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Wore a pocket square to work today.   Fuck the police.
Who buy's shoes with the intent of reselling them?   Bought my first pair of C&J Marlow's today, the penny loafer, off Eddie, really keen to see how they turn out.
Penny Loafers.
Dude is killing it in that Schneider Jacket though.
Bought some Marlow Penny's!
Oh for fucks sake.   *cops*
Wait he's not dead is he!?!??!
+1 DR. I order all my shaving stuff through them. I purchased one of their standard shaving packs this time last year and have been double edge shaving ever since then. Didn't like the Prosaro creme it came with so I tried TOBS Jermyn Street which was very nice, but was out of stock when I went to order last week, so I'm currently trying out Geo F Trumper's Coconut soap, which is nice but I can't get as good a lather with it. I'll stick it out and if can get the lather to...
Anyone receive a tracking number for their wallet?
It has, I'll do it when my camera arrives.
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