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Bah, RIP I guess...   I have an older huntsman overcoat that I got a year ago from ebay, wasn't that expensive either, but its really quality design and the tough wool keeps me warm throughout the season; have a feeling it will last on years to come. Haven't checked any of their recent stuff, but its still painful to see this kind of thing happening :(
  Great source of info, cheers for the input. I've recently stumbled upon their site and I really liked a couple of models, but wasn't really sure about their personal history/background and their methods of production.
  Looks quite awesome, shame it got stolen though :S; anyways, this new Gaz-14 line from Vostok might be worth getting for that price...Don't like the strap that much tbh, and I heard several similar complaints over some other forums, but I guess it's just a minor issue that can be easily solved. Besides that, I might have some doubts about the size of the watch, seeing as how I have somewhat tiny hands/wrists and only wore like timex weekenders and couple of seiko's in...
Great watches so far, loving the seiko and citizen eco-drives. Also, does anyone have any experience with older russian mechanical watches, like raketa, vostok or poljot? Saw a number of them on ebay, rather cheap, perhaps thought of getting a couple if they are worth taking.
  Cool site, might get a couple of knits; I already have like 3 rollnecks (2 from YMC, 1 from P.Pecora), but wanted to get a couple of more. Thought of getting some off of MR.P or farfetch, but will look into this site aswell. I especially like how Faucault had a sweetspot for them, truly a timeless classic.  
  Hm, I guess it shouldn't be a problem, though it might depend on what you are thinking to wear underneath: a sweater, maybe a rollneck, or just a simple shirt? I have a couple of grey blazers, some woolen/tweed aswell that i oftenly wear with dark/black jeans, or with corduroy and woolen trousers; I guess you can't go wrong when matching similar/neutral colours :)
I recently had the opportunity of visiting London with a friend, although on a short notice, but I will surely remember it as one of the greatest experiences I've had. Ever since I turned 21, I felt the need to have a well-made, top quality, tailored suit, and I guess you wouldn't find a better place then savile row; I searched around for some time, and chose to go with gieves & hawkes, as my grandad used to have this big, worn-out military overcoat that I'd wear...
Heya all,   Been observing this forum for quite some time, and I have to express gratitude for a tremendeous wealth of information, advice and opinions I have acquired over time. I personally took interest into men's fashion and style around a year ago, and am currently building up what I hope to be a solid and proper wardrobe that will last for years to come. I would say that I probably like the 60's/mcqueen/rat pack look the best, with a bit of a modern twist,...
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