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I read an article a few months back on YC that indicated he is effectively a modern day Machiavelli.  Very surprised to hear that he's not taken seriously.
Has anyone read anything by Edward Luttwak?
Lookin' great AAS.Who makes the cardigan?
I believe that his entire clothing range is in person MTM only and is done mainly in Scadenavian Europe with the occasional North American trunk show.
Secondhand Valextra Premier.     I know Gerry has a lovely La Portegna bag from NMWA. Chestermox have been producing some nice bags around the $1000 AUD mark too.
Mao/Mandarin collar.
Best Made Co.
Just picked up a Suunto Core All Black for $251 shipped. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
Glenn Greenwald is a great writer so far.
Damn, that Suunto looks tight. Thinking I might want the extra features. Gotta weigh up.
New Posts  All Forums: