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Is the Ervell FW12? If so, the boxiness will be less noticeable after some wear/not feel as stiff. Or at least, you'll get used to it. That's what I did. Go for it!
Obv. not on the same level as some earlier entries, byt I tried the concept for an actual work fit.
how do vans slip-ons fit compared to authentics?
not until you fought off thatoneguy.It feels fine and I think the fit is good. GF insists though it looks like I borrowed my dad's coat and that it emphasises my hips. Pretty much her standard response.
The DvN coat mentioned earlier came in today. Thoughts? [[SPOILER]]
sorry for OT but can anyone identify the music that was playing during the show? sounded like Can but more industrial
Tres Bien Shop (within europe)edit: sold out, but deets to be seen at http://tres-bien.com/brand/dries-van-noten/tiger-scarf-dark-burgundy
Went Dries kopping on TBS.
Light. Still too warm to wear during summer though.
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