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If anyone is selling that Huddersfield brown fresco dieworkwear did a little while ago ago do let me know.
How much would the Oatmeal flannel set one back for say 3M?
Can we get some straight on pictures of the leather jacket please, zipped and unzipped.
No, I didn't get a chance. One of his captions goes "Style is something you are born with. was just born with more than you".Then, there was another that I've had difficulty locating again that said this,"You might think you have a good job, good friends, and a good life, but mine is better than yours" That's paraphrased to the best of my memory, but I think it's quite close to the actual quote. If you want me to buy your clothes, don't insult me when advertising...
Looking good PoP.
Yep. That's cool. Interested to see it in real life.
So keen for my Med Whiskey Moto 11'.
I'd vote RMW from Boots Online as they'll remove tax if you're not in Australia.   This reminds me. I really need to get around to posting my collection...
It just begs the question, why are people whom have purchase item x recieving it before people who ordered the same item earlier than them.
Oscar Hunt tweed sportscoat.   SNS Herning Stark   Meermin Modern Classic Alden Cordovan Captoes
New Posts  All Forums: