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Your choice in carrier is very appropriate.
I still remember years ago when buying my suit for my Year 12 formal, and my mates laughing at me for not buying Aquilla, which were 'the best in the world', and for going for Meermin instead.
Not sure, how much do PJ want to charge for it?
Yes. I should be able to drum something up, but if others could have a go first that would be great.
Welcome to the second Australian Members SF thread.   Most of us currently live here, and some hailing from here but living overseas, however all are welcome. We have large usergroups in Melbourne and Sydney, and many other members spread throughout the land.   Don't hesitate to ask questions about menswear, accessories, travel, or even funeral insurance, but please take all advice with a grain of salt.
Exactly what I'm after. Now, if only I had a date.
I actually think a decent opening post is the way to go. I'll draft something up.
Great thread, have been after a way to keep up with MTO's for a while now, thanks.
That would be great @gdl203 !
That blue one is nice but I should have mentioned, I'm after beige.
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