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The general rule with belts is to match them to your shoes, but what happens if you're wearing white sneakers? I generally prefer to where boots or derbies instead of sneakers, but there are times when they're the appropriate piece of footwear, and I want to wear a tucked in OCBD with jeans.
Hope so! Really desperate for my wallet to arrive by Christmas because it will be perfect for my trip to Nepal.
I actually had a a Brown A2 in unglazed goat up until a couple of weeks ago instead of the Moto '11. I have the black A2 for wearing on casual fridays(I work in an office as well as study) and for on the weekend. I think it will look good with olive/navy chinos, OCBD/gingham shirt. I'm unsure about the Lamb MA1 as I already have the TOJ0.
Dudes, what do I get with my fourth order? It's currently a full leather lamb spot but I can always shoot some $$ over for calf/goat etc. I'm waiting on a Whiskey Calf 4Zip Moto '11, a Black Calf MDR and a Black Lamb A2. My day to day stuff is indigo(rarely black) jeans and a white tee. I pair these with either black boots, brown boots, brown PTB, #8 LWB. Other pieces of outerwear include. Forest Green Schnieder Coat, TOJ 0, TOJ Baseball, Barbour SL Bedale, Barbour...
A friend of mine had a pair of Charltons, nice shoe, but I don't think they're that sleek. I'd recommend having a browse of Meermin's offerings if that's what you're after.
Thanks for the backstory, JM.
I was going to, but I didn't want to start any beef.
Cooking aside, that's an amazing story. Did he ever write or publish anything about his time over there?
Well, I like my steak rarer than most and often order it rare when I'm out. When I was in Paris both times I had steak I ordered it "medium" and I thought it was still alive.
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