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How do you contact them to order? Thanks for the help
How much is that chocolate wingtip?
7.5uk Simpson 7 UK rain should work
Alden just refinished and returned a pair of #8 captoes from Leathersoul , anybody know what Alden uses to get that finish? I had dulled one toe a little with too much Reno , but they look nice now!No more Reno on those boots for me.
Good point BK but they have shipped from Sweden so should be here I would think
I have a size 8uk on the way also, if anyone needs them let me know!
Shell looks nice but I don't like the fact that you can't wear them in nothing but perfect weather. We don't get much of that in NE ohio
Thank-you for your help. What would u use to bring them back ? For future experience
I sent them to Alden to fix , that what they suggested. What else would have fixed?
Be careful with the Reno!
New Posts  All Forums: