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I saw a bunch of awesome exclusives(?) over at French Garments Cleaners in BK. Peanut suede 3-eye chukka, brown cxl leather soled trench oxford/chukka (super sharp looking, thinking I may pull the trigger on the oxford). Ill take pics if I think of it tomorrow.
So I'm not usually one to quibble about marks on a pair of boots, but one of my trench boots got a rather dark scuff on the toe yesterday- and I can't seem to rub or brush out the mark. Any suggestions? Edit: the scuff was on concrete, what seems to have happened is that the finish was scraped off the leather, and my attempts at rubbing and brushing the leather have stained it with my hands oils, maybe? Would saddle soap help? Obviously I know these are boots, and they...
Yeah, I love those guys, great shop. I work as a butcher at the shop around the corner, its great being able to support my local shops and my homestate of Maine all in one go! I'm hoping they pick up some of the trench oxford options when they become more widely available. Those brown leather soled ones I've seen around are amazing.
 Thanks George! Just bought a pair today from my local shop, French Garment Cleaners. Love them already, the natural CLX is really beautiful in person. Im excited to put some solid wear on these babies! 
Does anyone have any shots of the captoe with any real amount of wear?
Does anywhere in NYC carry supply jackets?
HW Carter & Sons in Brooklyn is having a in-store sale today (I dk how much longer) with 25-50% savings on virtually every product, including Oak Street shoes/boots. Just picked up a pair of Brown CLX Trail Oxfords, and couldnt be more pleased! They are also carrying a lot of stuff from The Hillside, Engineered Garments, Post O'Alls, Rising Sun, Redwing, etc. 
Any chance the Trench Boots will be available for purchase at the NY Market week show? Anything else besides the Trench-oxford we should keep our eyes open for?
Thanks for the info! Ill check out Carters for sure! I wasnt aware they had opened a shop! I'm excited to check it out.    I've seen some pics of other brands shoes in Natural CLX, and I love how it ages, I think I'll have to go with them! Unless I fall in love with the Hunt Boot.... So many shoes, so few dollars!   Hows the break-in on the Vibram soles on the Trail Oxfords? I tried on a pair at French Garment Cleaners, and the heel slipage was immense on a size...
Hey guys! First post on here!   Ive been admiring Oak Street shoes for some time now, and have checked out and tired on the limited offerings at my local shop, Stuart & Wright in BK. Does anyone know of any other shops in NYC that carry them? I went over to Dunderdon and they didnt have a single pair (and were in the middle of a 50-70% off, everything must go sale, are they going out of business??) and Palmer Trading Co was also down to only a single pair of penny...
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