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I don't think these are stained ,just murky looking not really shiny like all else . Thanks for the bad news
Thanks Patrick, when I put water on they really get dull , should I try a bit more wax?
Trying to get my captoes looking good, but one toe is cloudy . I think I used too much polish trying to get out a scratch in the shell.i am using Reno, can I hurt the shell by using too much Reno? Please help! Thanks
I need some help! I have one toe that is cloudy and dull , the rest of the shoes are shiny as hell . Maybe too much polish? I have been using Reno at rag us coming back burgundy , can I use too much Reno?thanks
What to do about dents?
Anyone have any luck removing a small dent I cordovn. ? Please advise
Anyone help with removing a real small dent in the tie of mt captoe,? it's about one eight I in size , just I little dent , I have no deer bone any helpful tricks to do? Thanks much appreciated in advance!
I have used Reno a lot they are better but still not what u want as far as shine
Anyone else have an opinion? Mine are not real shiny thanks
Tampa,do you have a high shine on your Townleys? If so , what did you use? Thanks
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