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 Haha, that's within walking distance from my gf's parents house! Would've gone if I was in town. If anyone's there, pick up some good jamaican food while you're in the area!
 Sweet, thanks!
Re: thrifting shell - the only times I've ever found shell has been in New York. Out of 3 NYC trips this year, I've found shell twice. Last week:  Other recent stuff:   Never heard of the brand before. Were new when I found them, wore them for a day just to realize they didn't really fit.. oh well.  J Press     Made in USA PRL     Anyone know the maker?  [[SPOILER]]
Hi new thread!   Too lazy for pics, but I just thrifted this jacket in my size.  
 This is awesome! Better pics?
  RAF by Raf Simons, Incotex by Incotex.
 Because of formality/incoherence? Looking at the photos again I guess I can see that. Everything is pretty textured irl (oxford shirt, cotton jacket) but that doesn't really show in the pics.
 That's pretty smart, thanks for the tip! I just wish I were like two inches shorter though.. my wardrobe would've been a 1000 times nicer.
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