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So basically, you have no taste or opinion or are too lazy  to share it & want someone else to do all your research for you? Start browsing the threads & read sites like http://www.apartmenttherapy.com  
Sounds like a sh*t company to work for. Personally I'd probably be calling my lawyer and challenging the writeup, where I am unless its against policy, industrial relations laws or I've failed to meet an expectation outlined in my contract they can't write me up for it.. That and its a way of documenting management BS in case there turns out to be an issue where you'd have  to claim unfair dismissal. Personally, I wouldn't quit, I'd look for a job elsewhere & once I'd...
Wouldn't posting this  in http://www.styleforum.net/f/10/social-life-food-drink-travel be more appropriate?
White shirt + tie  first day, if you're way too formal wait until later in the day then lose the tie and roll the sleeves. Personally I find its easier to dress down than dress up (ie, I'd rather take off a jacket and tie at 10:30) then rock up on my first day & be under dressed while meeting everyone.
I'd only watch this if it was hosted by labelking.
Should be a 60 month lease with 50%+ balloon, Needs matte black. Lane detection system sounds good if I can option  it up with a "cut off any vehicle going faster" feature & or a gizmo that enables the horn any time a light has been green for more than 0.1 seconds and the car is doing less than 50k's/hr. Will the sales assistant help me come up with a personalised plate? as kikr (I actually saw this today...) & 2qik are already taken.
You're an architecture wizard but I agree with unnamedplayer. Seems like you'd have a total privacy, looks ridiculously busy, lots of ugly concrete slab, some of the wood panelling just looks odd to me. I get the indoors meets outdoors idea and it looks like it works in most of the rooms, kitchen looks ridiculously open though. Also, whats with the tiny gangplank style walkway to the pool...
For  untucked polo's I'm personally a fan of ben sherman, they seem to fit my body shape well. For tucked polos, have you had a look at ralph lauren polos? Sure the big pony stuff is pretty ridiculous & the standard cut is a bit baggy, but the "custom fit" ones usually look okay & they've got decent length & a long rear tail. fashion changes & styles adapt. Try and hunt down some that are designed to be tucked.
RIM have burned me with the last two devices I got & with the playbook (that I bought at launch for over $800 & was done with in half an hour due to the terrible, TERRIBLE on screen keyboard.) That or my current BB work phone which crashes to "SOS ONLY" once every two or three days with no warning. I'm looking forward to watching them declare bankruptcy or getting acquired and torn to shreds.
How about you use google or the search function at the top of the site? Personally I'd say you shouldn't be dropping 2,000 euros on a suit as.. A: You're 22, your body is going to change. B: Its for A wedding, unless its yours so much for a one occasion item is crazy. C: You don't know a damn thing about suits (you want a young trendy cut but not dated & you're going off your mates recommendation to get something tommy hillfiger...) Go to a mens store, find a style you...
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