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Did anybody like the Ironsides from Epaulet?
Can somebody tell me how the 341 last fits ? Compares to peal and co cordovan boots?
Big thank-you to whomever posted about the Mitchell money clip! That is on great product. Check them out at Mitchell leather co. ,David is a great guy and real craftsman in Milwaukee USA!!!!
Thanks guys for helping
Thanks Mike, the Randolphs are kinda tight on one foot in the forefoot and I hope they will stretch a bit . Thanks for your help
Can anyone give me some insight into the difference between randolfs and Patriots? Thanks Do Randolfs stretch out at all with wear?
Is 299 a decent price for randolf's? Thanks for any input
I was going to offer my 8.5 naval boots to some broken hearted soul!
Does tremont fit like Barrie?
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