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Mechanical 35mm cameras "out of price range"? You can obtain a Nikon FM for $50. If you just want something to play around with thats the way I'd go rather than dropping thousands of bucks on a Leica system.    Not to mention the real fun with film is not so much the camera itself, but the b&w darkroom process.
oh dont worry, my next briefcase will be cat skin. figure i might as well exhaust all other options in the meantime.
my cat peed on my briefcase. thanks the sweet upgrade, cat.    do i have any options here. i scrubbed it with laundry detergent and let it dry outside. that of course did absolutely nothing to address the smell. i have a feeling im completely SOL but open to suggestions
Hey, just to provide a little more context...   Off the bat, it wouldnt surprise me if my care hasnt met best practices or what have you. Ill wear them consecutive days in a row, theyve been completely soaked during rain storms on multiple occassions, havent been shoe tree-d, slid down a rocky trail in them a couple times, etc.   FWIW Im not using them on a farm or a job site...they're still first and foremost city boy boots. And being from Chicago, I definitely dont...
its on a crease down near the sole  
nope thats brown!
Dont post often but thought I'd share my pair. They're on year 4. Resoled twice locally. Original laces but as you can tell they badly need to be replaced so a new pair is on the way. Been through hell and back and I love them dearly. Sorry but I kind of have to laugh about people freaking out about minor scuffs  or this and that. The right shoe has definitely worn a little bit more due to the creasing, but its never really bothered me. Its leather, each pairs going to be...
Got the barrier jacket. Pretty nice but seems to run a little big.
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