn't want to risk any further problems. Refunded the buyer's shipping cost too, hoping it'll keep her happy.. thank god I had good margins on this thing.
Hey guys,   So, asked my gf to ship a package for me but she used the wrong box (express instead of regular flat rate) so it was returned from the post office. Can I resend it with the same shipping label or do I need to buy a new one? Tracking says it's delivered to my adress, no other scans. Shipping date on label is 24th.
Yeah I had that feeling, felt super cheap and I had a vague memory about fake cashmere scarf logos.. but at $0.50 I was too lazy to look into it. Thanks for the info!
Made a quick stop by my favorite store this morning and my favorite worker pulls out a sweater saying it looked like something I might like. Borrelli?  Cashmere?  $2?  Too good to be true? Yeah.. stained.     Any tips for getting stains out without ruining it?     Some more cashmere.. that Repeat scarf is incredibly soft, want to keep but can't see myself wearing it.     Fendi makeup bag.   Total came out to $3.50. Too bad this is the only store around...
+1 I always offer a partial refund if buyers overpay for shipping. 95% of the time they will tell me to keep the money and then leave glowing feedback. Hate getting overcharged myself so it feels like a natural thing to do.
I'll be having an early christmas dinner tomorrow, will put on my christmas tie and try to snap some pics.
Cute kid! (suit is really nice too)
 I bet the prices are better in Luleå though? Most stores here have raised their prices a lot during the past few years, and they've also gotten more aware of which brands people are willing to pay for. The Our Legacy knit I picked up yesterday was $40  (NWOT G9 was $8 though ) DHL is great, usually really fast too! PM incoming!
 Best way to ship suits or jackets is DHL's M (65 sek) option imo. Only one fold needed and free boxes. Another Swede here, let me know if you find anything 40L ish  NN07, Danish brand, available at Mr Porter. Mine is thrifted of course...
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