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Everyone goes to Church around me on Sundays.   It's great, I can do all my yard work in piece.
Poor you. That sounds so horrible.
Hey Jase, you able to tell me where you go the shirt in the photo from.
That was sarcastic. I don't rate LVG, but happy he's at M.U.
Seriously? Anyone who selects Phil Jones as the corner taker is a real genius.
I just spat my coffee all over my keyboard.
+1 At OT? They'll beat you.
$450 AUD for used Carmina calf oxfords?   I did not realise the dollar had dropped that dramatically.
The biggest disappointment of the Daniel Craig era films is that they insist on using Tom Ford suits which aren't that nice and don't suit Craig.
What do you mean "you people"!
New Posts  All Forums: