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Every time I walk past they're always quite busy. They don't seem to stock CP's anymore, or any of the simple MMM GAT's.
I use comgateway and couldn't be happier with their service. I actually used it today in fact. I know some have also had success with shipitto. Recently AusPost launched their own forwarding service but if I recall, someone in this thread posted about having difficulties with it.
Wish I still had a hills hoist :(
You just got your fourth.
The amount of racism I've seen in the last 12 hours or so has been absolutely disgusting. I am honestly disappointed at the sheer number of people that hold ignorant beliefs.     #illridewithyou
Just FYI this is exactly what I've done in the past when I've returned anything with DHL.
I just struggle to justify buying non GYW shoes.
Take a goon sack to King's Park.
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