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Looks great, well done.   How do you treat the creases?
  1. Sam.    10 Guest Lane    Melbourne, Vic    (03) 9642-7442    Don't go to Katrina's.   2. Rekaris 3. I know Sam's son runs a dry cleaning busisness whom Sam sends his things too. Can't comment though. If Sam is anything to go by, then he'll do good work.
Nicholas Cage tie is one of beauty.
Thanks, keen to get one!
Fuck the Teba looks good. Wish you did it in a brown linen or silk blend!
Make sure you go to that RRL store.
Did you ever end up getting those Henley's in worn by Bruce Lee?
What if they're one and the same?
Gives us ya lighterrrrrr
I'm pretty under the pump this week, sorry guys.
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