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I'm a 42 in mmm gats and take 8,5 us for brigadiers
So the only rule, that there are no rules, means that no one can ask anything anymore, even if it is just asking for someones opinion?
Thanks to all the contributors to this thread. Reading through it I managed to size the Brigadiers (lt brown, as the left pair above) just right - which was also the complete opposite of mr porters sizing advise. Anyway, do you use shoe trees in your Vis boots, like the brigs, or just embrace the wear and tear?
Everybody knows it's Ro ro royourbert, geller down the stream.
Knitted in Denmark, manufactured in Latvia.
C-store in Stockholm carries some EG. They have their selection available to look at online as well at and then the c store sextion.
Anyone noticed that Adidas launched their own Hirsch collection?
I would avoid the Fisherman crew neck if heat was a concern. It is very fitted. But if you don't like warm clothing, maybe sns isn't for you, at least not the FW versions?
They have a reputation to run on the small side. I went with my usual sneaker size (usually 0,5-1 up from my dress shoe/boot size) for the Roccia Vet and they are a good fit, quite snug though.
UK 7 fit me perfectly, which also is about my regular dress shoe or boot size. Most sneakers I own are US 9 (vans, acne) or EU 42 (MMM gats) though.
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