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Thanks guys for helping
Thanks Mike, the Randolphs are kinda tight on one foot in the forefoot and I hope they will stretch a bit . Thanks for your help
Can anyone give me some insight into the difference between randolfs and Patriots? Thanks Do Randolfs stretch out at all with wear?
Is 299 a decent price for randolf's? Thanks for any input
I was going to offer my 8.5 naval boots to some broken hearted soul!
Does tremont fit like Barrie?
Repp, thanks for the kind words, Joe
For what I've paid for all my color8s I think these a good buy for 450
Thanks to a fellow buckeye !yea I usually miss all the deals but Ed at shoemart told me the truth on this pair. He is an honest man , he told me where the defect was and it still took me a minute to find it
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