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Nice challenge! Will try to put something together later this week, but here's a waiting for gf to get ready-selfie from last weekend just to keep the thread going.. Very non sf - pants are navy and jacket is mid blue. Bring the hate!  
Hey fellas, long time no post. Been a very casual summer..   From a couple days ago:  
FINALLY back from vacation and able to do some real thrifting! Hit seven stores yesterday and two more today, finds were rather measly but still nice to be able to spend some time in stores without someone constantly sighing and asking if I'm done yet. Also managed to find a real nice Caruso sc for myself. Had to pass on a super soft Canali cashmere sc in my size because the previous owner must have been Edward Scissorhands, lining was shredded all over. Poor...
Niiiiiiiice! I'll trade him all my Kiton/Isaia/Borrelli for that red Testarossa!!
Nope. I have a long upper body though. To clarify: the super short back blade thing usually occurs with knit ties (which I guess are shorter in general?), whilst the problem with regular ties is that the knot sometimes turns out smaller than I'd like it to.
I've been meaning to ask if you use standard or xl length ties - your knots usually look great and I knew you were a tall fella too! Do you know of any good source for longer knits? They're usually way too short, like the one in the picture I posted. Great look today btw, love the suit!
I wish I was short and only had to worry about tucking, being 6.2" you get tiny knots and ridiculously short back blades instead:  
People probably use it to combine shipping from different purchases. Sarasota FL sounds like MyUS, I know they offer repacking and I think they can store your stuff for a while too. If you make several small purchases it might save you some money.
Unfortunately no, everything is outsourced to low cost-countries these days and it's all fusing and cheap constructions. The most commonly known brand outside of Sweden is probably  Eton shirts. I THINK their most expensive, high end MTO shirts are made locally - but the regular ones are pretty low quality and not worth their retail price. About that sc - it's approx a 38L and actually a bit tight on me, available if anybody would want it.
 Essge was a Swedish maker producing tailored clothing until mid- or early 70's, I've found a lot of their stuff and it's all been nicely made. (fully canvassed, some hand work) Here's the only thing I've kept, a summery silk/wool blend: 
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