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Ordered some new pants from Oscar Hunt today, from the Huddersfield Linely range. 2" Cuff, super high waist, quite slim, daks adjusters.
Didn't realise you were a hipster  Oli.
The Kent Wang's are horrible. I'd go CP's or Margiela Gat's, but if you don't want to spend the money get some OG Gats. If you want a white canvas grab the SuperGa 1705.   Plus 1 for RMW. I love my pair.
My mum says I'm beautiful so I figured I'm fine.
I'm starting to think I'll never see my jackets.
Here's hoping I get one soon! I also hope Luxire get's her some support, so she can have her well earned and deserved break.
I think I have to sign up for this. In the last fourteen days. TOJ DaypackTOJ WalletTOJ Goat Moto 2011Common Project Achilles.
If you could look into my jacket. That would be great. I wanted to confirm some things before it was sent to me.
Possibly. I'm starting to get concerned. I was quoted six to eight weeks about 11 weeks ago for my Mac, and since about five weeks ago I've been told "photos to come next week", every week. Then on Friday the 11th I was told photos by the end of next week and shipping early the next. I've heard nothing since then.
Has anyone got a response from Teresa since Friday?
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