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What's the sizing comps on Hampton last? Tts? Thanks
One brush for light colors , one for dark colors is all one needs I have been doing it for years my burgandys are still burgandys and blacks still black cigar still cigar!
I use black or navy polish on navy or black shoes , can never tell a difference! Have even used chic brown on .#8 comes out perfect! I love how everyone thinks they are going to change the color of a fine shoe with a little polish!
How do you guys size van last loafers and plaza loafers? Thanks
Batfields are they TTS
Are vayfields tts
What to do size wizened in vayfields? They ZtTS!
Ok gent, please help with some size comps with the bayfildd thanks joe
Yes please do I interested to see if I am losing brain matter
Yea wish , the sad thing is I have three pair of carminas one the same last as these and all three fit! Damn
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