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Wearing my Carmina black grain jumpers today. Such a fantastic boot. Enjoy them.
So good. Is the jacket oversized, or are Inis Meain on the thinner side?
Men Science Advanced Deodorant, available at Men's Biz.
Go to Sam in Docklands. I have had quite a lot of work done by him on wool, cotton and denim, and a few other members here also get work done by him.   As for Made To Measure, I would check out Oscar Hunt. Myself and a few others here have stuff from them. They're fantastic. You should pop over to their Style Forum affiliate thread, take a look and ask some questions.
It's a shame they're ugly.
Personally if buying English brogue boots, I'd be looking at Trickers.
If sneaker route, I think Buttero would be good for them.
Maiden Voyage
A quick Google didn't show any signs that there was, but if you find anywhere that does stock them, let me know. I'm curious to see how they would look on me.
If anyone is selling that Huddersfield brown fresco dieworkwear did a little while ago ago do let me know.
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