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Was flipping through a rack of overpriced shirts thinking how it would take a minty borrelli for me to pay those ridiculous prices.. then two seconds later I find this:       Super soft and perfect fit, had to buy it..     Another pair of Jacob Cohen 5 pocket VBC flannels sz 36. Tag says the rivets and buttons are silver coated.. crazy. Got like 4 pairs of JC pants in the same size if anyone's interested!       Paraboot split toes headed for...
Nice challenge! I don't have a lot of white shirts, just this french cuffed one (for funerals and such) and one ocbd that doesn't go well with ties.   [[SPOILER]]
 Thx bro! That's what I thought.
From today: Steel blue Caruso orphan   Brioni's (strange font on the chain thing, but these are real, right?) Found three more but they were priced much higher.  NWT Cheap Monday vintage selvedge NA   [[SPOILER]]  Also found a NWT s170 Brioni charcoal orphan but the price was ridiculous. Same thing with a Barbour jacket. Kinda depressing to have to pass on all the good stuff.
   Thanks guys! It's pretty awesome. Haha I'm 9 hours ahead of you man, posted around 6 pm or so local time! Denim blazer is a L and available if you need it. I tried it on but felt like Justin:  
Had a day off and hit 10 stores, finds were pretty meager considering the time I spent:  Nudie selvage jacket NWOT   Older Zegna silk/wool  Jacob Cohen olive denim + 5 pocket VBC flannels.   AEs  Vintage tweed suit. Dual vented, patch pockets, elbow pads, leather buttons.. pretty sweet. And I found it in the $1 bin...  [[SPOILER]]   Levis trucker for myself (another $1 find)  Cotton squares 
Stylish wool/suede patchwork Corneliani.. better than new!     Also found a pair of colorful patchwork shorts, further improved by the previous owner who added both brown and yellow to the palette (lining)   Pm for proxy!
 Okay, thanks! I'll take a look at the tags and compare it.
 Awesome, thanks for the info! Does that mean this jacket is from them too? Currently stored away for summer, so I can't compare the tags, but I remember it's made in Italy.. 100% cotton. Doesn't look as LBM as the other one, so I never thought of it before. [[SPOILER]]
 2 x silk squares3 x cashmere ties  [[SPOILER]]   On a different note - anyone know if LBM makes stuff for Hackett? Found some Hackett washed cotton jackets with tags that seemed identical to LBM, except they said Hackett.. Did not kop and forgot to take pics, unfortunately. 
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