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Batfields are they TTS
Are vayfields tts
What to do size wizened in vayfields? They ZtTS!
Ok gent, please help with some size comps with the bayfildd thanks joe
Yes please do I interested to see if I am losing brain matter
Yea wish , the sad thing is I have three pair of carminas one the same last as these and all three fit! Damn
I can see a difference in the new ones just from trying them on , but have only tried the right one since that is my larger foot. Still don't know if I want to try wearing them.
All kinds, Alden plaza 9 , barrie8.5 , indys8.5 Carmina simpson8.5 ,ironically another pair of forest boots ,also Epaulet 's size8 all fit well
I would post a pic if I knew how !
They fit real right. I don't know if they will give enough to be comfortable . I don't want to try breaking them in because I would rather sell a brand new boot if I have to get rid of them.Catch22
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