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Theidi Leathers MA1 up?
Can't wait to see that Theidi Leathers MA1 go live.
Currently waiting on a TOJ Double Rider, as well as an A2, and a Moto 2011. In the meantime, decided to hit the gym and am getting much bigger. Been a bit disappointed lately as I've had difficulty finding anything that looks as nice as TOJ/Drew's stuff, but I think this jacket will fit the DR whole nicely. The best thing that TOJ had going for it was the fit, so hopefully I can get as good a fit with this. Now to find an A2 as nice. I'm curious to see @LA Guy's planned...
Definitely need a bigger shot of this.
Kinda sad and Ironic. Decided I want to get bigger and hit the gym, and now none of my incoming jackets will end up fitting me.
Jesus Christ.
Ha funny, that's what I do before I eat out.
Y'all need to experience Inverallan.
It's much darker in real life, and is navy.
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