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Is this the part where I say, "This is Sparta"?
Updated the spreadsheet.
No problem dude, glad you're happy with them. Very nice shoes. Carmina on the Uatem last?
This is fucked.
>raf swimmins.     fkn lol
Thanks for the replies, Lachy and Ryan. I'll definitely be taking my next pair of shoes that require topying to Rekaris. They're also much more convenient and easier to get too. Hope they have different colours. Whilst I really don't like contrast cuffs and collars, looking really good, PoP.
Can anyone comment on the quality of Topy's from Rekaris vs Manfred (Errol St, North Melbourne)? I dropped in my Alden Boots and paid the bloke $49 for a topy, but I've been informed a similar price will net me that and steel toe taps over at Rekaris.   Caught up with Joe from B&T today, ordered and got fitted up for my new Shirt jacket. Hopefully be wearing it at Christmas. I doubt it will take that long.
S.N.S Herning
RE: Barbour Liddesdale.   I bought the XS Heritage(slim) Liddesdale, and it was still too big. Sam(in docklands) was able to slim the body on the two seams down the back.  He was also able to take the sleeves up and slim them too. It now fits rather well and I'm very happy with it.
Looking tight.
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