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What about shirts that are designed to be worn untucked, such as flannel and some casual madras?
RMW's and Red Wing Heritage boots are a completely different style of boot. This Islay is lovely boot. Looks good with a hundred bad guys lying at your feet. I have a pair of Trickers(for sale btw, size issue) that I have been very impressed with, and I'd go with those over the Islay.
First post. Oscar Hunt John Smedley Kamakura Acne RMW
Had a small car accident this afternoon.   First thought that ran through my mind as it happened   "Oh fuck I hope I'll have enough money left over to cop those Alden's when DM gets them in this month."     Thankfully don't have to pay anything.
PoP, this is really, really good. What jacket is that? I hope to achieve something Similar when my brown and black TOJ A2's arrive. What shoes did you wear with this?
As for all leather jackets, brown, black, or any other colour, it all depends on the fit, which Oli said. This looks so dope, I wish I could get Dark Brown Whiskey Calf still.
Don't worry. I saw what you said. There was no real need to be spiteful or make an attack, explicitly wishing ill will against me. I made a comment about you being skinny, whoopdy fucking do. When I joined this forum I got ripped to shreds worse than Oli on a Saturday night at The Peel. I had memes made about me, I had pictures I had posted photoshopped and abuse thrown at me. Did I laugh at it off? I sure did, I even sit down with some of those very members who abused me...
Sure. I might not get upset over friendly banter though. As for cobbler's, since my friend left HB(where I took my shoes for topying, always been quite happy, and it was convenient), I decided to go straight to their cobbler which was the bloke on Errol street in North Melb. He can probably do it, but he won't shut up about Jeffrey West shoes(which he sells). I did take my Tricker's to him to get stretched, but I could have sworn he didn't even touch them. I need to take...
Quote:please go and eat something
One of you buy a TOJ spot off me.
New Posts  All Forums: