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Just got another order with rakuten. It went fine.
Be careful not to spot clean them.  You will get a white spot from something as simple as dabbing off ketchup.  If you spill something on these.  Just let it dry and wear off. 
Ben, are these from the 210 or 100 series?
Quote:I can't complain.  I got the 221s and haven't had a single problem with them .  That said, I'm looking for some easy karma.  I've gotten bigger over the past few months and cant fit my 221s anymore.  I've got two pairs (I'll spare you the story) and I'm willing to pass one of them off to someone that can fit them and will wear them.  I wore them for about a month and they got thrown in the wash; I haven't worn them since.  If someone wants them, just send me the...
All of the momo Vintage Label stuff is "the deepest pure indigo."  Before soaking, they are as dark as any raw denim I have seen.  The styles noted by EricW (702 and BOM-006) are not classic indigo styles.  It seemed like you were looking for something like your NFxMomotaros.  If that's the case, check out momotaro vintage label (201, 701, or 901); its a very dark, but still classic, blue.
They stretch 1-2" in the waist.  Mine ended up stretching about 2", went from 31" to 33" after about a month of regular wear.  Thumbs up if this helps.
That's a real bummer.  I'm growing out of mine too.  I'm hoping they'll stretch alittle.  They're starting to get painful.
Let me know via PM if you do.  I have a pair of Sz 32 201s that I've worn 4 times w/one 1hr pre-wear soak, no wash, no fades, no dirt.  I've gained alot of weight since I bought them so they just sit in my closet.  I'd be down to trade.  Let me know.
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