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Two Epaulet Shirts and one WvG shirt for sale.   First up is the Epaulet Red Chambray Utility shirt, size Large. Worn and washed once, hang dried. Asking $70 shipped.   Second is a Epaulet Lavender Pinpoint Oxford, sized Large, from a round of Factory Finds - same deal, worn and washed once. I tried to change the sizing on this before shipment but was unable to do so - Large just isn't the right fit for me from Epaulet. $70 shipped.  SOLD   Third is the WvG...
I'd probably be down for anything linen in WvG fits.    A few days late on the seersucker plaid train:     Work bathroom and phone camera not doing it any justice. 
Newsletter just dropped. This saves me a lot of effort in determining when I want my birthday month to be :)
  Definitely - just threw on the shirt for the pic real quick, wasn't wearing that as an outfit :D
Got my navy anchor today and snapped a quick pic - definitely not the weather for it today (snowing again...) but the shirt feels awesome and lightweight as hell and I can't wait for spring to be able to wear it.  
Just got my email from Adele that she was able to change the sizing on my FF shirting order even after the order went to the factory. Very excited for it to arrive.    I know this thread is littered with stories of Epaulet's consistently exceptional customer service, but I just wanted to throw my name into the pile - you guys are doing a fantastic job and I look forward to being a customer for a long time. 
Changing this around - have a Large BD pistachio overdye that I'd like to trade for a medium in another color/pattern (non-pistachio :)). PM with offers!
Grenson William V brogues in Medium Brown, size 10UK: - free shipping for SF members.
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