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Looking for recommendations on khakis chinos with a decent rise, medium - heavy weight, and with belt loops preferably.
Why not just skip all that and head straight to the nearest Holiday Inn?
RMW's, C?
DB Peak Lapel x Turtleneck x BDO.
I think this is my 5th, but finished Eye of the Hurricane, an autobiography by Richard Bellman(the creator of dynamic programming). I'm working on some maths that he did and doing some research using dynamic programming. He was clearly a talented mathematician but not an English major.
Can someone please give me an update on the last couple of months? Have we had to do anything to the spreadsheet at all, and are any jackets going out?
You're fucking kidding me.
Dat necro tho.
Ordered a few pairs from Pediwear over the years, and have always been a big fan of their prices and service, they went out of there way to do me a favour when I had a financial issue pop up just after I made a transaction, and am very grateful. Thanks once again.
 Seize the means of production.
New Posts  All Forums: