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Depends on the Age of the person.If under 12, get them a Wii U, the new Mario Kart is incredible, Super Smash Brothers looks ace, and Super Mario 3D World is really quite challenging, which is refreshing. The new Legend of Zelda game next year will be great too. I haven't been really impressed by the Xbox One, and I chose the PlayStation 4 when it came time to buy a new Console. In saying that, the PS4 has suffered the same curse as it's predecessor upon launch, the games...
Not a good line to drop.  I bought a pair of Carmina's on Thursday night just to impress a girl. It worked.
Nice one NN, need to get some shorts and pants for hiking, looking at going to nepal soon.
Not so bad, but the outfit would be vastly improved by fixing up the fit on the trousers.
 Ordered a fair few pairs from Herring, fantastic guys and can definitely recommend them. Wurger, the Macquaries were mine.I can't really get into blazers like this, much prefer traditional M65s, and fields coats etc. The Lapels look out of place to me. It does remind me of the shirt jacket from Ascot Chang that I'm getting made up by B&Tailor, booked in for friday.
Pffft. It's the best when my girl dresses in the same outfit.Birthday suit.Sure are
Ha, nice boots, I wore mine to lunch, so did Gerry. We also wore Henry Carter Scarves.
Something shifty going on over at Orazio Luciano, curious to see what The Armory has to say about it   Also, interesting to note that Ethan is leaving The Armory, it'll be interesting to see where he will go.
Should be Soktah, lovely fabric. Copped a feel today.
Looking real good there, C!
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