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Well, here's the haul.   First up, the new 2014/2015 kit.     New denim from 3sixteen. I haven't worn indigo jeans in about two years, this will be fun.     My new Luxire Denim Chore Jacket I got made up. Took five weeks or so, but it should be quicker if anyone else wants one as they have made the pattern now.     New Seagull 1963 Reissue Panda edition. Dislike the strap, olive one on the way from NatoStrapCo. They also have a 40% off sale till the 2nd....
 Those are some seriously sweet sneakers.I'm a massive fan of it. Jealous of the knit. Whilst I agree to some extent, belts should be kept on jeans. After spending the day battling a serious hangover, a ten hour shift, six hours of class, a shitty situation with a girl, and an all round shit day, coming home to a plethora of parcels on my desk containing my various menswear purchases over the last 3 weeks is the best thing I could possibly imagine. This is better than...
Definitely the brown, no brainer.  Killer view, you in SoftDev?
I hope you guys have secured a significant other already.
 Thanks, I'll definitely recommend Floresheim. Thanks for the reminder of Rivers, I remember you posted about them a while ago, and I checked them out. They seemed much nicer than anything any of the usual suspects(Aquilla etc) had on offer. You try convincing an 17yo to wear shoes from Rivers. H&M might be a good idea. The blokes at Herring are great, and AFPOS seems like a decent place, they have good deals, but these guy's aren't going to shop online. If they were I'd...
From someone who has bought far too many shoes online that do not fit, I disagree entirely.
I find shoes to be a real dilemma. I often have people asking me what clothes to buy, and am helping a kid at work with his Formal suit and his friend for his wedding. Sent both dudes to MJB, which they where both very happy with, one guy had his own tie and the other will be checking out Henry Carter closer to the date. They've both asked me what shoes to buy but it's a real problem. They won't spend the $440 for AE's or Loakes at BMT. They both want to spend maximum...
I'm in Australia, I'm not happy that winter is fleeting.
Finally, the oatmeal 1A is on the way to me.   I have wanted one for a very, very long time.
   Currently at 50 weeks.
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