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Thanks a lot! They're from Loake, model named Hyde. I think I'v seen @EFV posting pics of a pair too.
What he said! ^   New boots, and my first WAYWRN post in a while.    
 Surprised to hear that, but thanks! I usually try to be more ambitious when shooting, these are just thrown on the couch.. Perhaps I'll make that my standard procedure   Btw - just noticed your signature, I'll pm you soon...
Hey guys, I've had a couple busy months and haven't been able to follow the thread (8500 posts behind) or to do any serious thrifting.. That being said, here's some stuff from my rare thrifting occasions:  C&J  AE  LB  LB  Etro  Isaia  TF (e-thrift)  Borrelli  Dunhill NWT (e-thrift)  Oxxford  A couple vintage BB shirts. Some of them are from the pre washing instructions era. Late 50's early 60's? Looked it up earlier but can't recall. My neck size but with t-rex sleeves   ...
Hi fellas!   Lovin the pink tie outfit @southernstyle! (even though it makes what I'm wearing look pretty washed out )      
 It doesn't really say much except "100% Reine Schurwolle", and I could sort of figure that out myself  Thanks for the offer though! PS I really liked your fit a couple pages back, awesome lapels!
[[SPOILER]]  Thanks! You don't look so bad yourself   Wish I knew more about the pants! Thrifted, unknown maker but the content tag is in German.. Well made, excellent fit, just had them tapered a bit.
I was planning to wear a pink shirt, but since there's already a bunch of excellent pink shirt fits posted I figured I'd do something else.. dug deep in to the closet and found this lovely shirt!     
Hi fellas!      
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