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My cobbler got gunk all over the sides of my boots I assume its the adhesive from the topy. Its not the end of the world but still
Well I got my boots back from getting resoled. Look great like the thin topy. But WTF very disappointed the entire heel has come off one boot. Guess they're going right back to the shop.
Is it normal to take over 2 weeks to get a pair of shoes resoled? The guy showed me a bunch of other pairs he'd done that looked great but damn I want my old boots back Also 70 for a new leather 30 to add the topy. Should see results Tuesday
Looking at the Wolverine insoles on their site and noticed a MultiShox insole which is the same that is in a VERY comfortable old pair of wolverine work boots I have . Does anyone have an idea if they are a different thickness than the Durashock? If not I may just buy all three and check it out. I want to believe insoles can make a huge difference
Crane's you have the black Morley in stock? What's the deal with that leather?
Aftera weekend of wear I'm beginning to get noticeable color transfer from my jeans to my boots. It's not terrible but I don't really want it to get any darker. Any tips? Isn't there like a eraser type thing that cleans suede/ roughout
  Those soles look really good after some wear. I'll be making a visit to a shoe repair place in town tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to create something similar
That's loco bro If wolverine made a 12.5 1k I'd buy it
Yea without the insoles and laced up as tight as before without the in sole the laces are about 3/4in or a little more apart at the widest part. This pair does fit a little longer than my originals dunno why. They both feel a little narrow at my left pinky toe. But fit fine on the right foot so I've just chalked that up as my feet being different and my gait
What makes you say they're small tho? The left shoe fits a little narrower but that's just my foot shape? Also that's with an insole that'slike 1/2 thick which was really sshoving my foot into the top.Man I guess I need to stop lying to myself. Maybe I can trade them in.
New Posts  All Forums: