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Patrickbooth- thanx mate, I thought same thing, I just figured by March that it will be long enough to over lap my forehead. Perhaps I just manipulate it a bit so bring it down and forward. Do you have any examples of hairstyle's that would suit my head/face? Thanx in advance.
My hair is a nightmare, It grows a certain way, so it's hard for hairdressers to just copy a hair do. My hair dressers are all rubbish so a hair consultation is out of the question. Also have a tiny bit of a receeding hair line too. I've done my research for my hair type and I feel the David beckham H&M look is perfect, I predict my current hair will be same length by march. But I'm also hoping for other suggestions from people that would look good for my face...
Nice thread.
I use mainly hair dryer and got2b hairspray (yellow can) Too much product make my hair looks greasy. Sometimes dabble a bit of Matt paste on my side parting to keep it split. Also some volume powder sprinkled in there too to make it thick.
Hi I'm Philip from Manchester UK. Just looking to perfect my style and want to see some idea and perhaps copy a few fashionably savvy gentlemen. I'm not used to the forum, but if someone can make it easy for me and link me to the best threads I would be greatful. Here is a pic of me and my style so you know what kind of look I'm going for. Granted,I didn't tight up my waist coat straps properly but it does fit nice, perhaps change my shirt collar, and perhaps a...
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