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Personal hero BR absolutely killing it back in 1990.
Return of the King.
Waiting for clothes for 11 months? Over a thousand dollars?   What kind of dickhead would do that?
Trying to talk to school girls again I see.
I don't understand the negative connotations AT brings up on here. I've always found Sebastian and Tony to be fantastic blokes.   I hope they pickup Carmina again.
Goon is the breakfast of champions.
Dark Brown Suede is your friend. Carmina or Meermin would be good. The CBD's are too casual and won't hold up that long, and the offerings from RedWing are too casual . Another option that would fit your purpose are brown suede RMW's.
9/11 an inside Job?   The planes came from the outside.   Morons.
My man R.Bellman rocking the knit.
Went to the ICC last night to watch Real Madrid vs AS Roma, which turned out to be a complete waste of money.   The atmosphere was terrible. There were tens of thousands of people wearing Madrid kits who couldn't name a single player besides Ronaldo, someone even asked me who Ramos was. They took Ronaldo off rather covertly during half time, and most people didn't realise, not being able to tell what he even looked like, so it was humorous listening to people yell out...
New Posts  All Forums: