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That first fabric is fantastic.
Thanks for the replies. Hmm, I've just learned in the small amount of research that I've done that 99%(and all of the nice) Seiko Diving watches are Automatic. I'm just worried as it will be my only proper gauge of time. I don't want it to be losing time, but it will be on my wrist the entire time so it should be alright. Why would an automatic be better suited for tempreture extremes?
Will upload photos of the Shirt Jacket when I receive it.   Orsis, should have a fit with the Duke this week.   Gerry, +1 on JM's Lands End recommendation for Madras, I have seen some on there as well.
B&T Linen Shirt Jacket is ready, summer, come at me.
Hey lads. I'm doing some travelling soon, going to Nepal, then Greece later on. Looking to buy a watch that isn't going to fall apart if I hit it against things and such, and look a bit tough if it gets scratched up. Now, before you say G-Shock, they're ugly, so no. I was thinking a Seiko Diver, I really like the look of this one. Can anyone comment on their reliability or offer an Alternative. Don't want to spend too much either, preferably under $200. It needs to be...
But the Daypacks were meant to be coming from the same maker, batch order, all at once. Did he fix his zipper issue and has production started? Did they give you any timeframe whatsoever?
I thought this was a joke. I wouldn't be surprised if every regular Aussie Member owns a pair. I have two, both Church's, black and brown. Great purchases, although, somewhat wish I'd bought black captoes instead of DM's.  Por que no los dos.
Often you guys will see me recommending Sam in Docklands for tailoring. Just picked up some denim he tailored from the crotch down, and it's perfect, I can't recommend him enough. I received my Barbour Liddesdale on Thursday, and dropped it off to him yesterday. He's going to slim the body, slim the sleeves and also take up the sleeves. I received my Barbour duke yesterday which fits perfectly, and my SEH Kelly over shirt, which is quite big and baggy, so I'll need to take...
I'm with you, especially considering that LJ is another young fellow. The one thing I don't see is a Brown Sports coat, I'd recommend getting something in brown.
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