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Amazing Gerry. Simply amazing.
AlwPut that $400 Stoffa beaver fur hat to good use.
Sam has recently moved. He is now at 10Guest Lane in the CBD, around the corner from Ludlows. It's called Master Alteration and Dry Cleaning. Much nicer shop outfit. Dropped off a shirt there on Wednesday.   Has anyone gone across Siberia? Just booked tickets to go from St. Petersberg to Beijing via Mongolia.
Holy shit FXH just went full #sexyankles
Does anyone have the Mensbiz August code?
Huh? What Epaulet field jacket?
That thing is dope.
G-Star is overpriced junk. APC is just overpriced.   Head over to Blue Owl and take a look at some of their offerings.
10. Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and Billion-Dollar DealsGreat read. The stories are great, they're crude and won't be to a lot of people's taste but not everything is going to be The Notebook
New Posts  All Forums: