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I got size 8 uk . They are tight , I am afraid I am going to have to sell.they are sweet boots
The WWII boots are beautiful color! But my size Uk8 seem really narrow .
Need to know if forest last will stretch or I am about to lose some digits! ThanksJoe
Anyone try the forest lasted WWIi combat boots? I would like an opinion?thanks ,Joe
Anybody get their WWII Mto boots from Epaulet ? Any thought in the forest last? Thanks, joe
Who has the cigars?
Really dulled I meant to say
Hey Just, mine were not that bad but ideally dulled one tie cap. Reno just softens and dulls the factory finish when too much is used(I will not use it again on my shells).i sent both boots back to Alden and they did put their finish back on,my shoes look fine now.
Hey just, I did that to my #8's and I sent them back to Alden and they refinished them and returned to me no charge . The boots were almost new though , I would call them and ask. Good luck
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