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Lapels are dope a f.
7. The Old Man and the SeaFirst foray into Hemmingway. Was surprisingly quite easy to read. It was enjoyable, however, I'm glad it was no longer than it was. The narrative suited a ~100 page book. I'm quickly approaching my goal of 15 books by the end of the year. It helps being on holiday's as well as reading shorter books this week. In my search for a couple of shorter books I can do in a day, I chose the Old Man and the Sea, as well as Animal Farm, which I have been...
Only read The Man in the High Castle. Was thinking the next one by him would be Minority Report.
Who'se wearing the #10 then?
Great photo. Jealous you got to see Platini play.
Did you go to the game? I heard it was dead. I expected Juve to draw a huge crowd. I still felt they brought a decent squad with them even with all the omissions. Would have liked to have seen Dybala play.
5. Modern Romance - Aziz AnsariClose to calling this 10/10. Ansari discusses the differences between dating today, and dating in the past(predominantly within a 50 year range). He interviews many people from all different age groups, and runs focus groups across various cities and countries. As someone who goes on plenty of dates, I found it a very interesting, insightful, and also entertaining book. I decided to pick it up after binge watching his TV show, Master of None,...
Really enjoying that combination, fxh. Nice shoes cox.       Greetings from Jakarta, Ernie, your car is waiting.  
You've linked their most expensive kit that is clearly labeled deluxe. It's designed for people who have a bit of money to spend. They sell cheaper kits, the standard at $129 and the cheapest at $89.
Home and Away.
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