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Well, I can offer better shipping rate.
Whole kit for $38. Pm me for rates.   The kit includes a can of Collonil Suede Spray(waterproofing and renewing Spray; prevents snow stains), a Suede Cleaning Rubber Block( for removing marks), a bottle of Collonil Clean and care( All-Purpose Cleaning Foam), and a combi Brush (made from Germany).   For more info, check out
Highest grade polish with Cedar oil. High gloss without polishing   I am selling them in a package of six including all available colors. PM for shipping rates   For more info, check out
Collonil Leather Gel is for waterproofing. Collonil has something with a similar name called Collonil Gel, which is for gentle cleaning. I don't believe they both condition your shoes.   On the other hand, their Crème de Luxe is quite renowned for conditioning. The newer 1909 Supreme Crème de Luxe has improved upon brightness.
I speak from my own experience , and do not intend to conflict with any one.   You may try Leather Preparer to strip some colour , causing colour fade on the uppers. although Leather Preparer is very effective against newly put on pigment. It may not always work. On  Renomat and Renovateur , I don't believe that both will work. Renomat do wonders on colour stain, stuff that remains on top of leather and reflects . The thing that darkens your colour is called...
    At ,We sell premium shoe care products of Collonil. Collonil is the leading manufacturer in the category from Germany. They are in partnership with BMW, supplying them leather seats caring products.     Oxford in Calf leather (   For Gentle cleaning plus conditioning   Collonil 1909 Leather Cream – Works like Saphir Renovateur. The general consensus with Saphir Renovateur...
Collonil supplies the Premium Shoe Polish in tube for Allen Edmonds. more info at    pm for shipping rates, thx   Collonil 1909 Wax Polish Based in Beeswax for brightness ,then mixed with quality colour stain for clear reflection high-gloss shine after one coat   75ml Made in Germany     Collonil 1909 Leather Cream 75ml   brand new stuff fresh out of Germany    
Collonil also makes Shoe Polish in tube for Allen me for shipping rates. thx     Collonil 1909 Supreme Crème de Luxe Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Burgundy , Neutral more info at     High-gloss shine without wax polish.   extra-pigment  for covering scuff, reviving dried out leather, and antiquing.   Creamy texture;spreads around easily.   Perfumed with hints of Cedar   100 ml Made in Germany
I was talking to cbfn about wax cracking on the vamp. I meant to say that as shoes flex, this wax on the vamp will break away ,rather than forming wax cracking that you get from kiwi.
With this polish, wax simply breaks away as shoes flex. It has high concentration of Beeswax for fantastic shine, and selected colour stain for clear reflection.
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