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Wow, I cannot wait to receive my MTO (cognac cordo wingtips).
Wow. John Nash. RIP.
Just buy one with a Chevy Badge.
To add to this had to pick up my crankshaft from the Engine shop for the Healy, found out one of my issue's were coming from it being bent 1/1000th of an inch.
Gym. Study. Mark tests. Develop binary search tree. Watch Chelsea be crowned English champions. Might also start either Job's or Pirlo's biography.
Thankyou for the kind words gentlemen, and thankyou again @Leaves and Gabriel.   Here are the specifications I sent to Skoak. Material: Horween Cognac Cordovan Style: Brogue Wintip Boots(like the carmina's I've previously linked,including speed hooks, would like the exact same broguing). Sole:Dainite Sole Welt:Standard Flat welt. Last: 74945 last - round chiseled last
Barbour Lowerdale.
Grats Benes.
Macquarie is just the Yearling without the raised heel. I've heard from some resellers and RMW themselves that using the Yearling to get a Macquarie size is not desirable due to the raised heel forcing your foot to slide down.
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