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And another example for Wolverine's great QC. Please don't tell me you're accepting a pair of boots showing different tallness!
Yes, it's all set. Spoke to Nordstrom CS, I'm in Florida next week and will return them.  Not to be misunderstood, I'm not angry with Nordstrom, they acted the way Wolverine should have done. Over the last 25 years I had 100% positive experience with Nordstrom. What I am complaining about is the poor quality of these boots and the way Wolverine is treating their customers. 
Comparing these to my Vibergs, Wescos, Trickers and Whites they shouldn't cost more than 150 $.Hell, even my RW GTs are sturdier and made of better leather. I know you can buy them in the States for less than 300, but at the bottom line, these are priced way too high for the offered quality.
That's the point. These boots retail in the US at about 350 $, in Germany they cost you about 400 € (almost 500 USD!!!). At this price point one should expect a) quality and b) in case of a problem, a professionally acting CS. Just imagine, if you invest 400 $ you can buy Wescos or Whites. Both companies offer much higher quality and are using leathers that will blow the paper thin CXL used by Wolverine out of the water. 
 So true. 
I will return them, next week I'll be in the States anyway. Or maybe I'll do with these boots what they deserve: throw them in the trashcan. But why is this CS acting as if there was a German distributor? They gave me a contact email that was a dead link. This is, if you hear Crane ("millions of boots each year") a huge company. Shouldn't they be able to act like professionals? In a few hours I'll be going to the store that once, for a short while, sold 1Ks. I'll ask the...
Indeed. Trickers etc. Whenever something goes wrong with one of my American bought RWs, I simply enter any German RW-store and I'm taken care of. I mentioned RRL, because I once bought a few of their shirts in NYC and one of them was missing a button (which I recognized when back in Europe). So I sent an email to RRL, and 2 weeks later there was an envelope containing 5 spare buttons in the mail. Wesco: no issues with the boots in 15 years (owning several pairs). Only...
If all but two eyelets come loose after a month and then one pops off leaving a huge hole in the leather THAT is a problem. The cobbler tried to install a new, bigger eyelet, but that couldn't cover the tear. 300 $ boots now look like shit. And the fact I bought them in the US to bring them to Europe... well, this is something I'm doing all the time with other stuff. Whenever something went wrong (seldom enough) I could rely on customer service (RW, RRL, Wesco). But...
Well, I respect your point of view. On the other hand, my pair of 1Ks got f**ked up in not much more than 4 weeks (and not worn daily). So for me the boots aren't worth their money. Why spend $300 on shitty boots only to buy quality stuff a month later?I mean, 300 USD isn't cheap, just spend a hundred more and buy Wescos. They'll last you much longer. Now I have a pair of boots sitting in my closet that I can't even sell on EBay, because they are defect. 300 $ just blown...
Viberg, Whites and don't forget Wesco.After my experience with other bootmakers, I'll stick to those 3 in the future. 
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