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Went to Rekaris with my Carmina loafers after picking up my Alden boots from North Melbourne Cobblers.  They're $15 cheaper than North Melbourne. Let's hope they also don't lose my shoe trees.   The bloke at Rekaris, Steven, was telling me that he puts three small nails at the front to stop any chance of the topy coming off. Doesn't seem like a half bad idea.
That brown diamond is really, really tempting.
Cotton dockers that is boss!
I used to see a girl who considered herself hipster. Nothing really unique, but clothes where only allowed to be purchased from vintage stores on Brunswick Street and savers.I got straight out of there when she cracked it(and her friends) at me for oppressing her after I held the door open for her.
Sorry to be pedantic, but today? Hmm
What do you mean when you say “just"?
Nah, sold my fifth spot. I haveSeptember 19th - Whiskey Calf 4Zip Moto(Was brown goat A2 up until 10 hours ago).October 23rd - Black Calf 3zip MDRNov 15th - Black Lamb A2Jan 29 - Something in lamb(might get something made up for my Dad, or maybe even a girlfriend) Then a large wallet and daypack.
I have the same feelings Dbear, due to today's picture and the pictures of loads of jackets (though they could be old images). What worries me is that I changed my august 23 order today, so if it's been made I'll be somewhat annoyed.
I have a feeling that a lot of jackets are made, given by Drew's Instagram post. Whilst that could be good Charly let me change my first order this morning. All very confusing.
Is this the part where I say, "This is Sparta"?
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