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Yes please do I interested to see if I am losing brain matter
Yea wish , the sad thing is I have three pair of carminas one the same last as these and all three fit! Damn
I can see a difference in the new ones just from trying them on , but have only tried the right one since that is my larger foot. Still don't know if I want to try wearing them.
All kinds, Alden plaza 9 , barrie8.5 , indys8.5 Carmina simpson8.5 ,ironically another pair of forest boots ,also Epaulet 's size8 all fit well
I would post a pic if I knew how !
They fit real right. I don't know if they will give enough to be comfortable . I don't want to try breaking them in because I would rather sell a brand new boot if I have to get rid of them.Catch22
I got size 8 uk . They are tight , I am afraid I am going to have to sell.they are sweet boots
The WWII boots are beautiful color! But my size Uk8 seem really narrow .
Need to know if forest last will stretch or I am about to lose some digits! ThanksJoe
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