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Lanvin jacket size 50IT in excellent condition ! It's a mix between a jacket and a blazer : in brief, it's a jacket very chic Hidden zipper high quality RIRI    Mesurements :  Shoulder to shoulder : 43.7cm Pit to pit : 56cm Sleeves lenght from the seam of the shoulder : 65cm Total length without the collar : 66cm   Retail price : 1XXX€     FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT GUYS !!! 
Thank's guys ! I'm going to email Jay !
Still thinkin about the purchase of a pair of Skinny guy duck !  What do you know about stretch on this pair ?
Me too I'm interested about the answer !  For me, in theory it's 28 in SkG and 27 in WG. I have a real waist of 29inches. I'm still reflect about the purchase of SkG. I live in Paris, here, today it's the first day of sales. Are there any sales in Tate&tokyo coming soon ?  I'm interested about the Selvedge Duck, someone who have them can tell me if they stretch near the ass ?  Thank you for your answers guys ! And sorry for my bad english, I'm still a french :p
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