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Not going to call this an e-thrift, but I paid quite a lot less than they seem to sell for on that site..  Tag says 100% wool but others I've seen are a blend - any reason for concern? (see here and here)   [[SPOILER]]
The outlet is still not available in Finland, right?It seems to be closed for most euro countries, only found it to be open in France, Germany and the Netherlands when I checked. Disappointing since it's been open to more countries in the past. Proxying isn't really worth it IMO.
Outlet access seems limited to a few (far from all) EU countries at the moment, not sure if they will expand or if this is it.
Miami, right? I saw them too, broke my heart to leave that glen plaid behind. (I was however lucky enough to find one unpissed 15 mil 15 suit)
Any advice on good thrifts in south Florida? Will be passing through Ft Lauderdale/Miami in a couple days.
Thrift store fit: current label polo flag knit. Catch and release due to weird, shrunken fit. Surprised to see such a recent sweater being so misshapen.     Had better luck with this $ 17 e-thrift:    
Looking for sweaters/cardigans in a long M or slim L (40L). Preferably cashmere but any wool will do. Willing to pay cash or trade.   Just moved into a new office and it's waaay too cold for the thin merino sweaters I usually wear.
Got some comments on here earlier about the shoes I'm picking up being too trashed. To continue that theme, here's a recent (e-)thrift find    Sold as unknown maker but I recognized them from the Loake 1880 series.  [[SPOILER]]  Also picked up some shorts for an upcoming FL trip, nwt PRL and some Gant patchwork madras (not pictured) Offwhite, side adjusters, split waist, pleats, tons of MOP-buttons. Not quite sure how to wear, but I love them.  
   Too late. Nothing wrong with them though, they just need some trees and a cleaning. Picked up for personal use but I'd be surprised if I didn't get 10 x what I spent if I decide to flip them.
Can anyone id the maker? Thought Florsheim at first but seems to be wrong. Lining has been replaced and covered most of the markings.      
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