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Obv. not on the same level as some earlier entries, byt I tried the concept for an actual work fit.
how do vans slip-ons fit compared to authentics?
not until you fought off thatoneguy.It feels fine and I think the fit is good. GF insists though it looks like I borrowed my dad's coat and that it emphasises my hips. Pretty much her standard response.
The DvN coat mentioned earlier came in today. Thoughts? [[SPOILER]]
sorry for OT but can anyone identify the music that was playing during the show? sounded like Can but more industrial
Tres Bien Shop (within europe)edit: sold out, but deets to be seen at http://tres-bien.com/brand/dries-van-noten/tiger-scarf-dark-burgundy
Went Dries kopping on TBS.
Light. Still too warm to wear during summer though.
FWIW my stark from last year is medium and my ion, which has only been produced this season (?), is a small. I would say go with your usual size in the Ion if possible, otherwise pick a retailer with a good return policy and take a gamble.
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