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The onitsuka tiger are a nice trainer almost identical to the Adidas Italia which is formed from super soft kangaroo skin.
I've been without computer access for a while so I was trying to catch up and read through what has been posted since I last read but I felt compelled to show these at this point. I'm not to sure where your up to now but I will catch up.These are my Solovair long wings. I like them, infact I would go as far to say they are duckin beauties. I can't see a day when I will be able to afford Aldens so I will be happy with these, I'll also have the best looking feet for miles...
I have just picked up a new Brooks Bros shirt today for £20 from tkmax! Needless to say I am very pleased. Gave me an idea for the book title tho: Smarten up, Button down.
Think you missed my point: "continues to develop modernist new music," but your right that this is not the place for us to have a debate on the entire entomology of modern music. Just sayin. By the way i love Kraftwerk.
Just a thought but, like it or not, it is still 'black music' that continues to develop modernist new music, whilst acknowledging and referencing its origins. while the majority of white boy music seems to simply ape previous genres into a repackaged pastiche.
I agree that there's a lot of bollox in that artical but I think it highlights the distorted perception of people 'looking in'. I hated all that Britpop tripe, bunch of scruffy beggers. But its those middle class indie kids who assume I'm racist if I'm wearing boots and dressed smart, but I'm the one listening to black music.
Heres an article from todays Guardian that might be of interest to some:
Cheers fella, its my own design. I was thinking about getting some enamelled badges made up but I'm skint at the minute. If I do I'll give yer a shout.
I will be the first to admit that i am a little wet behind the (y)ears. My current favorite 3: 1. One True Saxon selvedge limited jeans (85/120). I also have (95/120) but the wife put them in the dryer and they've never been the same since! 2. BS white, navy & sky blue, maroon check. 3. Royal blue G9 baracuta.
Obviously, I just can't invisage a day when i would be able to spend six hundred knicker on a pair of shoes.
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