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I'm all for it, maybe when me nippers have flown the nest... Mind you by then im guessing that a nice pair of cordovans will be a grand plus! Ha ha.
Mad as peas that in a working class thread we can discuss six hundred quid shoes. I can dream! Well I love a bargin and I know some heads in here might not approve, and i know its not a true royal brogue style but for thirty five quid in a sale im pleased with these:
im not really qualified to answer that. As for myself I listen mostly to black music; soul, R&B, funk, reggae, ska. I've never liked the Beatles.
I should have mentioned that the knife had to be flicked above head hight for it to count. Happy days, haha!
Me grandad taught me a couple of knife throwing games when I was a young 'n. That one that you just mentioned and one where you had to balance the knife on its point and then flick it off each finger then the palm then the elbow then the shoulder and so on and make it stick in the ground. I had to promise not to tell me mam when we'd been playing with knives.
This tune always makes me want to go to the bookies.
You got it M-0-M!
a pic of some rudies wearing parkas that I found online. Now lets have a little dance, huh?
Im from Town. When I say Town I mean Manchester, England. Wallabees were a raver shoe. Working class raver shoe. Rave scene was more relaxed (less stylish) than other sub-cultures. But I still got a soft spot for the Wallabee. The new version with the outdoor sole is pure scally goodness!
Great thread fellas. Basset, love yer pics, what music did yer old man listen to? He looks fuckin hard sat 'pon the MG. This is me track of the week:
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