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Enjoy your townleys! They are great shoes!
I thought 299 was a deal! U did well!
Yea pretty true to size , it is one the 1 last which to me is a better fitting last than the 5
Your welcome good luck I really like that shoe!
Allen Edmonds store is on Chagrin Blvd near Cleveland phone is 216 591 0344 salesman's name was Rick very knowledgable ! Shoes first quality half off at 299 and they had about 14 pairs left
299i thought was unbelievable price
Where did you buy yours?
These shells called Townley look like fifth aves with brougeing around the eyelets and heel absolutely beautiful cigar cordovan for $299 the sales agent said they where made for Europe and this store ended up with all stock
Anybody ever heard of Townley brown cordovan ? I got the deal for you !let me know on here I'll give you details who has them, it's a AE retail store!
What size?
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