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White Light/White Heat is gets my vote.
I listed three of the many hundreds, if not thousands of musicians I enjoy.How do you know I don't listen to Andy Stewart and Kenneth McKellar? Good guess though, I don't.
 As far as rock vocalists go, my pick would be James LaBrie of Dream Theater fame. I also really like Rob Halford from Judas Priest. I do like Sir Mick, and am a big Rolling Stones fan. 
Frank Zappa is my personal favourite.
Ernie pretty much summed it up.I wasn't disagreeing with you, just wanted to know why. I honestly think they're one of if not the most overrated bands of all time. I don't think their music is particularly enjoyable, and there are many much better bands of the same genre and era. The only song I like is 'Beautiful Day', but that's also because I associate some fond memories with it.As for polo's, the PJ ones have a nice cut, but I find them a little to thin for my tastes....
Picked one up in Rust, now the wait begins.
And they should keep it that way. Welcome to the forum, nice suit. Oli, check out Epaulet sales. fxh, why your distaste for U2?
A picture of some boxes were just posted on the Tumblr, dead mail apparently. Wonder if any went out, did anyone receive tracking recently?
The Kanye tour has been strenuous for us all.
Well, here's my entry. Only photo I have of it. Oscar Hunt Kamakura Drakes Oscar Hunt Church's
New Posts  All Forums: