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Looking tight.
I just woke up from a nightmare about fucking topying.
If you're interested in going MTM for Jackets and suits, you should check out DeerStyle. Whilst you don't have any other options(to my knowledge) in BNE, he is very good. A close friend of mine uses him, as well as our very own JourneyMan, who both seem to be very happy with their commissions.
 My thoughts exactly. It's a really good fit though, and it could just be the picture, but to me the trousers and shirt look to be the same colour.
I'm quite sure Double Monk have some stuff that would be fantastic.
This advice can/should be applied to a lot of things(including and outside of menswear).
Wedding Season.   Oscar Hunt E.G Cappelli Christian Kimber
Oscar Hunt E.G Cappeli Christian Kimber
Dream shoes. Good luck with your final day.
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