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It's not very common here , I can't think of any places that stock it here in Melbourne, and it's also very expensive. I'm possibly the only male person I know my age who spends money like I do on clothes. I'm also the only person I know who spends his money wisely on clothes, IE, not buying $300 GSTAR jeans. I don't really want to stand out. I want to be well dressed, to often for a lot of people this means standing out. I like creating my own style. To often do I see...
Coincidentally. I spent 99% of my time during the week at Glenferrie. My only two pairs of denim, my 3sixteens that I never wear, and my black acnes both have a decent rise. GN often wears his 3sixteens with a sportscoat. I agree, I don't like the look of indigo denim and a sports coat.
1. I've considered wearing my Oscar Hunt chocolate sports coat with my black Acne jeans.2. I only wear black jeans, but want to pick up a heavily washed pair, think they'd be ace.
Thanks for the kind words guys. I wore this jacket on the weekend, it's definitely a keeper.
No it's on the first, but the shop is already open.
I don't get it. I spent every Saturday night of last year out in the CBD whilst quite intoxicated. Not once did I cause a problem or start a fight. Not once did I see any issues caused, and I used to move up and down king street.
Wow. I typed that wrong from my phone.   Documentaries like that are mainly a farce that try and imply the 0.1% of trouble makers are the entire party going population.   Nothing wrong with getting intoxicated. I'm sure everyone in this thread has had a night out where they've had much more to drink.   Who care's what they wear dude? People are out having a good time and enjoying themselves.
I didn't watch it but most of that stuff is a farce and tries to imply that 0.1% of people out in the CBD late at night are there for the sole reason of starting a fight and causing trouble.
Doesn't age once you bottle it.
Thanks for your reply Lachy, I appreciate it. Will look into it.
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