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Let's get some pics of the bison boots when you get a chance!
That raptor sole is definitely badass, looking back I would have been happier requesting them over the dress sole Although the dress sole does look very nice and clean.From the sides it looks like a standard leather sole
Lol at that Fiets boot explanation just lol
I haven't snosealed my 1Ks but in the past I've set my work boots by the heater and it definitely absorbs the seal better. Definitely seems like a better idea to heat the leather then apply not viceversa Halfsoles are also well worth the trouble, especially the thin soles.
Where are you guys buying these? Exclusively online?
So I can tell when I need to change my socks when my nose is stopped up
My boot resole has been a nightmare, first time I wore them once and the heel plate fell off. Then I wear them again this weekend and I rip the whole sole off while taking them off. WTF?
How's the sole feel after peeling a topy off? Is that glue real shitty to walk on?
My cobbler got gunk all over the sides of my boots I assume its the adhesive from the topy. Its not the end of the world but still
Well I got my boots back from getting resoled. Look great like the thin topy. But WTF very disappointed the entire heel has come off one boot. Guess they're going right back to the shop.
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