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I remember a discussion on here's couple of years ago that speculated that PJs success was partially owed to the fact that the materials used were very suitable to the Australian climate, especially when compared to many offerings Australian men were used to seeing.
Thanks. It's EG Capelli.
I wholeheartedly agree. This is just an OTR shirt. I've worn my suit about 4 times since I got it, for an interview and a few weddings. I have a bespoke shirt on the way to wear with it.
WDYWY   Thanks @Gerry Nelson for the photo.
WDYWY Thanks for the photo @Gerry Nelson
What do you mean back. I see young people wearing it all the time.
  Good to see Chelsea legend Claudio Ranieri bring decent knots and lapel width(as well as class football) to England.   I am so very much looking forward to having an Italian in charge at The Bridge next season.
Was just about to post this. The single greatest invention since the OCBD.
I'll consider doing that after I get a girlfriend.
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