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>Subjective Opinions >Objective Answers   Pick one.
They're having an overhaul and increase of our goods and services tax in Australia, with one of the main goals to protect Australian vendors. I have a major problem with this due to the fact that I simply can't get the products I am purchasing overseas here.
Any ideas leaves or anyone else?
Holy shit that colour is beautiful. Come on Mr. Mail man.
It's almost a different shoe, but I still quite like it, and had planned on darkening it regardless, so this is awesome.I'm about to finish off the details for my second Bonafè cordorvan boot, I'll be going for a colour 8 jumper. I recently got my EB wingtip boots, on the 74945(think I got that wrong), but the instep is quite a bit big. When I lace them, both sides of the leather touch but there's still a bit of movement. Towards the front of the foot is fine. How does the...
Stoked to see that the G&G Thorpes are in, they look much darker than I expected! Preorder pic: Pic in email:   Thanks again to Leaves, Gabriel and Co.
They were the only things keeping me on my feet.
You don't own Indy Boots.
You're a lot of the way there. This would be vastly improved by open laced shoes and better fitting with high rise trousers.
I always thought Richard Nixon was Tricky Dicky.
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