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Good people of style forum: Can anybody recommend a bag similar to the Knomo Tokyo in gray? I love the waxed canvas with leather trim and also the fact that it doesn't have the messenger bag flap (I find those get in the way), but of course the grey color has been discontinued and I can't find it anywhere. So if you guys know of a bag that's similar (for less than 200 bucks) or even better, you have ideas of where I could find the Tokyo bag, I'd be eternally grateful! Btw...
Thanks for the comment, I'm planning on getting some basic sewing/cutting manuals to start, if anybody has any recommendations (there's a lot of literature out there, is most of it good?) those would be much appreciated.    
Thanks Jellybean, that looks like just the ticket. Just out of curiosity, do you know anything about the author of the booklet?   And the forum is a gold mine, thanks for the tip... vast amount of good information.   Thanks!   And to start out, is there a good place that I can find decent cloth to practice with? Nothing expensive or fine of course, just material that has some similarity to what would be used by people who know what they're doing :)
Haha sewing for dummies... thank you. I appreciate your responses, once again I know this is a field rich with skill that isn't something one can simply start doing one day... but I'd like to start with something, so a tie and handkerchief sound good.
Hi all,    This is my first post to Styleforum. After reading page after page of discussions, I've noticed that there are certainly a lot of knowledgeable people around here and I'd like to borrow some of your collective sartorial wisdom. (disclaimer: I have searched for a thread similar to this one and didn't find one, if one already exists kindly direct me there and I will take no more of your time).      (The following is a bit of back story, if it bores you...
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