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i wore it once
I forgot what the size of these were, but they are equivalent to a 8-8.5  I wear all Nikes in a size 8 and they fit me, so you can use that as reference. Looking for 60$ Shipped
sz 8.5   30$ + Shipping for these NewBalance 420.  They have been worn 2 times, then realized I only like to wear black, white, and grey.  
is it just me or does it look orange
hahahah best post ever
where in canada are you located?  you can pm me 
very nice, but that seems very big for a 46?  especially the shoulders
what color is bordeux?
so good.. too bad i dont have the money right now! damnit
Have a pair of flyknit black/white trainers that i have worn 5-10 times.   They are in 9/10 condition, and my absolute favourite sneakers.  I want to sell these cause I want to get a size 8. 130$ shipped anywhere in the states/canada.  
New Posts  All Forums: