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  Posted this a bit ago and it got lost in the shuffle.   This is a 36R. I have the option to exchange for a 36S, which would take 0.9" off the sleeves and about 1.2" off the jacket length.   Suggestions to keep/exchange?
Here are some pics of the Napoli Gray Faux Uni:,en_US,pd.html?start=41&cgid=Suits&srule=Fit   The second and third picture reflect the color quite well.   For reference, this is a 36R and I'm 5'8".       Already planning on getting the pants cleaned up (length/waist).   Does anyone have any thoughts on the fit? Just the jacket/sleeve length seem ok?
Hey!   Been lurking the forum for a while. Decided to finally join up so I can get some advice.  
Any thoughts on the following? Does the jacket length seem too long?   The pants need several inches off the length and to be let out slightly on the waist.        
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