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Hello All,   I need some suggestions on how to fix this suit. Overall im happy with the results and I cant complain since i paid 160 bucks to have it made here in my country (Tailoring is really cheap here). Its a navy blue MTM suit, but I need to mostly fix the side sleeve creasing/wrinkles. When i move my arm forward they go away, so assume that the sleeve must be taken off and have it rotated (sleeve pitch). Also, what do you think about trimming the sides a little...
When putting up a 2 button suit, just button up the top one. Use a dress shirt and take pics with shoes and pants on. There´s something definatly off with this suit but it may be because of your complexion.  
Nice! Thanks for the input... But what do you mean by slim fit seems to be better for my body? Is this one ok? What else nees to be done aside from waist supression and armholes? Thanks!!
Here some pics of my recent suit. I will have it taken from the sides a bit and probably see if its possible to shorten the armholes, since this was customer made at a tailor he probably folded some extra fabric inside for future modifications. Please advice.        
I´m taking my suit tomorrow to the tailor to have the sleeves shortened but I would like some more advice on what else to do for it to look as good as possible. I feel the sleeves around the biceps bunch up a bit.   Excuse my cell phone pics. Thats what I had at the moment. Thanks!        
Tomorrow I´m taking my suit to the tailor to make some arrangements but I need some advice. I will have the sleeves shortened so I can show some cuff from the shirt, but what else besides that should I do?   Heres some pics for reference. Sorry for the cellphone pics.        
Anyone? I would appreciate some advice.
Its a local tailor here in my country (Panama). I get the suit and the pants made for 160 bucks with whatever fabric I bring in.  
I will shorten the sleeve length so I can show some cuff, but what else should I do? Im skinny and very short (5.3 - 5.4)        
I will have the sleeves shortened but what else should I do? I´m skinny and very short (5.3´ - 5.4´)        
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